Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Mumbo Jumbo" decision making at Team Management Committee. Is it a result of lobbyists at work?

As i read today's paper i.e the sports pages, i was surprise to see certain names appearing in the various national teams. Surprised because there seems to be an uncoordinated effort in naming names without recognising the various salient points.

It is good that a transition management team is in place for the Senior team. That should have been done much earlier. The fact is that Malaysian hockey is in desperation to get a foreign coach. Time is ticking and the one month timeline seems to have moved 3 times. There is a lack of focus because the position of Chairman of Coaching Committee had remained vacant for various reasons. Although the position is filled, strangely MHF has yet to make an announcement. Is MHF not proud of their own appointee? Even then there are enough rumours in the market that names submitted by the Chairman were set aside because various lobbyists were at work to get their candidates appointed. These lobbyists seem to have significant influence rekindling the issues that confronted the previous MHF set-up.

The people in various elected position are the same personalities, barring the TM and a Vice President. These people now seem to face a new set of lobbyists similar to what was done in the previous set-up. The faces may be new yet the style of getting key friends appointed becomes their order of the day. Some window dressing is done to make the situation plausible.

For the senior squad, the most capped national player in the country is named as an Assistant coach. What the Team Management Committee did not realise is that he is already involved with MHF's Project 2013 undertaken by TNB. TNB had planned and presented this proposal to MHF and they are to underwrite the program. Further this person had lately gone into team management by managing the TNB team for the MHL. The question to ask is whether this person would be more effective with the Age Group i.e Under 16 or the senior team as assistant coach?

A similar question has to be asked of TNB chief coach who is named both in the senior and junior team as assistant coach. Does he have the time to handle both the squads?

On the aspect of team managers for senior and junior squads it seem to be the monopoly of Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association (KLHA) as both of them come from there. I have always maintained that KLHA is doing a great job but do not destroy them by getting their President and Vice President involved. What makes matters even worst for KLHA is that the national Under 16 coach is also from KLHA. It appears there are very powerful forces at work lobbying for KLHA people.

On the Juniors, a known foreign coach who somehow has the characteristics of "love grass" seems to be given the post of coordinator. Again another window dressing as it is well known that he is literally conducting most of the training for the Juniors. There is no doubt he has wealth of experience but the style of modern hockey has changed from his heydays as a top coach in the world. So why all the shenanigans?

Finally, a highly respected sports personality sitting in the Wawasan Committee, a body responsible for supervising the performance of the national teams, is appointed as team manager of the Age Group. The principles of ethics and conflict may burden this personality in performing either of his duties. The story " is not to trouble, troubled waters" rather ensure there is no trouble.

The question is there is now "mumbo jumbo" decision making which is very evident in the Team Management Committee based on what the lobbyists friends want to be done. The symptoms of the past is already starting to haunt MHF and it may destroy the change that is being looked forward to in MHF. TM may be sucked into it without realising the implications but he must realise that at the end of the day he helms MHF and the responsibility is his.


Anonymous said...

Same rubbish different times,wait and watch all these so called saviours of hockey with their worthless degrees know that if they do not cash in now all will be lost.
The real loser will be the game itself will these wolves in sheep clothing lingering around mhf.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 11:05

From your comment, I can only conclude that you are a very bitter and negative person, someone who only sees the negative side of every thing and everyone. Who are you to judge and condemn their qualifications? Are you a graduate or a school drop out? If you think you are any good at all, offer your services to improve Malaysian hockey otherwise keep your unsolicited opinion and bitterness to yourself.

Anonymous said...

we do not want to give our two cents worth earlier but the earlier posting have aroused our grey matter once again.

Re your posting, all we have to say is to give the new MHF a chance to prove themselves and if they fail then we can rubbish them.

As you and the sole commentor must be people of high status and you all must be able to understand that 'Rome was not built in a day' so if we can tolerate the ex- MHF for so long, we must be fair.

Taking your take on the KLHA, we must accept that the HA is way above the others, as the results have shown. The officials appointed for their respective posts have proven that they have the passion and the dedication for Hockey.

As for Hj.Johari,how can anyone grouse his appointment when he is so dedicated with Hockey. As for the others,the result and dedication shows. Can any HA officials claim to be present for the current Girl's U16 games in Seremban. They were there and if you all do not know KL are champions, again----.

Or do you want a person like a high ranking official of a North HA whom have sent an sms to the MHF threatening that he will come and disrupt the new Coaching committee meeting where he will come as Chairman of Coaching for his HA. We hope the MHF official is not condesending and report his threat to the TM.

We think that everyone appreciate constructive criticisms but if one just want to be destuctive then if you all condon such behavior, then we are all sour grapes.

Before we finished, we will like to address the concern of the commentator.

1) Compare the capabilities and history of the new team and our ex.

2) The ex comprises of half-past six personnel that have no standing in the international arena except the Head.

3)'Worthless degree' do you think that it is better then our ex whom have in their midst people whom cannot even pass a meter reading test and an official who was assigned to video a game overseas but did not remove the lens cap.

Please be informed that if one wants to be a licker, one have to do research and due diligence so that a whole pail of faeces will not be spilt on the ones that you are championing and yourself from head to toe, regardless whether you have a bandaged or not.

Do not magnify your stupidity.

Peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

From Star Paper @ 30/12/2008:

MOST, if not all, bloggers demand transparency from everybody else, especially the Government and its agencies.

Yes, surprisingly – or shockingly – do they practise what they preach?


Most of the bloggers, whoever they are, do not practise what they preach, and many hide behind pseudonyms.

And they also have the guts to say that they deserve the right to post comments by their readers, whom they don’t know personally other than the identities that they had registered their email accounts with, which may not be genuine.

Why do these readers, too, have to hide behind pseudonyms in the first place?

Is it because they want to tell everybody that they are not truthful, and worse, they cannot be trusted. No wonder they have to hide their true identity and present a false one.

Worse still, most of their comments are useless and utterly distasteful. No wonder they use pseudonyms.

And the bloggers don’t mind playing along with them, and in the process, without them realising it, they are also no better than those in authority whom they often criticise as not being transparent.

Just how transparent are these bloggers anyway?

They cannot be transparent and truthful if they allow just about anyone to post anything just to disparage anyone.

Bloggers in Malaysia have not grown up; they are still the spoilt brats that they were before. And they have also started to believe in the filth their commentators write.

As long as they do not have the decency to write truthfully and get those who comment not to use pseudonyms, they cannot demand that others be transparent.


Cheras, Selangor.

Anonymous said...

All our fingers are not the same. So if one wants to remain unknown for whatever reason one must respect that dicision.

And if mansor puteh wants to be known so be it, congratulations for being renowned.

But we must upkeep the principle of telling the truth. And as long as one sustained this, information in whatever form should be respected.

Bro, we respect you that you will not let untruth and smears blemished your address. (we have tried)

So, let puteh be puteh and his high horse rant but keep to the principle of telling the truth we will be alright.

If the unknown pains puteh then do not read it, puteh have the option and stop being a busy body that wants to read juicy nonsense and then climb on your high horse and preach. Want to do it go to the loo.

Compliments of the season

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 7.47

It is stupid people like you who probably also has a worthless degree hence the hurt,as the saying goes siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas.