Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Part 1 - Surprising ! MHF is still undertaking its tasks despite the "shortcomings" of majority of its elected officials.

It is people that matters in an organisation. One may have the best of intentions and the resources but if you do not have the right people working cohesively as a team, nothing can be done properly. Even what is done would take greater pain and effort if only a few have to bear the burden of what would otherwise be done by many. This is why from the onset a team must be put together and elected, so the team knows it is the joint and several responsibility of each and everyone to make things work.

This now brings me to MHF. About 17 months ago there was a furor of who should lead MHF. There was utter disappointment with the previous regime and there were cries for change. Somehow, depending which version one subscribes to, the TM signified his intention to become President of MHF. Obviously, everyone knew he would not be challenged and it was the BGM who would endorse him as the President. As the TM, and being regal in nature, he was already fully cognizant of the prevailing politics in the election process and he kept his distance. The net result was a "hodge-podge" of people elected, each carrying his own "baggage" which has "weighed" down MHF.

Effectively 10 people were to be elected from President to Treasurer, of which 2 of the Vice Presidents (VPs) were to be from the states of Sabah and Sarawak. The TM as promised has kept to his word and moved MHF accordingly. Some believe he may be slow while most think that under the circumstances MHF was at, and is, the TM has done extremely well. Beyond this the 2 VPs, one heading the Finance Committee and the other the Competitions Committee, seem to have undertaken their tasks satisfactorily. On the balance of the 7 personalities, the underlying view points may summarise the predicament prevailing in MHF:

  • Deputy President - A person who can work hard and run around physically to get things done. More often his unwarranted comments or actions draw publicity plus controversy which tend to give the impression of the lack of material in him to hold the post. Yet he is courageous and had the guts to take on the incumbent Deputy President and win the election.Unfortunately he is easily swayed on matters without weighing the merits or demerits of the issues.

  • VP as Head of Medical Committee - Longest serving VP, however lately has been embroiled on an issue pertaining to seating arrangements at the MHL final. Prior to which he was rumoured to have made unsavory remarks on a coach who had served the nation as a player with the most number of "caps". Indeed his Medical Committee's existence and role has also come into question. The bigger picture of him not doing anything for MHF has become a talking point.

  • VP for Special Projects - Nothing "special" has taken place with him as a newcomer to MHF. Apparently he handled his task as an assistant manager of the national team at the World Cup qualifier fairly well. Unfortunately his advise to various Committee Chairmen on the "prerogative rights" of the Chair has permitted some people to take it on a "literal interpretation" and do what they want. This confusion has created a far share of MHF's confusion.

  • 2 VPs - They are in the post by virtue of the constitution which requires Sabah and Sarawak respectively to hold the positions. Sadly, to date there has not been any contribution from them.

  • Secretary - A person who has learnt the fine art of survival in MHF. Friends to all and as such he has no discretion on information flow. He has been in the post for the last 2 terms and by "hook or by crook" he tries to get things done, though not necessarily properly. Even if it is not done he is not perturbed by it. It is in confusion he thrives as nobody becomes aware of his shortcomings. He enjoys the "trimmings" that come with the post ie allowance and a car. He seems much relieved with the coming of the new General Manager.

  • Treasurer - A person who is more caught with the politics of "power play" as he is the "eyes and ears" of vested interest groups. This was apparent at the latest Coaching Committee meeting. His understanding of finance and accounts is questionable including some of his actions. Maybe the presence of an Assistant Treasurer by appointment was a wise move by the TM.

Notwithstanding what is outlined above the main functions of MHF are still going on. This is where the TM has moved smartly by appointing the right person as the General Manager and setting him the direction to achieve the desired objectives. Indeed the GM's modus operandi has brought a professional transformation to the manning of the Secretariat. At least things are moving in an organised predictable manner. The overwhelming success of the MHL, from a re-engineered event of carnivals at various major towns coupled with live telecasts to a grand finale for the final, is a testimony that MHF is functioning.

This is a credit to the paid staff of MHF for holding the "fort". Critics would argue that they are paid to do their duties. Yes ! except that it is done with passion and in an accountable manner. Much cannot be said about the elected officials because they can argue that they are volunteers. They may have an argument but they must also understand that they had agreed to be elected and, as such, they have been "entrusted" to the posts. Therefore they have a "duty of care" to perform to the standard of a reasonable person holding that position. This they cannot run away from and they must know that they are in breach of the "trust" bestowed to them when they were elected.

Can you imagine if only the elected officials worked as a team and properly understood the TM's Vision of what he wants to achieve for Malaysian hockey. In the last 17 months we would have taken Malaysian hockey to greater heights. This is where the TM has to review his policy of non interference and ensure he has the right team ie the right person for the right position sharing his Vision, to bring Malaysia into the forefront of World hockey.


Idea said...

Very interesting piece of article. It appears as though MHF is ran by only few personals or rather The President only looks at few individuals to get the task going. If that is the case, why then we have these elected posts brought or flown in from where ever there are? MHF basically need them just for their votes. That is as far their contribution is concerned. Now. MHF should must beyond that. Create a focused task oriented groups. The government has implemented KPIs in the NKRAs. "Bravo to the nations development'. Perhaps its time MHF to follow suit. Design and tailor make KPIs for all their officials. One suggestion: DPM has announced Sports as a subject in school. The Sports Minister echoed we have the experts to make this happen. Need I say more? There are few other areas.

Anonymous said...

Why just say MHF, with the exception of KLHA, rest of the states are all basically one person or two person show, the rest of them are just figure heads.

Look at the recent SHA, if not for the 2 newly elect office bearers and their hardworking team SHA would just be another dead state. NSHA is not that far off, if not for the patronage of the MB they too.

Are all the office bearers in SHA & NSHA working, are all trying to raise funds? Are all the committees they are heading actually working?

Anonymous said...

All the comments are "good" for your eyes & brains. Ask your self if your have contributed anything ? Then get yourself elected & put your ideas across. Ant Tom , Dick & Harry can talk but to do the job is different matter.
If you are former player, are you coaching any school near your home or office? Have you contributed other than playing? everybody talks that hockey standard is going down but how many have done anything to improve it other than giving negative comments.
If you think you are good, coach some boys and take them for tournaments. If not keep your MFA shut !
King Is Singh

Anonymous said...

You seem to be a strong supporter of KLHA. Who is running KLHA? It is GK & Raja only.
Have you seen how are other states running their HA? Do not simply pass comments? Some officials do their work behind the scene. Some of them don't need to be around when games or programs taking place. They get the job done and be away.
Don't close your mind & ask around to know.

Anonymous said...

Your comments on the GM shows your identity.
You trained him. If you have any ideas to improve hockey administration, please forward your ideas to him or just fax to MHF office. They can learn.

Anonymous said...

my advice to the GM, Never trust anyone. Everyone is out to kill one another.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote that NSHA and SHA officials are not doing their work. Please get your facts right. SHA with the new committee has started moving in the right direction. NSHA has run a lot of development programmes under various private companies . Let the officials from these states do their jobs. Whyn not mention other states like Malacca Johore and pahang who do not organise any tournaments or leagues.