Thursday, October 16, 2008

"102 Former Hockey Internationals" tenure has ended

102 Former Hockey Internationals is a group of former Malaysian hockey players who collectively came into origin by supporting an open letter on the current plight of Malaysian hockey based on the failures of the various National Teams. This Group had called all the relevant parties involved to get together and assists in ensuring Malaysia gets back to the glorious days as a World ranked nation in hockey.

Their appeal was forwarded to the Deputy Prime Minister as Chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Sports, the Minister of Youth & Sports and other relevant parties. The Sports Minister set the ball rolling by meeting them and literally challenged the Group to come up with a proposal of what should be done to alleviate the current scenario in hockey.

Apparently today the Group had presented their proposal to the Sports Minister at Parliament. Sources indicate that it was a comprehensive proposal and the Minister wanted it in advance before a full presentation. Full details of the proposal is yet to be made public.

An interesting aspect of today's event is that the Group had formally informed the Minister that the tenure of "102 Former Hockey Internationals" have come to an end. They have completed their purpose and do not have a mandate to exists further.

The 102 Group had caught the imagination of people with their open letter and the signature campaign among the hockey internationals. Whether their proposal addresses the current predicament in Malaysian hockey is something we have to await until the documents become public. Still, we must admire the Group in helping to be a catalyst towards making a change in Malaysian hockey.

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