Tuesday, November 4, 2008

102- Former Hockey Internationals and their Proposal

The group calling themselves 102 former hockey internationals undertook an unique and unprecedented historical exercise of an "open letter", with signatures from 1o2 former Malaysian hockey internationals, addressed to YAB Deputy Prime Minister, as Chairman of Cabinet Committee on Sports and also to the Minister of Youth and Sports, bringing to their attention the deteriorating state of Malaysian hockey. Their call attracted significant attention particularly by the Minister himself.

Apparently in meeting them the Minister wanted the group to put their views in writing and literally wanted a proposal on how best to overcome Malaysian hockey's fortune taking account of the current predicament. They were given a time period of a month to undertake the task.

The group was serious about the call to do something for hockey and they fulfilled their promise and was ready with their proposal. The arrangements to get a formal presentation to the Minister was only possible after the Parliament reconvened and presentation was done on the 3rd week of October.

Now that the formal presentation is over and the so called tenure of the group has ended, today they have posted the proposal on their own blogspot. As to why now, and not much earlier, the reason was to avoid having any influence on MHF's election. Sources indicate that the group wanted to remain independent of the election.

If parties are interested in wanting to read the proposal, please visit: 102-formerhockeyinternationals.blogspot.com

Those who have any comments on the proposal kindly post your views and I shall endeavour to publish them.


Anonymous said...


I salute these former hockey internationals for their good deeds that they have done.

This is first of kinds in Malaysian sporting history. We hope other sports shall emulate the same as the hockey boys.

The proposal is superb and well done to the panel who have done it.

I think MHF should bring this people into the system.

Bravo - 102

Anonymous said...

Dear Hockey Lovers

Please bring Maninderjit, Mirnawan, Nor Saiful, Sambu, Enbaraj and Dharmaraj into the system.

They were the best during their playing days. And they are the one that stood up during this hockey crisis and today the change took place due to them.

After reading the proposal, I have alot of respect and felt honour that such hockey internationals could provide a fantastic proposal.

MHF task is very easy and this is the bible of Malaysian hockey.

Long live 102 and new MHF....

Anonymous said...

Bro Ghandhi

The change started with the CINTA HOKI, then came the Rizal and Voice Blog.

But the final straw was the 102 Fomer Hockey Internationals movement.

Their proposal is very great and is all about the Right Person in the Right position

Bring back people like Rama, Bala, Maninderjit, Mirnawan, Dharma, Steven, Collin, Wallace, Beng Hai and the rest from 102 group.

Their proposal highlights their capabilities and with this they put MHF office bearers to shame.

Get these people to rejuvenate...

All the best MHF...

Anonymous said...

Well Done 102

The Change took place because of you all.

The people who did not sign sure feeling the guilty that they were not part of this exercise.

The Proposal is excellent and Weel Done and Congrats to Mike, Mirnawan and K Enbaraj.

To Enbaraj and Azlin Fairus - you started the ball rolling.

Make the game alive and put these people in MHF sub committees.

Call them 102 to help MHF and they can do a good job.

Thank you to Minister, Datuk Mazlan, Dato Zul and all relevant parties in involving and helping the game.

Thank you...

Anonymous said...

First of all, thank Minister, SAP and NSC for providing the platform to 102 and they were very excited with the proposal.

Hip, Hip Hip Hooray to Minister, SAP and NSC.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tengku Mahkota

Please call this group of 102 to help your put right things in place and let them be your advisor.

Read the proposal and I shall give them a first class degree standard in their facets and analyzing skills and recommendations about the changes required for the game.

Bravo to the author of the proposal - Maninderjit, Mirnawan and Enbaraj for the first-rate job.

All hockey fans and followers appreciate for the effort and good deed.

Love hockey…

Anonymous said...

Salute the 102 especially Mike, Mirnawan and Enbaraj for coming up with an outstanding proposal that never before in Malaysian Sports history such a document is produced by former athletes.

Are Mike, Mirnawan, Enbaraj, Azlin in the committee or think tank or advisor to the President?

Because their proposal signifies their credibility and in-depth knowledge of the game. Get Mike, Mirnawan and Enbaraj to help MHF. These people know what they are saying and how to achieve World Class stature.

Appeal to NSC and MHF that please select them to help the dying game.

Hockey Lover.

Anonymous said...

Now Change has come

Now for the hard part…

Did TM meet this group of 102 and discuss the matter. Sources indicated that TM has not met them.

Hope TM meets them and gets cracking.

Recommend MHF Office Bearers to meet because this proposal is better than the Wawasan document that MHF has. Use this proposal and see the changes.

Before naming the sub-committees, look at these 102 group personalities, they were 1975 success team and the rest.

Dig out the former internationals to help out Managerial post, Coaching and Chairman of game related committees.

GET 102 to take priority over WAWASAN…

All the best

Ronnie Q said...

dear sir, i am happy to read that 102 hockey ex-internationals have lent their support to the MHF to attempt to arrest the declining standards in hockey in our country today

while i certainly share nearly of most of the views expressed, permit me to add one additional vital element and, that is, on the role of the education system in our country

the current structure of the malaysian education system, as it stands, is a major impediment to the development of hockey in the country

when before, hockey was very much a game played by all races; today, it is essentially dominated by one community, the malays, and to a much lesser extent, the indian community. there are hardly any chinese playing hockey today. why?

this is because of polarization among the communities in the schools structure today

for example, in government schools, while 90% of the students are malays, the chinese comprise 6% while the indians comprise only 4%

most of the chinese have flocked to chinese schools, where hockey is hardly played at all, while the indians themselves prefer to go to tamil schools

by most of the chinese community sending their children to chinese schools, it has virtually squashed all hopes of chinese participating in any field or contact sports

as one can imagine, the minute one enrols in a chinese school, it will be nothing but studies and homework for the poor students till they complete school. such is the nature of chinese schools

malaysia's past success in hockey was, in large measure, due to the multi-racialism in the sport. we produced great hockey players like mohd sidek, m shanmuganathan, chua eng cheng, abdul rani, paramlingam, khairudin zainal, kuldip singh, ho koh chye, freddie viaz, mike sheperdson, yang siow meng, aminuddin baki, sri shanmuganathan, and you name it. they were all products of government schools. but then, of course, in those days government schools were the first choice of our parents. why? because, whether one like it or not, government schools then had english language
as the medium of instruction

if we want to bring back the glory of hockey to malaysia, there is nothing much anyone can do (save the government)unless we agree to bring the multi-racial character component back to our schools. whether, we accept the fact that racial polarisation in our country has affected the advancement of sports, particulary field sports? whether we are prepared to acknowledge this fact and are prepared to do something about it?

this only something the government can answer

finally, korea started playing hockey well after malaysia; today, we consistently lose to them. worse, the china has also taken up hockey and i understand we have also lost to china!

unless and until the malaysian government has the courage to revamp the malaysian education system, lets forget about becoming a prominent hockey nation again

thank you

ronald quay

Anonymous said...


I respect and felt admire the work undertaken by these 102 former hockey internationals.

This group created the change and allowed the qualified people with merit shall be appointed to head the sub-committees.

Please include the 1975 players who signed the campaign and also look at the rest of the members.

And those who did not sign due to vested interest; stay away and play other sports and you are not entitled to speak.

The author of this proposal – Maninderjit Singh, Mirnawan and Enbaraj;


P/s – This proposal is 100 times greater than the Wawasan document prepared three years ago…

Anonymous said...


You fought and made the changes.

You the 102 Spartans shall be always remembered as a legacy for the good deeds that you all have done.

Beautiful work and the quality of the proposal is impervious.

Players like Enbaraj, Azlin, Mirnawan, Saiful, Sambu, Mike, Ho, Yoges, Kuhan, Dharma, Collin, Steven, Beng Hai, Yahya, Nasihin, Bala, Ow, Kt Rajan, Calvin, Gobi and the list can go on and on…

Look at the 102 Former Internationals blogspot and see the players who signed the campaign.

Congratulations 102 Spartans… You will be always remembered in Malaysian sports history.

Thanks to the Minister, NSC and SAP.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you.The Government policy as killed the sports in Malaysia. Look at the national sports school,hockey,football or cricket its only one race. The state Sports school its only one race. NSC intake of staffs its only one race. So when will sports will come up with challenges among the various race as way back in the 50's.60's,70's and 80's. When can we get Mokhtar,Arumugam,Santokh Singh,Soh Chin Aun,Bawandi,James Wong,Hassan Sani,Shukor Salleh,Krisnasamy,Radha Gopaland so on in the Malaysian team as winning team.
God save Malaysian Sports if we have NSC or ISN having one track policy.
Hope to see a Malaysianised Team.
A True Malaysian