Monday, November 24, 2008

FTCA - The "star" of Malaysian cricket.

The cricketing fraternity is a small community who probably indulges in one of the longest field game, literally tortured by the weather, the outcries of players plus officials and the applause and groans of spectators. Such has been the "test" that players on retiring display a great strength of character and a good bondage of friendship among themselves.

As time goes on and with the very competitive nature of the game the comradeship that should arise is now part of history. A gentleman's game has given way to devious and rowdy approach. Stars of the game accompanied by senior officials have brought disrepute to the game. Yes! cricket cannot be seen in the eyes of conventional wisdom built on century or decades of cricketing spirit. The modern world which is extremely stressed out seem to have no room for such conventions. It is a "man eat man world" but yet Federal Territory Cricket Association (FTCA) seem not to have succumbed to such prevailing modus operandi.

FTCA in their game against Selangor should have decided the fate of FTCA as Champions of the MCA league. The game was interrupted by rain that dampened the spirit of a number of FTCA players. Decisions made by the Umpires did not go down well and certain FTCA players supported by a family member went into outrage. The best of "swearing" language and the "fits" of temper were in full display. Abuses in and out of the field was the order of the day.

To cut a long story short the matter was referred to MCA and not surprising the MCA Finance Committee had deliberated on the matter As to why, it is anybodies guess? Just an update, the family member who was involved in the outrage is a key official of MCA. Nothing unusual as MCA went on its usual business without making any sensational decision.

The only "flip flop" decision they made was first awarding the Championship to FTCA and then changing their mind. Why the change of mind, again it is anybodies guess? It is not strange but there is a general feeling that MCA's basis of operation is very "dynamic" i.e changes like the English weather.

Fortunately FTCA is made up of reasonable minded officials i.e lawyers, who are great subscribers to the virtues of cricket being a gentleman's game. They believe that players and officials must uphold that spirit and anyone who abuses it must face the "music". Therefore the 2 players from FTCA who displayed their outrage in the field had to face an Inquiry Panel. It would be interesting to note how many other Associations would have brought their own players to a Panel. A very brave and principle minded decision notwithstanding the fact they are key players. Bravo FTCA!

Moving on FTCA jointly with Royal Selangor Club (RSC) had flown in one of the the world's greatest bowler, Sri Lankan Muralitharan. His 2 to 3 days here and his exposure to the young kids plus to the Malaysian cricketing community is surely "cream ala cream" to the Malaysian cricket season. Just being around Muralitharan and having a closer look at his style of delivery is itself like "heaven" sent.

Surely these 2 events shows the level of commitment of FTCA to cricket. Why are they able to do it? Simply because they have the passion and want to do it the proper way. All this comes from the leadership and the people in FTCA. Well done FTCA !!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Gandhi,

Good article and job well done to FTCA.

But something tells me that you are short of information to put up a cricke related article hence what we have is something like an archive reading of your past cricket articles.

Maybe you should ask your informers to update you with positive cricket information such as Malaysia's participation in the ICC World Cricket League Div 6 in Sept next year, the 2009 ACC Twenty20 Cup which could be the qualifiers for Asia Non Test playing countries to play in the 2010 Asian Games where cricket will be held for the first time!

Anonymous said...

Aiyo! aiyo! Yenna Kodumae sir ithu.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11.51AM,
This is a public-access site. Please post tangible comments. Contact the moderator personally if you want to make any personal comments. Do not stigmatise yourself with the sport.
Cricket articles, no matter how old or out of date, attract comments like flies to light.

Anonymous 11.46AM
Those positive cricket information is much welcomed as the MCA website is utterly useless in updating news. Whoever is in charge better find another easier job.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Gandhi,

It seems like you are still not over things? Why still so sour?

Move on. This sounds like a broken record already. Quite lame actually.

Nevertheless, congrats FTCA.

Anonymous said...

A good job done by the FTCA. FTCA has also suspended the 2 star players. MCA only knows how to suspend the officials not the players.

Anonymous said...

Whatever we write here about MCA is no point bcoz the exc.sec everytime try to save the MCA sec. why?The two players suspended by FTCA he do want to put MCA web and the updating also very slow.I do know whats his qualification untill today he don't know how to try write a proper official letter.
He knows only how to keep safe his boss from trouble thats why think he's getting the goooood salary.

Anonymous said...

You are not a 'star' by bringing in famous cricketers to town but try to develop cricket first.

Where is your League / development? For years Dato' Bandar League & Tunku Imran League has not taken place? Does FT deserve a 'star' status?? Are the lawyers too busy in court? For that matter, Penang & Selangor state have their own league.

Has FT won any junior leagues??

Other states / clubs have done a lot more to develop cricket by not just bringing in famous cricketers and just organizing one tournament for the year.

Anonymous said...

This site must be the playground for 'MCA-officials-bashings'. Any truths to the allegations? Like they say 'no smoke without fire'. The 'over-paid' official's performance can be judged from (writing minutes?) of the Council meetings and reports to be submitted at the impending BGM.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Dec 1 2008 10:25am,

How do you know that the exec. sec of MCA does not know how to write an official letter??

Do you draft his letters?? I am sure you don't as your English is awful.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Gandhi,

Why you deleted some of the comments?
Is that anything you said before is wrong?

Anonymous said...

For the records,the association has the country's best cricket facilities within its vicinity and also boasts the most number of ex internationals (though many are not bothered about cricket anymore). Effort should be put to develop the sport within the schools in KL and not just rely on members' children or mercenaries who choose to play because of better allowances. Take the cue from KLHA that used to have practically the national team in the Razak Cup because they either work / study / play but never originated from the city. KLHA then started concentrating on developing the schools and they have progressed well in age group hockey tournaments. Same can be said about FTCA?

Anonymous said...

'Six states vie for National Under-17 title' - MCA website

Where is FTCA, "the star" ??? They couldn't even raise a team for this tournament!!

States like Pahang are in the second round of this tournament.

Where is your development?? Shame on you, FTCA.

Anonymous said...

FTCA is busy on inviting test players!