Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cricket round-up - Is MCA having symptoms of terminal illness?

Having been silent for a week, I thought I need to document a bit of cricketing gossips that I picked up along the way. Strangely, it seems to reflect the lethargic status of MCA as though they are suffering a major illness that is probably terminal in nature.

No! I am not being nasty. The story lines below may help to substantiate my opinion:
  1. Negri Sembilan Cricket Association (NSCA) - NSCA went through an upheaval exercise between April to July 2008. There were 2 set of office bearers attempting to administer cricket in the small state of Negri. The signs of MCA lethargy was already on the cards when this incident surfaced. Very easily they could have resolved it but they took their own sweet time as 2 or 3 people in MCA had different ideas. These people were not interested in right or wrong but the issue was just supporting personalities. Anyway, despite the delay MCA had not much of a choice but to make the right decision and support the right set of office bearers. Well! The issue did not end there. The other group represented by the NSCA's former President i.e a Negri royalty had a legal letter sent to NSCA's bank that the whole issue of leadership is at arbitration with the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM). Following which NSCA's account of slightly over RM20,000 was and is still frozen. This is notwithstanding the fact that the Sports Commissioner has recognised NSCA's new Committee and also that of MCA. Peculiar to the episode is that OCM is not undertaking such an arbitration and therefore why was such a legal letter forwarded to the bank. To add further salt to the wound, both the Bank and Bank Negara seem to accept the legal letter and not prepared to accept the Government's decision i.e the Sports Commissioner's written statement. MCA is fully cognisant of the matter and other than advancing some funds they remain absolutely silent. What hurts most is MCA President is also President of OCM and sits in various positions and yet he cannot use his good office to intervene. To make matters worst the Central Bank and the concerned bank seem to give credentials to an unsupported legal letter.
  2. Unqualified Umpires - What I call the "Umpires Saga" had its beginning sometime in May 2008. Following that a number of incidents had taken place, and inevitably the national players were involved. Certain decisions of MCA and the manner in which they were made have left a bad taste. The situation has now grown to such a stage it would seem that the qualified umpires are avoiding to participate in most of MCA cricket matches. I refuse to use the word boycott as it is not an official position. So much so in the latest matches unqualified or umpires who have been out of cricket, are being called to assist. All this may help MCA temporarily but not in the long term. They have only allowed the "flame of anger" to burn longer and stronger. MCA out of desperation seem to have lost its focus and so much so its direction. Why not settle the problems with the umpires? MCA cannot because one of its key official is involved too intimately in the issues and MCA leadership lacks the courage to swallow the "bitter pill" and resolve it. Meantime the National Association undertakes its games with personalities who have no right to be there. Now who is going to punish MCA for not doing their job properly?
  3. Malaysian Under 15 tour to Sri Lanka - MCA seem to be scratching the bottom of the barrel for funds. Having freely spent funds over the period in power they suddenly have come to the view that the bottom is not "endless" Suddenly they do not have the funds to sent the Under 15 team to Sri Lanka. What a financial planning? Malay Cricket Association of Malaysia (MCAM) has come to their assistance. It is surprising that MCA has to accept MCAM's help as MCA has been envious of MCAM. Of course for MCAM, the "save grace" exercise fulfills their own arrangement of playing another tournament for this age group. Yet another fiasco in MCA's planning cycle.
The "bolts and nuts" in MCA is so loose that their are just rattling. Their sound like "empty vessels" and just cannot get their act together. The symptoms are there that MCA needs a drastic change. Failing which cricket would find an easy and painless demise. Something has to be done soon.


Anonymous said...

do we actually have any qualified umpires in malaysia?

No chance...........

Anonymous said...

Is this an official tournament? If clubs / association want to participate in overseas tournament, pls do so but don't go under the name of Malaysia.

What tournament is this? Is this tournament recognized by ACC or Cricket Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

What u mean do we actually have any qualified umpires if you think u are qualified to be umpire then why u not join for umpireing?I dono who u are but do u know some of our national players dono the simple rule so what u going to with them?Anything umpire are useless but if player do any mistake its ok right?Before write anything think properly use brain and decide don't simply shoot.TQ.
2.Is't official or non official tournament thats none of yr bussines ok and u no need to say anything about it becoz u can't do it.Atleast MMCA are trying but what all of you doing?Only talking and critising without do anything. Do u or yr MCA have any junior dev.?What happen with HSBC money where is't,how many junior boy u brought up...the result is none. Thats why better shut up your mouth and try to do something better for Malaysian cricket.TQ

Anonymous said...

1. Half the things you wrote don’t make sense.
2. I think you should write in Bahasa Malaysia since your written English is horrible.
3. Tell me what is the highest level a Malaysian umpires has gone? Being 3rd umpires in ACC tournaments just because Malaysia is the host country or umpiring in the women's tournament!! They can’t even umpire in the U’19s tournament organized by ACC.
4. Why should MCA send a team if it is not an official tournament or not endorsed by ACC or SL cricket?? Why not you sponsor the team?
5. What is MMCA trying.....please enlighten us? If you say MMCA has done lots for junior cricket, where are the products?? How come Malaysia was not one of the finalists in the latest U'19 ACC trophy - 90% of the players were MMCA product. The years before this Malaysia use to be always in the finals. Something to reflect about.
6. Anyway, you are just shooting out because of frustration and anger. Get your facts right before commenting. Nothing wrong with the 2nd comment. Maybe the 1st comment is a bit harsh but that’s the reality.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong first comment also. when u tell truth people cannot take, thats normal. Dont run associations for personnel record. Stop self praising. Cricket in this country is for Cricketers, its not for personnel clashes. Dont seperate the players for personnel interest.Watever associations please work together for the development of cricketers. Dont try to imitate test nation countries, they got uncountable players. Here in Malaysia, we have only few talent cricketers. Please dont spoil them. Talking about some umpires in this country, better i dont waste my time
( some umpires, not all ). Stop playing politics. Work together, iam sure we can play atleast asia cup in coming 3 yrs time. Lets think about it.

Anonymous said...

Stop the arguments guys lets wait for the new kids who are coming into the MCA.
Sorry to say only 3 from the present exco will have to stay on and rest please lah.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know umpires can qualify to coach these days.

They can't umpire for nuts, now they have started coaching the girl's team. I wonder if the girls are learning cricket skills or the 'wrong cricket laws'.

Anonymous said...

All should step down, from the president to the exe. sec!

Most of the time the president, deputy president, Vice presidents always remains in the committee year after year. It's high time they should move on with the others. Lower positions always change but these top positions remain for years. The root cause is the top post people, they should step down.

They will not be any difference with the 'new kids'. Malaysian's mentality is such that cricket in Malaysia will never be a success.

The last committee was useless, this committee is even worse. The next to come will be a combination of the last committee and the present one.....back to square one.

I know it is easier said then done but the reality is Malaysia will never become a cricketing force.

Lets not go far, cricket is a very small sport it this country but we have 5 employees working in MCA. Where else, Singapore has 5 Div and each Div consists of about 15 teams. One guys runs the whole show! By the way, Singapore has already come out with their 2009 cricket calendar & events. We have not even decided what format we are going to play. That's the state of cricket we are talking about.

We have 1 exe.sec, 1 event manager, 1 media manger, 1 accounts staff & 1 admin staff and yet we can't organize a cricket league which only comprises 5 teams in premier league. Media manager surely sounds like a glamorous post but the MCA official website is one of the saddest thing on can find on the Internet. Are they paying him for nothing?It is also sad that due to the state of the website, people actually turn to this blog for news. That is really sad.

Anonymous said...

Well i am sad to read about someone hitting straight against an umpire who we all know has been and is coaching the ladies team. That shows how the mentality of the person who wrote it.

Coach can be umpire and umpire can be a coach.
For your information he also can be a father and a husband.

So what’s the big deal. As long as he can handle the situation. Most of mothers nowdays are fathers tooooo. So lets not hit a man directly on this umpire because he was umpiring one of the so called son and key official of MCA. Be a little logic

Anonymous said...

All the exco in MCA is useless only talking in exco meeting without any target to develop the standard of Cricket.They even don't fill for the country also.
The funding from ACC for Development purpose don't no where the money goes?Everytime no money thats there answer.

Anonymous said...

Refer to the below lines which was published :
We have 1 exe.sec, 1 event manager, 1 media manger, 1 accounts staff & 1 admin staff and yet we can't organize a cricket league which only comprises 5 teams in premier league.

I was told that the domestic league is handled by domestic chairman and not the staffs and international tournaments are also handled by the Organising chairman with his buddys.

So whats the story mate!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever is in this block the head to be blamed and not the tails

Anonymous said...

No body is denying that - Coach can be umpire and umpire can be a coach.

But not all coaches can became umpires and vice verse.

Lets get logic then :

What qualification does this person have? Under what criteria he was selected to coach the national U'19 woman's team?

Can he hold a bat properly to begin!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ghandi,

I am still waiting for you to post the article i sent yesterday evening.... I hope it will be up soon.... lets be fair and fhave fair comments... you seems to be very supportive of FTCA or anything MMCA cohorts write here..

Anonymous said...

he can hold bat or not you should ask the person who has selected him to coach this team who are doing well in chiang mai.

IF you think he is not a good coach where were your guts all this while. you should have voice out because he was training the girls for 2 months before they left to chiang mai. why tell now? apalah you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha.....if i had my ways I would change the president also!!

I am like you la!! Giving my comments only......

No doubt the team is doing well bcos of some good individual performance..........

If everybody here had guts.....this blog would not be filled with comments!!

Well maybe the team is doing well bcos of the asst coach.....anybody thought about that!! Go find out.

My question was does he have the qualification to coach. That's it!

Anonymous said...

If that's the case what does the Exe Sec, Event Manager, Media Manager, Accounts Staff & Admin Staff do.....

Surf voice-in-sports?????????

Please make it clear to us what does MCA employees actually do?

If the EXCO members can run everything, why employ staff to work!

Anonymous said...

check out their letter of appointments lah. who does what?? check out also which exco member made and is making money each and every month. Find out since you use the word "US" i believe you have a group behind you. Find out pleaseeeeee and put it in this blog so some shits can be taken off from MCA at the next elections.

Anonymous said...

Full of shit la!!!!

Cricket in Malaysia is wonder Malaysia is useless......

No way Malaysia will play ODIs or Test.....keep on dreaming Malaysia!

dangerous said...

dear friends and fellow cricketers,stop fighting.please help mca to do their job.time for all states to think and can bring the changes.varum ana varathu.mca boleh.