Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year Greetings to each and everyone.

It is my hope and wish that 2009 shall be a good, wonderful and enjoyable year for all of you. The prayers are for Malaysians to realise their dreams and wishes with peace, harmony and happiness. In this process the hope of opening the way for our sports people to bring glory to the nation so that we can hoist our jalur cemilang in the various sports arenas round the world.

Let's be proud of our people and our country.


Doosra said...

Wishing all a Happy New Year

Bouncer said...

Happy new year to you gandhi,friends and my fellow cricketers.special gratitude to all malaysian cricket players and officials for your outstanding ready for upcoming world league.HOPE MCA WILL GET A SUPERB COACH.former captains s or r is the right canditate to lead the senior side.hope we will get them back.welcome back to u15,u19 teams and officials from sri lanka.

Anonymous said...


Happy New Year and thanks for all the great and beautiful articles
in 2008 and keep up the great work.

Thank You.


Gandhi, said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Happy New Year Greetings to each and everyone.":

Wat u mean by beautiful article, MR.John (deleted) Its very very clear all the articles is to support one of the cricket association. Dont be a blind maan.