Monday, November 17, 2008

MHF - "Courtesy and Magnanimity."

When the former President of MHF withdrew from the election, he was magnanimous to make way for a new President, i.e TM. Graciously, TM, on becoming President of MHF had the former President appointed as Chairman of the Consultative Committee. There is no doubt that TM did not leave the former President out on the cold but rather wanted to call on his experience.

Now I come to the former National Coach of the Senior National Team. He was asked to resign to make way for a new appointee. What is sad is the manner in which he came to know of the news. Neither MHF nor NSC had the courtesy nor the courage to call him and politely give him the news. While I have my reservations of the National Coach and also the former President, yet the National Coach is a human being and it is only proper that he must be treated as one. Many may argue that as a National Coach he had taken the same approach with players. If that is so, he is also wrong. Two wrongs do not make right. MHF must be above all this.

Having made my feelings known i must salute TM for his statement in Johor Baru after checking out the facilities for the Junior World Cup 2009 at the new stadium. He has indicted as per the Malay Mail dated 18th.November.2008 that the National Coach is still part of the Coaching Panel and his services may be required in other areas. I think that is a polite and the right thing to do.

Sad that all this had to go through the media. Why not such things be done the proper way so as
it is not an embarrassment for anyone. Lets all be gentlemen of sports.

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Anonymous said...

it is a dog eat dog world. the one that you have so graciously enticed everyone to threat with love and tender care is the one that perpetuate all this ill feelings in the MHF. He is the one and only person to bring our Nation's Hockey to its knees.

Do you know that he was pre-informed of his eventual fate by his employer after he have fired a severe salvo on the top official of sports. His bosses are waiting to get their pound of flesh( with blood)

So his claim of being ill-treated by all is a reflection of his character when he is down and out and expecting all to be sympathetic for him and you have fall for it.

Look around and you can see that credible and decent people have been destroyed by him and his cronies. How many have their rice bowls sprinkled by sand by him

People like him should get back his own medicine. He was devastrating in his annihilation of all that consider him their friend. So, now you want us to be humane towards him.

With you immense influence in the Hockey arena, you must be aware of all that he have done to damage everyone that he in his imagination is a threat.

If the new MHF gives him a second chance then all our effort for the past 7 months have been in vain.

When a snake keep still, be careful of its spring. Do not take such risk,MHF. Do not forget that he have a chain of scandals behind him such as: $lending,gambling,fixing just to name a few.

Heed this warning and do not let your heart rule your mind.And in this era, PATH DA BHOG must be perform to its most rigid requirements so that he cannot spill his venom ever again.