Monday, November 10, 2008

Malaysian Hockey - "Truth must be known, to move forward".

"Malaysia Boleh", a regular visitor to the blog was on silent mode for sometime. Probably awaiting to see the results of MHF's election. Now there is certainty with change in leadership, the writer must feel there is a platform for his views to be considered.

Read his article as there are some interesting comments that need to be taken aboard. Text of the article is as follows:

"At the 1st of November MHF elections, the wish for a paradigm of change by the Malaysian hockey fraternity finally materialised. Congratulations to the newly elected members and hope that the thrust and confidence vested upon them will not be abused like the previous set-up.

Immediately the TM has open up a new dimension with his vision and proposal plans as to how the game can benefit with a professional approach. It is a great and timely plan but we must change our mind-set and implement the best practices if we hope to see a better future in Malaysian hockey.

Interestingly, barely into the second week of “change” we are witnessing the same scenario that shock Malaysian hockey to a state where we are today. Individuals not in MHF are believed to be directly “charting” the future of Malaysian hockey again.

The 102 has done an excellent job in putting forward the proposals but the paradigm of change can only be completed if the core processes and positions are carefully implemented and appointed from hereon. The culture of putting one ahead of the game must not be condoned again. Parties with vested interest trying to penetrate into the system must be “put-down” immediately before the same damage is repeated. Individuals and parties that are empowered to put the system in order must act swiftly and honourably before the many opportunists can make their moves and destroy hockey.

“The Right People in the Right Places” in this hay stack will be fundamental as the actions and decisions may not be “pretty” in getting the house and national team in order. People that are closely associated or have vested interest may not be suitable at this point of time in the cleaning-up process as they may not look at the big picture or think outside the box.

In this regards, will there be a second chance for the existing shirkers and cronies going forward? Since the Sports Minister and NSC are looking at 2012, the right thing to do will be cutting losses now! This can only be right since the government has invested heavily in sports and MHF must start afresh by weeding out the rotten apples to push for change to justify future support. The match fixing allegations must be a priority area otherwise the best coach in the world will be of no use. With that being said what happens if the players temporary change their ways when pressured to undergo a rehab program but choose to continue with their gambling activities or alcohol abuse practises after that? As we all know gambling is one of the evil that mankind can’t resist. Can we continue with the previous MHF stand of not making a decision by saying that it is a player’s personal matter or life style? The MHF poor show of authority to tackle this issue has actually created this mess and amplified the root of the problem which eventually saw them loosing their position / jobs! Clubs also have a role to play in all this mess. Players can not continue to be spoiled by the clubs with advance payments that directly encouraged them to loose focus and direction. The power of money can destroy the game knowing the mentality and discipline of the Malaysian players. The clubs must exercise more responsible and prudent from hereon since TM has plans to turn the clubs a professional outfit .

Malaysian culture and players’ strong point must also be considered seriously in the process of decision making to hire the most suitable foreign coach. The player’s instinct to take-on defenders, skill and speed are some of the qualities which are very suiting for the current modern hockey whereby the rules are changed and designed to popularise the game. Coincidently the change to the rule compliments Malaysian players’ strong points if we know how to play the game to our advantage. It is out in the open that Kim Sang-ryul is earmarked as the new Malaysian Head Coach, hopefully he is aware of what he did not possess when he coached Korea and China before this. The last 3 previous predecessors failed to tap the Malaysian natural qualities looking back at how the game was played previously.

In area of development and high performance at state level there is too much to do. We are lagging in all areas i.e. in respect of readiness of coaches, fundamental basics of players etc. Experience and trained “drivers” are also not readily available to execute the core processes. What we see today are the complications of years of non-structured development of coaches and players.

Obviously Malaysian hockey has the potential to break into the top 10 in the near future. What we practice and embark on hereafter will determine how fast and where we will be in the next 2 years. Looking at the current scenario, the easy guide to will be what is our AREA of PRIORITY in the BIG PICTURE in order for us not to fail in the medium and long term missions. Good luck to Malaysian hockey and I always believe Malaysia Boleh!"

The writer has given an honest opinion. Will MHF consider his points? More importantly is NSC and the Advisers to TM do so? I include both these group as they must have been the parties who would have given the initial support for TM to take on the post of MHF President. Everyone wants to see Malaysian hockey flourish locally and internationally. The point is whether we have a good roadmap and the right people?

The new danger that lingers in MHF is that everyone wants to be near the TM. Those who can eloquently present themselves may have the initial advantage. As time progress, if such people are only "talkers" and not "doers" then Malaysian hockey would only continue the downward spiral. The TM must be aware for he has probably seen such people when he was in FAM.

Many have talked in the past but there is only a selective few who could articulate their views in writing and prepare comprehensive papers. In hockey, the original party was the people connected to the Wawasan document and now the 102 Group's proposal. The difference being the 102 Group's document is more recent and very comprehensive i.e critical yet practical with positive and practical recommendations.

The writer is right. Malaysian hockey can move forward but...............................?

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