Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A response to the criticism leveled on the National Women's Under 19 Cricket Coach.

I received this anonymous comment on 19th December and could not find a way to edit it before posting it. This comment is in response to another comment under the article dated 3rd December titled "Cricket round up- Is MCA having symptom of terminal illness". Again the fact that the Women's Under 19 team had performed well meant that i had a greater duty to highlight the comment.

I have edited the comment and removed name references. Below is the text of the edited comment:

"Kindly stop criticizing the coach of the National Women's Under-19 team. He has done a fantastic job and is not even asking a sen from MCA. No body wanted the job, even the coaches who were appointed by so-called Development Chairman and his committee and the Exco itself, and he has taken his own leave to coach the girls.. Did you know that!!!

There are actually qualified coaches who have in the past applied to coach and were not even considered at all. So who is to be blamed!!!

He has just taken the Malaysian girls to the Semifinals in ACC Women's Under-19 in Chiangmai. If you are reading the newspapers you will know. ( LATEST INFO:They in fact made it to the final and lost to Nepal)

For your info, under this coach, the girls beat Kuwait by 82 runs, beat Bhutan by 45 runs, beat China by 10 wickets but lost to Nepal narrowly... Their performance is far better than the men's team led by the son of the lovable honorary secretary.

Give the coach and girls a break!! I can only gather that you have a bone to pick with the coach and you are using this blog to release your frustration.

SHAME ON YOU!!! Come on Ghandi, you can do better than this and not simply listen to bad bones.

I am so sad that no one commented that another coach, who has no certificate, and yet picked by MCA to coach the National Under-17 team. He was taken to West Indies without even one day of coaching the boys and he did not even know the names of the players!!."

Firstly, let me congratulate the coach. A job well done, more so as he has done the job out of passion for the game. Equally i admire him for doing it without being paid. It is difficult to find such sort of people these days.

My best wishes for the coach future endeavours.


Doosra said...

Welldone Kalidass ( Please do not delete the name)... No Joke... Great Job...

Anonymous said...

Dear Ghandi,

Today I am very happy and proud of you for posting the article on the National Women's coach.. Justice is done!.

I wss wrong abut you when i said you were being bias... my humble apologes if i had indeed hurt your feelings. I was very upset then.

When the girls left for Chiangmai, not even a single soul from the Exco paid them a visit to wish them all the best...In the quietness of the night..they boarded a bus at 4am and headed towards LCCT to catch the flight..

But when they reached the semifinals, these people were excited as though they did all their best in the team's preparation...

Kudos to the girls... even one player had a swollen ankle and yet she went on the field against Nepal in the final.. because the best among the lot had to be on the field. and she knew that! It was the final.. she was hobbling towards the ball... but she was among the cream left when three others were also injured in the run-up to the final.

Girls... there is no shame in defeat.. you did your best to reach the final. You did the nation proud.

Thank you Mr Ghandi.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the national U'19 women’s team and the coach. A job well done.

Another wonderfully woeful 'article'. You are comparing men’s cricket to women’s cricket. That much of cricket knowledge you and the writer are familiar with. Numeracy isn't one of your strengths either; many people have far more of a statistical understanding than you appear to have. I am no great fan of MCA, however I am certainly less a fan of your consistently inept drive.