Monday, February 15, 2010

Corporate personalities in TNB & Sapura who bring the "best" to hockey.

Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) became the winner of the Malaysian Hockey League (MHL) final last Friday 12th February by beating Sapura 4-2 on penalty flicks after the game remained drawn at 1-1 following extra-time. Effectively TNB won the TNB Cup and the TNB management hierarchy led by their CEO & President would have been in ecstatic mood. More interesting is that the CEO had rushed all the way from KLIA at the right moment to provide the support for his boys.

Interesting looking at the game itself. it was about retired experience stars from Sapura taking on the young national stars of TNB. It would seem that experience would prevail in the match but Sapura did not have the ultimate "killer" instinct to finish the match. On the other side TNB was a "clinical" team whose young stars could not find the way to crack the solid defence of the experience Sapura. At the end the determination to carry the Cup provided the right frame of mind to TNB players to find the net at the penalty flicks. It is probably the young boys were not tired out after extra-time and they were mentally strong to do the job. This is where probably experience lost out to the mental strength of the young boys.

The game itself would have been exciting if it was not for the Umpires. Their poor standard of controlling the game had an impact on the ultimate results. One thing is for sure and that is this whole MHL season the Umpires have performed "sub-standardly". So when the Chairman of Umpires Board stated this is the best they have and comparable to international standards, I think he was illogically defending the consistent pathetic performance of his members. Even on the "outside" chance he may be right, he may not realise that he may mean international hockey umpiring is also at a disastrous standard. I am sure that is not his thinking.

While TNB Management were celebrating with their boys, credit must go to the Chairman and to the CEO of Sapura for spending that extra moments with their boys after the prize presentation. The father and son team showed the best of corporate leadership by talking and consoling the boys at an empty stadium when the crowd had disappeared. Their human touch even in hour of defeat is a reflection of the caring nature of Sapura's corporate philosophy and all credit go to the father and son team. Such people must be invited to be in MHF as it would do MHF a world of good.

One other person who needs mentioning is Nor Saiful Zaini. A person who has tactfully remained in the background of late because of the policies of MHF with regards to national coaches. Notwithstanding that he is also Head of the Sports Unit of TNB and where hockey comes under his portfolio. It is probably his thinking in line with TNB's corporate philosophy that there is blend between the youth and the experienced in the TNB team. It is also provides the pathway for the next generation of young kids in view of TNB's Development programme referred to as "Thunderbolt". A programme that is nationwide where TNB gets schools involved in hockey by not only conducting coaching sessions but also equipping the schools with hockey kits.

Nor Saiful himself has been a colourful figure in Malaysian hockey having served the nation as a national player including Captain for nearly 15 years. One of the rare breed who was a speedy right wing and also a penalty corner hit specialist, represented the country at 3 Olympics and 4 Asian Games. The years in the national team makes him the most capped Malaysian hockey international and the record is still awaiting to be "broken". He was one of the selected Malaysian named in the "Asian All Star" team. Such is his credential as a hockey star.

Saiful is a religiously devout person, who does not impose his values on others, other than advising people accordingly if there is a need. This he believes is a religious plus human duty that he does it with good "niat". Sometimes, the guilt in people tend to misunderstand or misconstrue his intentions and this is why unsavoury remarks are made of him. If only the truth is known by people who spread such "tales" of the opportunities he had given certain personalities to redeem themselves before the final decisions were made. Unfortunately, these personalities do not help themselves and this part of the stories are conveniently hidden or forgotten thereby making Saiful a victim of circumstances.

Strangely it is people in MHF, like a long standing Vice President and certain members of the Coaching Committee who listen to "tales" and conduct themselves in an inhumane manner. Ironically, these are the people who do the least amount of proper work for MHF. They prefer the "politicking" and creating trouble, which is the their idea of work.

Whatever it may, Saiful is beyond all these and only those who feel insecure and threatened would want to destroy a good person's creditability. Saiful is a focused person and TNB winning the MHL final is an honour to Saiful's dedication to hockey. More so to a person who gives his best with good intention without any prejudicial thoughts and does things for the best of the game. What we need is more of "Saifuls" in the game.


Anonymous said...

Winning in this game means a good combination of corporate structure and governance , team work , dedication and commitment from the leaders and trainers to the players ;both the young and the senior from the the word "Go"

It is not about a few supposedly "high end" players- it is uniformity in diversity blending their talents to bring out the best.

It is not about the word "I" but the word "WE"- the key word in Hockey.

It is not about "How much I am worth " but "How much We can do together"

It is "Thinking & Being" together ( TNB)

Congrats to TNB !

Anonymous said...

Talking about Saiful, all you have to do is asked the Lt-Col what is said in collobration with the Coaching Chairman of the Southern Most state. He have made stange allegation about him that he is left out of the Coaching Co. list to MHF. It is a very serious allegation made in public that we pray that Saiful and the MHF should take drastic action so that it will not be allowed to happen again.

The said Chairman who cannot contribute anything to Hockey
in his State as he is residing in KL but he claimed that he have the mandate of his HA President and everyone including the MHF Treasurer and VP (who have begged to be an Assist Manager. Remember the dog on a throne, it will come down and lick) is doing his bidding.

This Chairman is the culprit behind this character assasination of Saiful and other attempt on others. Thank God that the TM can see through all his wicked schemes and had rubbished them. But drastic actions must be taken against him so that he cannot continue in this way.

The allegation made against Saiful is without basis and Saiful is wrongly punished.

We do not think the HA President is aware of what his Coaching Chairman is using his name for and if anyone can ascertained the bottom of this we think that the HA Presdent with all his standing will not be party to this sort of behavior. And he will put a stop to it ,as he is put in bad light in front of all his subjects.

MHF should take action against the Treasurer and the VP. The VP cannot be an Assistant Manager as he will be a stumbling block to the Team's morale as every player have no respect for him. If he is confirm then MHF will have alot of trouble.

Please, TM, for the sake of Malaysians' Hockey, recind his appointment or else the whole Hockey Faternity will be demoralised. Every thing is going fine, please do not bring a 'JUDAS" into any setup.

The appointment of this important post should be discussed with the Manager to see if he can fit in to the set-up or else there will be conflict. Stop it before it happen, as we can assure you that he will be behind the dirty politics that is going to happen. It is in his genes.

PLEASE<PLEASE< MHF, act before its to late.

Be kind to animals but not human snakes.( THAT IS U TREASURER N VP)

Hockey Watchdog

darthvadai said...

Sir, you hit it right on the nail with this thread, sadly if only the main stream press can put articles like this out. Show the country the human side of the high ranking Management people bot in victory and loss. Especially loss.

We live in a society where we are ready to point the finger and turn our backs on losses they are the epitome what good sport and team management should be. Thru thick and thin.

As for the manner of coaching and selecting of coaches and all this hogwash and drama what we fail to see it a systematic development of coaches and transparent manner of how coaches are appointed.

When the team does bad do the people who appoint there official also step down or just sack the coach?

At the end of the day all should be held accountable. If you were making a pitch for a position what would your selling point be.

If you hiring someone what would the criteria be. why is the appointment of coaches and Managers any different,

What is so different?

Anonymous said...

Dear Ghandhi

The one man that needs all the credit and his midas touch to make this the MHL ever organised is the GM of MHF.

I was thrilled at the stands to see the works that he has done for Malaysian hockey is superb.

He deserves a pat on his back for the successfull MHL.

Thanks Mike for the wonderful MHL. We really enjoyed each moments...

Anonymous said...

Bravo Mike

Well done for the good job.

The rest was at the VIP and you were running around to make sure all things are achieved at a very high standard.

We were suprised with the half time performances and prize presentation.

The full house crowd packed, never seen before.

Read the papers, and very rare to read that all teams praising MHF for the good job well done.

MHF is in good hands now with good President and support from sponsors...

Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Corporate personalities in TNB & Sapura who bring ...":

Well done MHF,

This new set up is a fresh breath of air and is committed to improve the level of hockey in the country. As usual there will be a group of disgruntled opposition who will remain pessimistic and negative & will criticise at every opportunity. The "(name deleted) Hockey" blogger is one of them, an arm chair critic who has done nothing for the improvement of hockey but claimed to be the guru. He is nothing but a smelly 'kepoh', good for nothing and destroyer of everything that is good. Even on the rare occasions that he praised, there is lack of sincerity & motive lurking behind the herculean effort. To this group of pessimistic bigots who are full of personal agendas, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Now's the time to repent, be humble & learn from this new MHF set up.
Once again, well done MHF. Keep up the good work & I believe Malaysian hockey will rise once again...soon.


Anonymous said...

Only suggestion...

The Umpiring Board should rope in some retired players & School coaches into umpiring so as have more qualified umpires.

The current

Anonymous said...

The problem with getting former players or school coaches into umpiring.... is they don't have the balls to do the job!

Everybody seems to have the guts to criticize one's umpiring, but nobody bothers to help and contribute towards developing the umpiring standard.

Anonymous said...

There are alot of hockey in us as well as the nation. And over here we have this nonsensical offcials who supposedly carry the President's message true and true. Instead,they come up with their own wish list and make it happen through their strange networkings. TM is new to hockey but he is not new in managing sports and the dirty minded officios. Just don't get caught with your pants down.First, they call for a coaching committe meeting. Then to make their appointments right they go to a nonsense blogger who has failed in his past jobs but trying to make the so called decisions right. Then they strategise via other main dailies. Real dirty. A small group working with their own agenda and sadly they suppose to get the blessings of the President but that was not the case. The funny thing is, Coaching Chairman is a Phd holder, the VP is a Medical Dr and the treasurer in our Royal Customs. I just don't understand.... Well thats the sad story of our hockey. TM wants to make things happen but the offcials wants to create job for god knows who in their list. My dear friends, your professional qulifications should give you some guide which side to fall when a decision is to be made. Rightfully, discuss and argue your case with the TM or in council meetings. Stop sneaking around.

Anonymous said...

Dear MHF

Well done and Malaysian Hockey Future is in the right direction:
1. Foreign Coach
2. New and Qualified National Set-up
3. Many Sponsors
4. Very Good Cash Reserve
5. A Very Good Development Program and Funds to be announced soon.
6. Proper program
7. Promotion of Hockey via Television is enourmous.


1. The VPs of Medical Committe, Special Projects are waste of time. One without any State Affiliates and controls by buying botels of liqour. Another lads comes from NS and a lawyer, thinks he knows all but not played any international hockey. Both behave like messiahs of hockey. Now both voluntarily wants to become Team Managers to further self rich them and not malaysian hockey. They only want to go on tour and get publisity. Lets see whether they will go to the ground -attend atraining sessions, run around for the players, upfront money, reward players and provide guyidfance. I think they will fail their duties. Only know to rub the President for own benefit ande selfish. No feelings for hockey.
2. Treasurer-milking the money, seeking for State titles-Penang, Kedah, Pahang & Johor sapu bersih. Supporting Coaching Committe and the rest and not thinking for hockey but for his own backside and votes to sustain. Now based in Pahang and thinks he controls TM and Pahang Custom Department. Waste of Shit....

Thank you and lets watch and see..