Thursday, December 18, 2008

"MCA not interested in OCM's functions"

I received this article as titled above. I think this is something i like to share with cricket lovers and also like to hear their views on it.

Below is the text:

"Olympic Council of Malaysia hosted the ‘Olympian Night’ on Friday 12th December with their sponsor Coca Cola Company. The sponsor pays tribute to the outstanding Malaysian athletes who, through their noble efforts, sacrifices and dedication have brought glory to the nation.

This prestigious award acknowledges the courage, strength and pride of each recipient, as well the Malaysians behind their success and it honours their selfless commitment to excellence and service to the nation through their practice of the noble ideals of the Olympic spirit.

Since its first edition in 1993, the ‘Olympian Night’ has become an important event for the OCM and also the athletes and officials. This Olympian Night was an event to pay tribute to current athletes and honour the best male and female athletes. This year’s selection was based on performances in the Olympiad in Beijing.

The Olympic squad had 33 athletes from five sports qualifying on merit to participate and that was already an achievement that ought to be given recognition.

The highlight of the evening was the award of the Male Olympian of the Year 2008 and the Female Olympian of the Year 2008. Lee Chong Wei, who won a silver medal at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was, selected the Male Olympian of the Year 2008. The Female Olympian of the Year 2008 was Siow Yi Ting (swimming), broke her own national record in the 200m Breaststroke event by 4.1 sec setting a new record of 2 min. 27.80 sec, in the 200m Women’s Breaststroke Heat, which placed her in 19th position in the overall ranking.

We should appreciate the Coca Cola Company’s effort and contribution towards athletes’ recognition. All the National Sports Associations were told to buy tables for this function. It was a nominal sum. Almost all the NSA attended except for two tables:

No: 42 – Equestrian

No. 23 – Malaysian Cricket association

Why and what happened to Equestrian is yet to be established. But what happened to MCA? The president of OCM who is also the President of MCA should be concerned over this! OCM has contributed a lot to MCA including the budget for the Super 8 held in June..

Could it be that MCA officials are boycotting OCM’s function or are they boycotting Tunku Tan Sri Imram? Well the AGM of MCA should be around the corner and we can already foresee the outcome.

The hilarious part was that Tunku Tan Sri Imran was gracefully singing his favourite lyrics on the stage and not aware of the absence of the MCA officials, or was he not concerned over their attemdance?

A check with MCA revealed that the invitation was distributed among the Exco members.

Why should MCA buy a table and let the money go to waste. That amount can be used for development programme."

It must be a sad day for the President of MCA. His own "army" does not turn up for its own governing body function where he is the President too.. The simple courteous seem to be forgotten by MCA officials, if what is written is a fact. It would be good to hear the official explanation by MCA.


Anonymous said...

I agree to this comment they should have at least told the staffs umpires or affiliates or scorers attend.

Low mentality lah ini

Anonymous said...

I had received the comment below and have deleted any "name" references.
Text of comment as follows:

"It is right what people say about you... you are a bias person and your intentions are evil.. It seems true that you are working closely with (deleted) general secretary (deleted) and 'Fat' (deleted) to discredit a lot of people.

For a blogger, you are a shame to what the meaning of a blog is all about."

Anonymous said...

Why is this event called olympian night when 80% of those attending have never participated in a olympic.Sad to see the same monkeys on ocm's list are invited whereas olympians in Malaysian are not.

Anonymous said...

Why is non of the MCA's exco members or the Exe Sect giving any explanation for their absence. Again it reflects their policy of no interest!

Anonymous said...

Exco members - may be they are busy with elections lah.

Executive Secretary doing what ????

Anonymous said...

Not a single word of condolence posted in the MCA's website on the demise on their patron, Yang Dipertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan Almarhum Tuanku Ja’afar ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Not making an issue but are the office bearers sensitive of this minute details that would have far reaching effects? This media manager, is he a foreigner who is hired for his 'superior knowledge' in cricket but lacks the local culture? It is sad to see continuing decline of integrity of guardians of a noble sport in this country.