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The "antics" of a long serving MHF Vice President.

On 12th February at the Tun Razak Stadium, the final of a well organised Malaysian Hockey League (MHL) event was undertaken meticulously to get the crowd to come back to support hockey. Many milestones were created in the MHL this year and the ultimate manifestation was the attendance at the terraces ie. nearly 5000 people. Something that was not seen for main years in Malaysian hockey.

While the people concerned were out making the sponsors and related parties welcome to the finals, trouble was brewing at a certain corner of the grandstand by an MHF official. He seemed disgusted that the sponsors were given the front row of the VIP seats with the TM, while he was to be seated at a row back. This arrangement was not to his satisfaction and probably "huffing and puffing" he left the stadium. While the MHL season's grand finale was going on, he was sighted at the Royal Selangor Club. This person is no other than the long serving MHF Vice President (VP), who is supposedly to head MHF's Medical Committee.

Why the fuss? Just because he is the VP, he must get the limelight? Mind you there were people there who had contributed significantly as sponsors to ensure that the MHL succeeds and surely they have "better and greater" rights for the event. If any, this VP should be asked what he has done for Malaysian hockey in his long serving period with MHF. Oh yes! maybe being vocal only!

If we track this VP's records, that in itself may speak for him. In the previous MHF's administration, he managed to be with the winning team but as time went on he "fell off' with the "powers" who were controlling MHF then. He was relieved from the key portfolio of Development Committee and given the mundane responsibility of Competitions Committee. In a way that worked to his benefit for it gave him the opportunity to think about taking on the Deputy President's post at the last MHF elections. Fortunately his relationship with a particular personality in Asian Hockey Federation (AFC) paved the way for a "peace talk" whereby he was instructed to remain as VP. The reason was not to split the votes for Deputy President and allow the incumbent to win. Obediently he followed suit but he still has not forgiven the person who went on to win the election for the Deputy President's post.

This view stems from the fact that in the latest round of "fiascoes" relating to the Coaching Committees "politicking" on the appointment of coaches, he took side with people in the Coaching Committee including those he had "fallen off" with in the previous administration. Sadly, it is not the decision he made that is being questioned rather it is the unsavoury remarks which constituted the reason against of one Malaysia's greatest hockey sons who had loyally served the nation for 15 years. The person concerned was the most capped national player and his record still illuminates brightly awaiting to be surpassed for the last 10 years. This is a person who with his employer TNB is undertaking nationwide the "Thunderbolt" Development programme for kids. In the heights of audacity, the Coaching Committee supported by this VP with his cynical view decided to drop this former hockey international from the national coaching list for the most absurd of reasons. It probably shows that the VP is a staunch "Machiavellian" ie. "the end justifies the means".

Such an outlook may be because this year is election year for MHF and there are rumours that the VP may still want to fulfill his original intention of becoming the Deputy President. I think that is perfectly right for people to aspire but the "means" is what becomes questionable. Apparently , throwing support to the Coaching Committee, the VP may have mended "fences" with his old foes and strengthened with some Affiliates to get the votes. The point being the VP has found the "common enemies" of the present Deputy President and hopefully with their support he may still achieve his dream. In the process knowingly or unknowingly one of Malaysia's hockey sons had his reputation hurt. Is that fair ?

The story does not end here as the VP has made his way to become one of the two team managers of the senior national team. Mind you, he was not nominated rather he volunteered for the position when a recommended candidate refused the nomination. Shocking to many was when he explained that it was always his wish to be a team manager and as such nobody protested. As an afterthought, there is a view how is he going to undertake this new task? To date, he has done nothing as Chairman of MHF's Medical Committee. There is even a suspicion whether he has a Committee. So why volunteer for the position?

The gossip that emerges seems to make reference to 2 tournaments where he wants to be seen to be leading the national team as manager. The 1st one is Sultan Azlan Shah Trophy, where he hopes to make an impact with His Highness Sultan of Perak and the other at his "ancestral" home ie India for the Commonwealth Games. Strangely both these events do not have an impact on Malaysia's ranking in world hockey but it would do wonders for his reputation. That of course is quite important.

The morale to the stories outlined above seems to provide an image that one can remain a long serving official of MHF by being vocal and at the right time making the right alliances. It is not about what one brings to MHF, rather it would seem what one gets out of MHF. In a way this probably explains why Malaysian hockey has suffered in recent years. What is incomprehensible is even those who had painstakingly worked for the good of Malaysian hockey with the best of intentions get their reputations "mutilated" by people whose interest is all about themselves. Is this not sad ? Yet, time and time again such people seem to maneuver and remain in power for the glamour. At the end it is Malaysian hockey that suffers.



Anonymous said...

In my opinion:

If we want to see a new era/breed of hockey players,in terms of performances both personally and professionally, none of the officials can work single handedly, that includes the " Medical committee"

Many do not understand the role of the " Medical sports physician" who are clinically patient oriented as compared to the
" Sports Sciences"- the research based graduates.They have very different portfolios .However they cannot work in isolation because their input on the hockey players - the cause and effect has to be jointly discussed and managed.

For any research to take place- IT INVOLVES LOTS of PLANNING, MONEY, equipment ( onfield/offfield )Data collection, evaluation and comparison; the appropriate manpower who continously read and apply and it is not a short term /One off kind of thing.These people must have frequent dicussions with the coaches and managers- Is it happening??? I do not know .....

Your article shows that it is a "ONE MAN" show in the "Medical Committee" so perhaps some changes must be done so that he has someone to assist him...... carry out his duties

I do not know the answer but it is just a thought....

I do not belittle anyone nor overly praise any one but in any organization everyone has a role to play whether it is a minor or a major role. We must appreciate whatever little any member can contribute to the organization

In any organization, the problem is are we willing to work together or prefer working single handedly for self gain/monetary incentives.Of course we would be lying to ourselves in this era if we said " volunteer"- because everything moves on money -Like "fire" ,"Money" serves as a double edged sword. Our upbringing, our inner self and principles in life determines which side we would prefer to use.

Let us continously strive to use " SATU MALAYSIA" in our hearts and on our lips.

Dr.Mariam George Mathew
Head of Sports Medicine Program
Ministry of Health

Anonymous said...

It is very satisfying for you to do a 'thesis' on this lowest of lowest 'chutiah' and it concur with mine but yours has more 'power'. Hope that even though with his thick-skinned he will commit HARA-KIRI.

He caught evryone by surprised to go on his 'bended knees' to beg the TM for the Assistant Manager post. We think that the TM was caught because everyone there will not live to see any person (especially a MD) going
so low as to do it. He is a disgraced to his profession.

We think that the TM, being the kind soul that HE is, quickly agreed in that situation presented to him conceded to the Chutiah's begging speech.

TM, now we implore, YOU, to undo your order and save Malaysian Hockey which is more important then to boost the ego of this 'crawling creature'.

He is one that will sway to any tiny advantage that he thinks that he can garner. He is the sworn enemy of the Chairman of the South State but they embraced now when the Chairman informed him and the MHF Treasurer that he is the proxy of the President of his State to mount a 'coup' on the MHF and they will be rewarded.

Whether the mandate that the Chairman claim to have, had the consent of his President is any body guess but these power crazy, self serving people fell for it.

MHF must now seek clarification from the HA President as he is party to the way that his people are using race and religion to get at good people.

We are perfectly sure that the tactics the MD-VP,Treasurer,LT-Col and the Chairman uses will not be condoned by the HA President as HE is a rightous person.

People, if you care for Malaysians' Hockey do a petition and get gid of these undesirable elements out of the Hockey Scene.

My previous contributions have pre-empt all this scenerio.

MHF, you are on the right track, take the bull by the horns and kick askes.

Hockey Watchdog.

Just to let you all into a little secret a little black crow told me.

The shivering Bald-Eagle MHF CC nominated the Drunkard Official from Penang and a Policeman ( all Head-injured) to go to Viena for Indoor Hockey Course and we hope that how the TM retort(we Hope)will be told to them in verbatim or else the ooommpp won't be there.

this shows to all that these 'CHUTIAHS" have no sense of personnal pride and all their intentions is to get whentever there is a free-ride and forget whatever considerations there may me. ( Some friends have even told us that their wives were told to take a course on Europe as they will be accompanying their spouses for the trip as like their Pressmen friend who brings his wife when he goes for an assigment and arranged for free lodging with the Malaysian Team but get receipt and claim from his employer.

And this so called Pressmen also steal'Butter' from Hotel Functions.

We know, we were there.

Anonymous said...

Gandhi Ji,

You have posted very relevant & interesting comments about the VP. This personality has been around for a long time but has contributed nothing or little for the sport. As you have clearly articulated in your article, he is in the MHF for selfish gains & personal glory. Don't even think for a minute that he is going to contribute ideas and work for the improvement of hockey simply because he has no ideas, can't work, played very little good hockey but TALK A LOT just like most of his clansmen. Before assuming current portfolio, he was the Development Chairman and did NOTHING to bring up grassroot hockey. And now as the Chairman of Medical Committee, I think he will do well in collecting urine samples for doping tests!
Now that he has begged his way to be appointed as the asst. team manager, it will be interesting to see his contributions to the national team. I have my doubts as he is known to be very calculative with his time and money. On many occasions over the years, he has complained about having to pay for a locum so that he can attend MHF meetings. What can we then expect from this kind of administrator. Not much.
But then again, his 'strength' is to stir up a lot dissension and create animosity between other officials and ultimately disunity in the organisation.
Gandhi Ji, you have observed very well about his reaction for not being seated in the same row with the TM during the MHL Final. It was such a petty issue and his childish behaviour just reinforced what everyone already knew that he is there for personal glory & ntohing else. This 'glory seeker' must be removed at all cost.


Anonymous said...

To all who read and comment in this blog:

The medical team/ trained Officer who is responsible for collecting urine samples for "Antidoping in Sports" are SPECIALLY TRAINED people ( not only doctors )who go through strict procedures to conduct random urine samples collection " IN and OUt - of competition" to detect " athletes who cheat" in sports

These samples are transported through stringent procedures even through Immigration at airports and they are sent to be analysed ONLY IN ACCREDITATED LABORATORIES that are recognised by WADA- THE WORLD ANTIDOPING AGENCY

Any athlete found to be tested postive has the right to question the related sports governing body RIGHT FROM THE PROCEDURE - the filling of forms ; the collection of urine samples; the transportation till the analysis

The antidoping Officers have a VERY BIG RESPONSIBILTY- as this can lead to litigation at the international level. It is not simply collecting urine UNLESS one is doing some other research on urine sample-

Just for Information-
I sit as one of the International Therapeutic Use Exemption Officers for Anti doping in Sports for the International Tennis Federation and represent Malaysia under WADA.

It is a heavy responsibility where all foreign medical doctors sit down together and discuss medical issues related to antidoping in Sports

In short , with respect to the article in this blog- any person holding any position in any organization must have some sort of job description and he/she must know what the organization expects from him/her depending on the readily available resources.Maybe then he /she can perform better.

Dr.Mariam George Mathew
( BSc.MBBS. M. Med Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation)
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Kota Kinabalu
Sports Physician &
Head of Sports Medicine Program
Ministry Of Health

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Mariam,

We are really respectful of the work that you and all MDs have done in the field of medicine for Human and Sports.

But you have a comtemporary that have show disgrace for the great vocation of an MD by his snaking ways for a small amount of publicity and glamour.

Dr. Mariam, you will do a world of good if you can counsel this chutiah MD and tell him to take a hike from Malaysian Hockey and the whole nation will be forever indepted to you.

If you can achieved this you will be forever be embedded in the memoirs of Malaysian Sports for 'clearing this peasant' and it will be an achievement far greater then all the accolades that you have recieved worldwide.

Do Malaysians a favour, please.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8.13pm

Thanks for your comments

Unfortunately he does not come under the Ministry of Health.

He comes under the Malaysian Medical Council.

Sports physicians are awarded M. MED Sports Medicine . These are recognised sports physicians under the National Specialist registry and are directly under the Ministry of Health.

Please be informed also at in Malaysia there are people practising as:

1. Fully trained Sports Physicians
( M.Med Sports Med)

2. Sports Science ( B. Sports Science & M.Sports Science)-research based graduates

3. Medical doctors( MD) with interest in sports medicine

4. There are yet others who are sports science trained( physiotherapy/ psychology/ biomechanics)- all up and coming areas

With respect to this issue, I think it is best to leave the decision to MHF and hope the matter will be put to rest.

Thanks for the comments again and have a good weekend

Dr.Mariam George Mathew
Sports Physician & Head of Sports Medicine Program
Ministry of Health

Anonymous said...

Why this VP is seeking for a special chair.

MHF should have put him in the storeroom of Tun Razak Stadium.

He does nothing except for talking cock and boast about himself and takes all credit of other people good things.

He was in KLHA. Done nothing but manage to use and squeze KLHA for his MHF post.

ASK KLHA about him, they all are sick and tired of this VP who has a clinic in Lebuh Ampang...

Just quit and allow others to take up your position..................................

Anonymous said...

Dear Ghandi

The crowd in STR was about 8,500 coz full capicity is 10,000.

No way it was only 5,000.

thank you. please correct your facts.

Satdium Management.

Gandhi, said...

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Gandhi, said...

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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The "antics" of a long serving MHF Vice President....":

This VP been there for 8 years.

What have he done? He is without any affiliates but behave likes he control MHF.

Current, DP beware he is coming for your back.

VP stands for Vocal (word deleted)....

Gandhi, said...

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(Rest of comments has been deleted)

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

The TM must do some drastic adjustment for the MHF and so Hockey can progress.

we are not dictating to the TM what to do, but to inform him what is behind the scene that His officials were brewing behind MHF's back.

1)Hon. Sec: he is not fit to be beholding this position and he is feeling very insecure of his minuses and he is covering all angles by playing gutter politics by being friendly to all sides hoping that he will get support from all HAs because of his breed.
He is a mole and he do not have the stature of being the Hon-Sec for Malaysia.

2) The fu-man-chu head injured VP should be thrown out of everything concerning Hockey, pronto. No mercy.
He will be big trouble if no action is taken now.

3) VP from one-eye jacks state is also in cahoots with the Chairman coaching south state because the vp is beholden to him as he claimed that he is the one that got him his position in the first place, as this VP have no track record in Hockey,so now it is payback time. If he has dignity, he will walk away after the Chairman claim then to be rubbished as a Hockey official in whatever capacity.

4) Treasurer: He holds the apron sting of his HA drunkard Sec. and he must do all his bidding or else he will not nominate him for his MHF post. This type of slippery snakes cannot be holding any responsible position in any organisation.

These are the main culprits in the MHF that is hindering the good work of the MHF, so they must be eradicated once and for all.

People, if you all have Hockey at heart, there is nothing that is good of them. So,if you are having teh-tarik in any mamak staff and any of their sympathisers comes along, please do not be swayed by them or be cowed by their claim of having big-wits behind their campaign.


Jugjet Singh said...

I never read the shit you write. But was forced to your blog when someone smsed me on this comment


I am the only Punjabi sports writer in the NST who has a turban and writes hockey stories.
Ajitpal Singh writes hockey, but does not have a turban. Devinder Singh does not write hockey and does not have a turban.
So, make sure next time some arsehole comments about me, you Ghandiji, put your real name and telephone number next to it before publishing it.
Jugjet Singh 012-2329303. Call me, Ghandi and also the low-life who wrote about me behind an anon veil. Cowards.
That would give a shit-head like you an iota of credibility. I put my name on every story, while you rant and rave without balls to show the world your ugly face.

Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

Dear JUG-jet,

You are stang by the bloggers, so there must be some truth or else you will not react this way.


Just for clarification:

1) Do you travel with the Malaysian Team on assigment and bring your wife along? And you got your room from the Team and ( words have been deleted ). Is it in the affirmative?

2) You were seen (word has been deleted) butter sachet' from Hotel functions that you are covering. Is it in the affirmative?

3) you are the biz-associate of the ex- National Coach in his financing biz and now you are giving (word has been deleted) coverage of Hockey because of his instruction. Is it in the affirmative?

Search your conscience and if you lie, then you go to 'MALAYSIATODAY" and read THERE IS GOD>

We are seeking your kind clarification as is written in this fantastic blog. You are employee to the NST so why are you bragging about putting your name on all your articles. If you do not have any of your articles in the NEWS, you will be out of your job. So do not get on your high horse and just entertain us, we pay for your job. Do it with sincerity. BAYI.

Keep up the good work,GHANDI_JI.


Jugjet Singh said...

Chak-de, u got my number, call me and I will give you the answers you seek. And if u have the gall to call, I will even give you the exclusive right to publish my answers on this crap site.
My Hp 012-2329303 on 7-24-365.

Gandhi, said...

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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The "antics" of a long serving MHF Vice President....":

Ha! ha! Ha! um!um!

The truth really hurts! hah.

Have you read Malaysiatoday! There will be divine intervention in any untruth and scams that you all are involved in.

There is (replaced with the word God) Repent.

PS: we do not communicate with 'chutiahs' that give our people a bad name.


Gandhi, said...

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Jugjet Singh has left a new comment on your post "The "antics" of a long serving MHF Vice President....":

I expected that from a low life like U. So shut up and go (the words have been deleted) with your sister.
I double the offer, if you call me, we can meet and record my answers and then u can post it on youtube.
P.S. Looks like u only have 20cents credit on your maxis pre-paid, so give me a miss call and I will return the favour.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jug,

We have low life and go and do what( as you suggested we do) to our sister. But we do not do things that you all do. EG: bring your(handicap) family for holiday at your employer's expense, do not care for your reputation and lick.

So called 'Professional people' like you, the chutiah VP, the CHAIRMAN ( who cannot even pass a meter reading test)and the pissed-head from Penang have put our people in bad light.

By all your actions, our people is the laughing stock of the community.

The only thing that you all can do, so our Malaysians can take us seriously is to fade away or else commit hara-kiri.

Stay out of the limelight, the public is disgusted with you all, but because of their decency they have lent you their ears. But they scorn you all once you all are not there.

We may not have the sens left in our top-up, but we have integrity and dignity which you all have seen to be blatantly lacking.

Still, you all act as if you all are KINGS. You all have undone all the good that our fore fathers have done. REPENT.

Shame on you all.

Anonymous said...


Can you share with the readers on how you gave the psycho talk to the national hockey player before a game in the Olympic Qualifier in Japan.

We didn’t know that you have a PhD.... to this field. Maybe it came natural


Anonymous said...

ON A LIGHTER NOTE EVERYONE.....not referring to anyone in particular in this blog :

Please Read the speaks of people who crave for PHD for various reasons:

.For academic development
( genuine cases)

.For status
( many cases of fraudulent PHD with plagiarism not only in Malaysia but overseas have been reported AND IS STILL HAPPENING)

.People want to be called " Dr." status- just for people to respect them (it tells of some complexes going on)

And the list goes on - off

Others call it " Permanent head damage"

make your own inferences on this write up because it shows Malaysia ' BOLEH"

Confucius can become Confusious too!!!!

THE STAR _ Saturday February 20, 2010
Iraqi national pursuing PhD claims he doesn’t understand English or BM

NIBONG TEBAL: An Iraqi national pursuing a doctorate degree at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) who was charged in the Jawi magistrate’s court here claimed he did not know English or Bahasa Malaysia.The case was then fixed for March 23 so an Arabic interpreter could be found to translate the charge.Hamood Shehab Hamid, 45, was charged with reckless driving and causing the death of a 27-year-old postgraduate student who was riding a motorcycle.He was charged with committing the offence at the traffic lights near the main entrance of USM in Jalan Transkrian, South Seberang Prai district, at about 9.45am on Feb 11.He was charged with driving a car in a reckless and dangerous manner which caused the death of Fadilah Abdul Halim, a student at the same university.
Hamood, who is doing his doctorate in electronics engineering, claimed he could not speak or understand English or Bahasa Ma¬¬laysia.
Magistrate Ahmad Izham Ali fixed March 23 for the case to be re-mentioned with an Arabic interpreter. No plea was recorded yesterday.
Ahmad Izham set bail at RM5,000 with two sureties and told the accused to surrender his passport and driving licence to the court.

Anonymous said...


Since the end of MHL, malaysian hockey lovers was praising the MHF committee for their wonderous magnificient job done.

And everyone is also looking forward to our Malaysian Senior Team under the leadership of Stephen van Huizen and Beng Hai and Junior team (Project 2013) under the leadership of Dharma in action in the Quadrangular games at the Tun Razak Stadium March 4-7 2010.

All is going on fine with the senior team but what about the Junior Team. 34 names were listed in the first phase selection together with BJSS and BPSS boys of which some are still in form five this year. BJSS unlike other schools has again refrained their boys from attending the Malaysian Junior hockey team training. Previously, BJSS have also refrained these boys from participation in the MHL league in which BPSS and Setapak boys participated. These boys were informed to tell the Junior World Cup Coach that they are withdrawing themselves from the Junior team to concentrate on their studies and exam this year. The School have not realised that day by day they are killing the instinct of these boys who have come from various parts of the country at a very young age leaving their parents, brothers, sisters and all in the family to physically and mentally prepare and play for the country. Its not paying off.

Education Minister cum Deputy Prime minister Tan sri Muhyddin Yassin and Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek said today that they are ready to revamp and support school's sports programme. He said that sports lies in the effective implementation of the programme at school grassroot levels to churn out world beaters and it is compulsory for every school for bigger collaboration in revamping the school sports system.
Tan Sri also said that in Malaysia, teachers spent extra time giving tuition but in other countries, they are on the field.

In htpp://, Mrs Ching Leng Sim, the principal said that the school is committed to producing outstanding sportsmen and women making BJSS vision statement "BJSS Generates World Class Athletics" a reality. She also said the academic scheduling is flexible so that it is condusive to the training and competition needs of the students. Contra to her statement, the school has arranged tight timetable with additional classes in the morning, evening and night apart from their normal classes all day to prevent students from attending the national training.

The basic fundamental objective of having a national sports school is to prepare and deliver young promising sportsmen and women for the country. The earlier they represent the country, the better they will perform in years to come as they will have enough international exposure and strength to outbeat the opponents

BJSS and BPSS has been undisputedly producing finest junior athletics in the past but the path has been seen fading as they are heading the students in the wrong direction. Mrs Chin says in her website that BJSS is providing exellent education to prepare aspiring for a life after sports. This clearly shows she has lost the national sports schools identity and her credibility to lead the sports school to the highest level. She has lost the core values of a National Sports School and is not inline with the nation's interest, country's goal and ambition. Sports governing bodies like MSN, JPJS and KBS to look into this matter very very seriously and immediately.

Anonymous said...

Just suggesting :

Is it possible to " cool down" the exam going students and let them focus on exams BUT concentrate on the next batch of upcoming ones???
Parents would also be happy if they pass their exams

These "non-exam ones" can form the next back up players. We need more young ones to fill up the junior and senior squad eventually

The message to all athletesmust be:
The entry into the squad must be like " THE EYE OF THE NEEDLE" but the exit from the senior squad must be " WIDE OPEN"..... There is nor room for complacency and personal agenda. It is a national agenda

Then only we can see " Non-slacking" and less egoistic and " demanding" personalities in the national squad eventually.No one is there permanently

When the base is wide, everyone will not take their place for a " Free food and lodging + ride"

The young ones must be disciplined from now that they need not feel sidelined BUT willeventually perform better than the Seniors IF they continue to work towards that goal

We must "run the relay and not drop the baton ". We need "to pass the baton" to the present coaches who are training the "newly selected" national squad

Anonymous said...


If there is true to what has taken place, then u should applogize and ensure that it will not happen again.

People can forgive u but not the Big King...


Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The "antics" of a long serving MHF Vice President....":

(Name deleted)



Anonymous said...

BJSS please get your PRIORITIES right.

These National sports schools are feeded with the best sports students from all states right from the age of 13 to be molded and become the country's future athletes. They are groomed to represent the country and if they fail, the sports school failed in their task to produce world class athletes.

Actual fact is the sports school has failed since it was established because non of its students have ever produce any medals in the olympics. So the government has been wasting its millions of ringgit generously to schools which cannot bring results.

The Govermnent is funding these sports school with millions of ringgit annually on highly nutrious food and sports facilities to train the students in their sports field everyday without fail and when called up for national training camp to report. Unlike now, it seems that these students have been groomed to hybernate in their classrooms.

With regards to their studies, the students study by simple modules and the teachers can plan to have their extra classes not to clash with their national training.

Please bear in mind that the sports school students entry into Pra-U is with minimum qualification but their entry into Olympics as world class champions requires world's highest qualification. As such success is not an overnight victory but a strong foundation of hardship trainning and national exposure right from the earliest age possible.

A medal achieved in the World Cup events is a reward to each and every malaysian. And every malaysian should help these individuals achieve the country's ambition so it be their mother, father, teacher or couch.

So, Sports school please get your PRIORITIES right and release your boys for national camp training. Witholding them is already violation by law as they belong to the country and not to any individual or schools. And please do not mislead the boys with the wrong intentions and get caught ofguard.

Anonymous said...

Kalaulah ibubapa nak bagi exellent education, takpayah hantar anak ke Bukit Jalil.

Duduk rumah saja, tak payoh pegi jaujau hantar anak kebukit Jalil. Dekat rumah pun ada sekoleh bagui, bolih hantar anak tiapiap hari pegi tution.

Memang pikir tak logik. Pelik betul kalau budak budak ni dipilih masuk skuad remaja hoki malaysia tak mau melapur diri, lebih lebih lagi budak2 sekolah sukan negara. Memang ada yang tak kena.

Pihak Sekolah perlu memberi motivasi dan dorongan yang betul kepada pelajau pelajau untok menguatkan semangat kesukanan mereka demi masa negara . Jangan sekalikali cuba memupuk racun dalam pemikiran mereka. Ia akan makan diri sendiri.

Anonymous said...

memang tak masuk akal, macam mana hang boleh pikir macam itu. rasanya hang takada akal kot.Kalau budak itu mahu belajar bagus la. kalau pi tution saja tak cukup.Di wakil negara dan jadi bijak , bukan macam hang.Kalau masa lu sekolah lu ada pikir macam ini ka, ada yang tak kena? Patut la lu tak pandai.Mana ada sekolah yang mahu rosak masa depan budak, mungkin sekolah yang lu belajar kot.TAK MASUK AKAL LA.