Friday, November 7, 2008

Aftermath of MHF Election - "Scramble for appointments".

Its coming to 1 week after the euphoria of the change in the leadership in MHF's top echelon. 2 new faces and the rest are the same. A new President, and a new Deputy President, but of an old face. Except for a new Vice President from Negri Sembilan, the rest have been a fixture of MHF for the last 2 years. Yes! The "Stop the top 2 of MHF from being re-elected" campaign worked. That campaign paid off, but the question is: "Will Malaysian hockey improve to world class?"

The new President, TM, has outlined his Agenda after the BGM. It is the President's Agenda but is the Management Committee committed to it? To many Affiliates present they were wondering whether the TM unilaterally spoke about the future or was it based on discussions with some of the key Office Bearers. I ask this question as there seem to be a number of Committees coming into existence outside the ambit of MHF Constitution. The so called Consultative and Wawasan Committees have been highlighted and the former President is to Chair one of it. It would seem that the TM had not mentioned their role and how it fits into the structure of MHF. More importantly, who appoints them? Is it Advisory? If so to TM or to MHF's Managemen Committee? These are important questions as the Consultative and Wawasan Committees may usurp the powers of the Management Committee. Problems may surface once the "honeymoon" period is over.

Most of these questions would be answered when the 1st Management Committee meeting is held. Sources indicate that such a meeting may not materialise, rather a Council Meeting may seem to be a greater priority. A strange process as one would have thought a consensus would be obtained at a Management Meeting before a Council Meeting. May be this is the new way of doing things in MHF.

Appointments to the various other Committees have to take place and the scramble has started. A number of known hockey or sports related personalities commenced the influencing exercise to get their friends in as Chairman of Coaching, Development, Umpires Board or as Coaches of the various National Teams or its Managers. A lot of these people sat on the sideline without lifting their fingers to help to bring the change.Yet, when the change had taken place they crowd key Office Bearers to influence them on various appointments.

The 102 Group enunciated the philosophy of "The right person in the right position". I hope this becomes an adopted philosophy with MHF. Rather being influenced by friends or other related parties with their own agenda, MHF must do the right thing in the proper way for Malaysian hockey. Failing which, the so called "change " becomes an useless exercise as hockey continues to deteriorate. This is what I have to bring to the notice of TM and his Management Committee.

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