Sunday, November 9, 2008

Junior World Cup 2009 - Who is in command in MHF?

The Junior World Cup 2009 (JWC) for a strange reason was the bastion of Johor Hockey Association (JHA). As mentioned previously the whole issue of bidding and co-hosting with Singapore and Johor Baru as a venue is filled with sufficient controversy. Back then, such things were possible, as the former Deputy President of MHF was and is still the President of JHA. Now, that "The Change" has taken place in MHF, it would be good to know how the Malaysian side of JWC organisational structure would line up.

Mind you, leaving a world tournament solely to an Affiliate without careful supervision and control by the parent body is inviting trouble. The controversy of bidding itself showed the "hide & seek" that was played with MHF and NSC. Of course both parties are keeping quiet for obvious reasons.

Since "The Change" has taken place it is only appropriate that the new MHF take full control of the organisational aspects of JWC. I recommend a status Audit be done as take over is done. This would help both the outgoing and incoming organising teams to know the exact situation. The blaming exercise later need not have to commence if this is properly done.

As for the controversy, whether a "Commission for Truth" is required to finally lay to rest the issues relating to bidding. It should not be seen as a vendetta campaign but rather to ensure that, in future, policies and procedures are in place to avoid any such acts ( if there is truth to it).

President elect Obama had moved with his transition team the day after the election. I am waiting to see how the new MHF is going to move - both when, and on what agenda.

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