Thursday, February 4, 2010

Retired international players who have made an impact in the MHL.

It is a pity that some players, although young, seem to have prematurely retired from international hockey, while others gracefully left with the catching-up of age. Maybe they cannot get use to the "regimented" style of centralized training for days, months and years or they do not have the "hunger" to don national colours for whatever reasons or are just fed-up with too much of international hockey. Yet! we cannot overlook this and not comment on their performances in the current MHL.

The 1st of whom i feel needs to be mentioned and i consider as the "heartbeat" of TNB is Tajol Rosli. A player who left national hockey at a young age of 23 or 24 is performing superbly for his employer. His "mati mati" style of play with his penetrating moves gives TNB that extra edge in the game. He is fast enough to capitalise on the "gaps" in opponents' defence and tactically open the game for his colleagues. What is also interesting is that he is a "source" of inspiration for the team.

Another player in TNB who needs mentioning is Kalliswaran. As he ages he seems highly matured in his approach to the game. He is majestic in his movements and controls the team's play carefully. A much "cooler" person these days, he does things intelligently probably recognising the slight excess weight in him. Still he is a "force" to reckon .

At Maybank, it is without doubt Suhaimee. Again a player who "hung" up his hockeystick at an early age, he still has the skills of his younger days. Obviously he lacks the fitness but yet he is able to use his intelligence and economise his efforts for deadly moves or to permit the clock to run down in favour of his team. Suhaimee's style these days is like a "rhino" on the charge and more often than not he is able to "stampede" the opposing players.

Another arsenal available to Maybank is the ever versatile and lively Gobinathan. The "Ipoh mari" player provides a stability to Maybank in defence and brings an added dimension to their penalty corner battery. Gobi is much slower these days but he uses his body accordingly to slow down his opponents too. A player who has the ability to motivate his teammates, he too on occasions tends to charge down the opposing team's territory to "mark" out his ground. This indeed makes his presence felt in the game.

In Sapura, there is the ever-present towering figure of Kuhan. More sluggish these days but a great "fighter", he does not give up easily. With age his penalty corners have lost the "sting" but his presence in Sapura's battery gets opponents worried. He is excellent in the 1st half of any match but his fitness severely handicaps his movements in the last 15 minutes of most matches where he gets "short fused" fast. He is still enjoyable to watch.

Rodnizam is another former international who left the international scene at a young age. Today, he seems to show skills that were not there in the years when he was an international. It is probably the maturity with time plus now he has the freedom to think and play. Obviously not at his peak, fitness is an issue but he somehow finds the way to cope by adjusting his style. There is no doubt he is an important cog in Sapura's machine.

These players would be playing significant roles with their teams this weekend at the semifinals of the MHL. Some or all of them may make the difference between winning and losing for their teams. What is important is to see these former internationals still having the spirit to play and give their best for their clubs. Well done lads and Best of Luck.


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Afterall current national players, Ridsect and Red Light and Viking are all RETARDED.

Keep the POOKI and BOBBY HO HO HO - Merry XMAS>>>>>>>>>>


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To all the KINGS

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Let me tell you a story in the Northpole/iceage.

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This is waht the RIDSECT AND HIS KINGS are doing.

Throw money@blood to the players@wolfs and lick the KINGS till the Malaysian hockey bleeds and die to the worst standard.

Ridsect, change your style and way and select your new kings in your council if you want to help hockey.

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Those mentioned in your blog are indeed talented players and they have served their term and have moved on. All of them have their reasons....

They have entertained people on field during the MHL and as you rightly pointed out the special talents God has gifted each and everyone of them.

Among all mentioned,the fairly wholesome player with personality on field and off field that strikes many (and have previously overheard international officials commmending) is Kuhan.

Right from upbringing , to training and discipline and integrity at workplace and on field - the factors are numerous ..........depends on what type of athlete and work force we want to produce for the nation .

To all the rest mentioned in your blog, well done and wish you all luck in todays match

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You forgot 3 other veterans who have been outstanding but have not been given the due credit.

1. Mohd Nasihin
He has kept Sapura in the match against KLHC in the semi finals and also against Nur Insafi in the 2nd leg quarterfinals.

2. Vijayan
His never say die attitude and PC runs has been vital.

3. Shankar
Who despite injury, is a vital cog in the Sapura midfield.

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It is a sad episode with the exit of KLHC in the coming MHL final next week.

On a bigger context all hockey fan must not just be negative in their comments.

The result is actually a big puzzle to ability of Malaysian hockey in 2010.

The loss must be analysed and the contributing fact must be identified for Malaysian hockey to improve as they are the cream of Malaysian hockey. Many bloggers have described the match as “current vs retired internationals”.

Well it is obvious that the ability of players to think and change the game, the strategy of the 1st and 2nd semi and managing the players are the contributors.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ridsect, what's next?

Rope in UNIKL boys & screew them with your so call super coaches.

Your current coaching team has a mentle block. Thank God MHF made a wise move by not appointing them as senior team coaches.

Your team had 7 short corners...Sapura 1st runner was running the same direction & yr super coaches was in a dreamland.

It is sad that these coaches have brought-down a Great Team. When the players has lost of direction, Viking & RD L King is still in the stand & dreamming...

Anonymous said...

Cheers to Sapura & TNB.

Hard luck to Maybank

Mr. G & co...tak tau apa nak cekap lagi...

Cuba lagi...jangan putus asa. Mungkin Junior tournement lebih sesuai utk kamu semua.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the coaches!
They should be honoured . The Coaching Committee MHF should appoint the so call coaches for Malaysian Assignment.
World Cup 2013 - Coaches - Prakash(bulk of the juniors from his coaching), Vickneswaran ( supercoach UNIKL) K.Rajan ( most of the 2009 juniors playing in this league.
National Team - Vellapan (Maybank lost to TNB but super coaching)Rajendaran ( 2009 players from his coaching) Manjit Singh ( TNB talented coach)
KLHC should hire Sarjit Singh or K.Rajan if they want to win the double.
Experienced Coach

Anonymous said...

Clear case of the ineffectiveness of National Full Time training.
From the competitive nature of domestic hockey, we can get players who are on form to represent the country.

If we can have a longer domestic season with more clubs, we can have a more effective and efficient method for the National Team.

Too bad, after the 2 months league, we are back to the Full Time Training - Again :(

Anonymous said...

We have neglected the vital part of the players development. The direction we are taking is that national players should know what to do in the local arena especially with the low standard. Well, we are wrong there. It is the continous learning culture to be instilled and to ensure they perform above par in the local scene as though they are playing in an international tournament. What is lacking is assessment and mentoring the national players to perform at that level throughout the league. How to do?
1.A video on individual players on specific areas of the game.
2.After the weekend game where most teams don't train, the national team to regroup for the morning session to analysize the video and the coach to give pointers what is required from them.
2.There are some national players "curi tulang" in the league game. Maybe some don't notice this but video doesn't lie. 3.We are talking about high level contibution consistently. A short vidoe session and then hockey drill to perfect. We will see the players individually raising the standards.
The problem is we are only looking at correcting these errors during centralised training sessions on a lesser competitive environment. Mistakes are done during competitive and pressured environment and this is where learning and coaching methodology demands.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon. February 8, 2010 8:55 AM

I found another related comments below at other thread in this blog. Quite interesting to be read. What a total waste by MHF losing such a good coach! The youngster really play like a veteran! But it benefit some people too :-) That's Malaysian hockey politics. HRH TM should noticed about this.

'''''A few years ago, E.Y (currently known as KLHC) easily thrashed other team in MHL at least 3-0 on aggregate. It's normal if heard that they win 5 to 12-0 that time. But starting last year MHL especially during the final, they start to lose their momentum and only can win the final on penalty shoot out!
The hidden things, last time E.Y aka KLHC which 80-90% of their players are National Player, they got the routine of their training for National Team in the morning and E.Y's training in the evening. Simply said, Morning Session by Sarjit and Evening Session by Dharma. Actually, they groom and boost their standard of play during their session with Sarjit. Ask the players themselves. Concurrently, Dharma also learn something precious from Sarjit during their tea time. The proof, you can see the similarity of their ideas of play such as formation, long ball/overhead style, p.c drag flick attempt, attacking and defending style, etc.
After Sarjit being 'toppled', and Dharma didn't like their relationship goes for long, E.Y aka KLHC being trained by Dharma alone. And National Team training handled by Beng Hai and Saiful. There we can see their standard of play decreased a lot! Even assisted by Vive, they cannot help much. Sadly, something and somebody had missing....'''''

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12.56pm.

It can be a full time training. But without a good coach with extraordinary talent, it will be useles and wastage. It only benefit the players and coaches as they can claim their salary @ allowance fixed every month.
Full time training should be coached by an extraordinary coach. MHF should search carefully the suitable coach or else, it also means 'nothing'.

Mahatma said...

An open Letter To TM

His Highness Tengku Mahkota,

Thank you very much for bringing improvement and changes to the image of hockey in Malaysia. There has been a good facelift to the overall appearance particularly to the live broadcasting of the current MHL.

Your strong effort, sincerity, dedication, powerful commitment and sacrifice can be seen as a very positive sign for hockey to bounced back as one of the world's most feared team.

Nevertheless, as the President of MHF, you will be force to make certain unfavourable decisions and abide to the constitution which will not be for the best interest of our Malaysian future Hockey. Some personalities who still have high positions in MHF have the budding system to influence in making important decision before presenting it to you. Making it worst, this group of people have even the guts to bypass your highness to reveal it to the papers even before discussing and finalising the matters with you. Undoubtly, there are pressuring you to comply with their decisions.

Dear Tengku,
Coach builds the most important foundation in the strength of a hockey team and the players are the pillars. If one of them is not strong, the team will colapse.
The project 2013 team with current performance will shine and produce inspiring results at international hockey in years to come. This is provided they get a good coach who have the ability to create magic to motivate their players and do the extra ordinary things that exceed their capabilities just by influencing them and practicing them to do it.
Coaches who are in constant strive to acquire, response and keep current to changes, trends and technologies such as sports biomechanics, sports phsiology and sports psychology are very important factors for high performance results. There are many coaches who have previously brought the Malaysian Juniour team and Malaysian senior team do not believe in the above except for demanding them to perform better.

Many strongly feels that Dharma, a tireless coach who translates himself as a hard working coach and produces a hard working team should be named as the lead coach with his former assistants Gopi and Azlan Bakar all reinstated as the Junior coaches. Dharma looks into technical and tactical aspects, Gopi fitness and dicipline while Azlan Bakar assisting in both above plus dicipline and religious matters to ensure good values are sustained. Dharma has high level energy and he brings that high level energy to each and every practice and games with the boys. He has been seen willingly to put extra hours to build the team. These three coaches form a very good synergy for the development of our future national hockey team.
There has been evidence that the Project 2013 team under their leadership has produce good results. They have defeated almost every strong teams in Malaysia. In Asian Youth Olympic championship, they won against Korea and India and literaly defeated by Pakistan who alledgely had many above aged players. This team has a constant attempt to improve against their own performance and is being designed to accomplish what others believe that it will not.
It is a suicide attempt to give this team to someone who had been given the chance prior to this with exeptionally good players and failed very badly. This is what we call coaching suicide.

His Highness Tengku , if you are sending a message to all Malaysian that we are serious in aiming for the Junior World Cup 2013 and the Olympics 2016 title, please dont be pressured by certain group to endorsed the wrong coaches as they will never be able to accomplish the desired results.

It is possible to fail in many ways....while to succeed, there is only one possible way - Do it right and do it right all the time.

Thank you.