Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Has MHF really changed ? Where are the principles of transparency, governance and accountability?

When MHF had its Seminar in early December, there was a feeling that things would look good in MHF. The TM had taken a keen interest and had shown that we need to do something. The feeling was there that there would be changes and the issues of transparency, governance and accountability were paramount. Indeed the so called presentation by the "102" Group spelt the manner of selecting coaches and team managers. Obviously it is not an official document of MHF but it was rumoured that the Wawasan Committee would want to push it to be adopted.

Strangely it is people in the Wawasan Committee who seem to be infringing the rules of natural justice, which, without doubt, embodies the principles of transparency and governance. 2 of the 3 team managers named for the various national teams plus the Deputy President (as Chairman of the Team Management Committee) are in the Wawasan Committee. What is strange is that these people in the Wawasan Committee are supposed to supervise the progress of the national teams progressing through various qualifying hockey events. These personalities may not realise that it also unethical plus it would put them in a position of conflict.

These people have to make choices if they want to properly serve MHF and i believe they can only remain either in the Wawasan team or as managers or Chairman of the Team Management Committee, not both. That is the only way forward if they believe in accounting for their actions in MHF. These are hard facts and of course one can chose to ignore them. Just a note of caution, once things do not go right that is when every critic would wait to dish out what should have been done. By then it shall be too late and the damage would be done.

MHF wants to make a change and is represented by the TM becoming President and the current Deputy President winning the election. Such was the cry for change so it is important that things are done for the better as it lays the foundation for the affiliates and others to follow. It seems memories are very short lived and the "mumbo jumbo" has began.

A classy example is the appointment of coaches by the Team Management Committee. The direct appointment style of doing things calls into question whether some of them even have coaching certificates. It also calls into question whether these coaches know their terms of appointments like salaries, contract periods, targets and other action plans. Indeed if the Team Management Committee had these details then they should have invited applicants for the various positions. It would have provided a wider choice and given every coach the opportunity to apply. What has been done now, is no difference from the way things were done in the last 2 years. There are already moans and groans compounded by the fact that people in the Wawasan Committee are involved and or becoming beneficiaries. It immediately begs a number of questions from transparency to good governance.

In all these National Sports Council (NSC) is also not spared the comments. Indeed an NSC official in a key capacity was part of the decision making on the various appointments by the Team Management Committee. Again, this has been happening in the past and still continues as a practice. Yet the NSC's Director General who sits in the Wawasan Committe may be compromised if he is put in a position to determine if his key staff were making the right or wrong decisions. NSC has become deeply involved and it may put itself in an awkward position if ultimately the fingers come pointing back at them.

Change is not changing people only. It also means changing the way things are done. There are fundamental principles that need to be adopted so as MHF can move forward knowing elements of transparency, governance and accountability are in place. This means the people who undertake their tasks must first understand it as it is not a "kacang puteh" operation. If it is otherwise, then make it clear so everyone knows about it. Then the expectations would not be there.


Anonymous said...

hey chandra from negri sembilan, ask mirnawan nawawi lah1 he is the boss in MHF now, ha! ha! ha! all of you deserve the shit hockey is in today.
good night to me and good luck to u chandra, keep on writing, nothing will change....

Anonymous said...

Dear A,

why the agro? becareful lest u drown in your own 'shit'. u r just like the head-injured society members and their handicapped cronies who cannot accept that u all have been bannished and licking your wounds.

Grow up and repent for all your sins to Malaysian hockey public of what you all have done to bring Hockey to what it is today.

Good Riddance to bad rubbish