Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The "games" officials play in the "after process" when players are selected for national hockey training.

If people are left to do their job, provided on the first place they were the right persons to do it, then interference into their actions should not be the norm. This is because the people given to do the job have been "entrusted" with the role and they must be given that right to carry out their duties. At the end of the day the "benefit-burden" of the task rests with them unless the people who have the tendency to interfere are prepared to share the responsibilities. Unfortunately such a basic rule is not enshrined in the thinking of a few key officials in MHF who i call the "interfering officials". On the benefit they are prepared to be "glory seekers" while on the burden they are ever ready to make someone else the scapegoat. This somehow has been the "backdrop" in MHF in the past and some are still hanging on to it as desperate measures.

The National Coach was "entrusted" to shortlist 25 to 30 players for national training based on performance at the Malaysian Hockey League (MHL). At this point i must state that the National Coach diligently did his job whether it was raining or shining. People who were at the matches would see this lonely figure with an umbrella sitting by himself and making notes. Indeed some have even told the story that if any of his friends come by he would politely walk away to another spot to continue his duty. This is the level of commitment and ethics he has applied in undertaking his "entrusted" duty. Some have nicknamed him the "Lone Ranger" except here he does not have "Tonto" ie his obedient assistant, because of unusually strange decisions that had been made by the Coaching Committee and MHF. What we must recognise is that the National Coach is conducting himself professionally, one of the fundamentals involved in the search for "excellence". Something only a very few in MHF comprehend and apply in their tasks.

The lack of professionalism and the principles of excellence in MHF over the years, has permitted the development of the notion of interference, as though they are "entrusted" with it because they understand the "bigger picture". This therefore gives certain officials the belief that they have the divine right to interfere. Sadly, this belief was put into practice by a "dedicated interfering team" ( DIT) to solicit and ensure players who were not named in the National Coach's list should have their names there. Mind you the DIT was not mandated with the role but they have taken it upon themselves ie the "messiahs" of hockey, i presume. What is even more shocking is that the people in the DIT were not there for most of the matches at the MHL and yet they seem to have better expertise than the National Coach. I wonder why none of them in the DIT ever made it as a National Coach. Maybe that is where the answer lies!!!!!

The network of the DIT is extensive, covering the facets that is most required for propaganda work ie "connected" personalities and publicity. The idea here is to create a "make-belief" scenario ie a perception so as the DIT could achieve their desired results. Take for example, even before the National Coach could name the shortlisted players, friends of the DIT had been passing messages via sms to the pertinent people to get certain players to be named. What is peculiar is that the players they were canvassing have histories of various allegations and disciplinary issues, which could disrupt the very fabric of Malaysian hockey. Rather than sorting these issues they seem more interested in getting the players into the shortlist. Maybe the need for monthly salaries to upkeep expensive tastes or vices may provide the "fodder" for thought.

The question is: "Who are the people in the DIT ?
  • The Deputy President of MHF. He chairs the unconstitutional Team Management Committee (TMC) and realises that he is now unable to use the TMC to his "whims and fancies". So, unofficially he uses the DIT network to get things done and the position he holds helps in the matter. People believe that he is part of the "Malacca Mafia" in hockey

  • A Senior National Sports Council (NSC) officer, who has been involved in Malaysian hockey and is present at all MHF meetings including those relating to national teams. Apparently he is part of the 'Malacca Mafia" in hockey. Furthermore he is the source of information to personalities who are friends to people in the DIT. He has a close alliance with the national team manager because of a sense of obligation relating to employment of a family member. This team manager is the principal financier of a MHL team.

  • The National Team Manager, who wants players in his "stable" to be included notwithstanding the fact that there are allegations and discipline issues. Some believe the presence of such players in the national team would provide him a greater grip and influence of the national team.

The key question that arises is whether the people involved with the DIT are really interested in Malaysian hockey and its future or more related to some short-term gain beneficial to individual needs. I personally do not think they work on that basis and therefore it is difficult to comprehend why they do not permit people to do their job. This dichotomy is puzzling and the interference still prevails. It has to stop or else Malaysian hockey shall pay the price. We have already seen that in the past, and what is important is that there people who are ensuring it does not repeat. So allow the "entrusted" person to do his job and periodically review the progress. This is the way forward.


Gandhi, said...

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Ever since the Ridsect came to hockey arena, we been seeing all kind of nonsence happening in the National team.


(Word has been deleted) THE RIDSECT

To my x-team mates, lets not allow him to destroy our national hockey team. Money is not everything...
we have the pride & honesty to wear The National Colours.

In the past we never had hidden agendas. We were 1 for all & all for 1.


Anonymous said...

Hey! you ungrateful askehole. Just because you do not get what you want, now you are slacking everybody except yourself.

Try finding someone whom can be in according to you"Ridsect' shoes.

If you cannot, just shut-up and let him do a great job for Malaysian Hockey.

Sour grapes is in your brains.

Anonymous said...


Very sileeeeeeeeeentttt.....nobody wants to comment

"Do not stir the hornets nest"

It is rebuilding a new team for a hopeful tomorrow for hockey

Everyone wants to see progress...

Anonymous said...

Just devastated with the happenings in MHF. The boardroom tussle is now going down to even deciding who should be in the national hockey team. Its more like impressing the TM that the senior officials are on the ball. Well everyone have their own roles and duties to perform. My view, officials should run MHF and ensure hiring right people for the job. Conduct a periodical review. Over time if the dropped players perform well, they can be included. That's is the coaches job. Each council member have their own portfolio. If we look at their respective portfoliosn nothing has been done. That should be their focus. Just a guide on two important roles in MHF and we can go on to expand but I want you high offcials start thinking.
1.Deputy President- Your role is to assist TM in the following areas. Raise funds for MHF. Draw up a master plan or a blue print. Consult TM on the above. This is where the nation knows which direction the hockey is going. Shorlist right people for the job.
2.Our Medical Doctor should be working closely with ISN infrastructure and come up with sports injury, biomechanics study on players, alcohol level and smoking signs to play in high level fatigue level on ageing, recovery period based on chemo-analysis etc etc. Just start with one area. Did you do that? Why?

Please stop abusing your powers beyond the council. Both the coaches appointed are transparent and above board. They are selected due to their ability to make sound judgment. And this about the best combinations we can have. Off course we Syaiful around will be perfect 10. We can never ask a Dr's opinion say on engineering. If we have that thing right in our heads, the hockey is heading to the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Sour grapes is in your brains

Hey! you r the greatest askehole, who licks The Ridsect butt everyday.

Everyone seen him doing great job for KLHC, bringing them to 3rd place in the MHL... That's his standard...