Friday, November 21, 2008

Sapura - Are they doing the right thing for hockey?

As i completed my views on EY's success which for some may sound critical, i think it would only be fair that i also look at Sapura's approach to the MHL.

Sapura have 2 imported players from South Korea and many former internationals. One of whom has to "commute" weekends from Perth, Australia to play in the MHL Their coaching arrangement includes a novice coach and a former senior national coach.

Looking at Sapura in action, it reminds me of the British comedy "Dads Army". It is a hilarious TV show and how fitting is it to compare Sapura team with this comedy.

The 2 Koreans imports were former national players of South Korea who are now earning a pension for being in the team that was Olympic silver medallist. They function more as coaches in South Korea rather than players. Therefore to end up here as players calls into question what was Sapura's intention? Were they here to strengthen Sapura? If so , was it a good choice? Again the question to ask, why not give other Malaysians a chance or find better and effective imports from which other Malaysians can benefit?

The best of "Dads Army" is seen when some of the former internationals in Sapura play.Their slow movement and the lack of total commitment indicate the spirit of "hunger" is missing. Their fitness is a suspect and they seem to be in the game because of some other necessity.

The best of the scene is in getting a player to literally commute from Perth . What an arrangement and as i have previously stated that this must go into the "Guinness Book of Records". He must be such an important cog in Sapura's hockey mechanism that they need to weekly fly the player down. The question is whether it has benefited Sapura? More importantly, is the player so indispensable?

The bright side of all the arrangement is that Sapura is at least giving a novice coach an exposure under the guidance of a former senior national coach. At least there is someone who seem to benefit.

Here is a corporate group spending substantial funds and yet has Malaysian hockey benefited? Maybe so because at least the league is still in existance but beyond that what is the contribution. This is the question the team has to ask and MHF must also act accordingly. Do not have a tournament because it has to be held. It must serve a purpose and there must be winners far beyond the Champions . Ultimately it must be Malaysian hockey which has to be reflected in our international ranking.


sundralingam said...

Mr Gandhi

What has happened to your cricket articles.

Cricket watcher

Anonymous said...


If we look at the history of Sapura team ,the team management itself dont instll a set of principles for the players.Why?

Just look at Sapura team playing against Nur Insafi.Look like a team of old man playing with a helping stick.

With sapura team.we can gauge malaysian Hockey standard.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

We have readers who are 'hungry' for cricket news and views. Unfortunately the sport's calendar is winding down for the year end, thus no controversies and officials 'bashing' for the time being. The number of comments posted on the cricket articles certainly surpassed the hockey ones on your site. Either the cricket commentators are internet savvy or the hockey followers have other sources? Another hunch would be your hockey articles do not generate as much response / criticisms as the cricket ones. Whatever it is, the cricket readers will just have to wait till next season for 'spectacular' news from you.