Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blind support by NSC for MHF and they are taking it for granted..

There are various ways of employing people.There are those who are full-time employees and working directly for the employer.Others are similar except for a specified period and they are sometime referred to as contract staff or as those on service contract

Then there are others who are full-time employees, maybe even contractual, and they are seconded to another place. For all purpose you can regard them as staff of the place where they are seconded but legally they are employees of the original employer.

You may wonder why i am making such distinction and the purpose? It is about NSC and their relationship with National Sports Association, in particular Malaysian Hockey Federation(MHF).

In my previous article dated 28th.September.2008 titled: MHF - "Seated comfortably in their positions", I indicated that the principal financier of MHF is NSC. NSC pays for all the coaches with the various National Teams and the necessary Consultants. This article is not about the extent of NSC's funds that is put into hockey, but rather of the personalities who are on NSC's payroll. The ones who I am talking about are the Coaches and the Consultants.

I use the term "NSC's payroll" because those who had the opportunity of reviewing MHF's financial statements would let you know that the Coaches and Consultants are paid directly by NSC and the monies are not routed through MHF. Therefore for all purposes they are employees of NSC. While that cannot be denied but the recommendation for their appointment comes from MHF. This is where the situation becomes hazy i.e who takes responsibility?

NSC cannot say they are not responsible because the Coaches and Consultants are on their payroll. Really, the only thing that NSC can argue is that they pay them, but they are effectively on secondment to MHF, because MHF wanted them to be appointed. This sort of argument can never end. The issue here is both are responsible and it should not be a question of pointing fingers.

This is the sort of confusion that goes on. In the past Coaches and Officials play one of the other by trying to get MHF and NSC entangled. This is not healthy for the sport. More so now with the dismal performance of the various National Teams. Indeed questions are asked: "Why is NSC tolerating and paying for all these Coaches and Consultants despite the string of poor performances?". Similarly too, questions are being asked on NSC blindly funding the National Team to Hamburg 4 Nation tournament when the overall strategy of the trip is not known. This is especially as the other teams would be with their rebuilding squads.

Part of the reason NSC cannot effectively take position on Malaysian hockey despite their substantial assistance is because of the sacrosanct principle attached to government interference into sports. The other is that NSC is in a "Catch 22" situation. If they leave it to MHF, hockey would get even worse. NSC's presences in a way helps to put some form of pressure and that is probably as far as they can go.

Many may not agree as NSC and MSSM has taken over most of MHF's role including grassroot development. As mentioned in an earlier article the people in MHF are sitting comfortably as most of the work and funding have been outsourced. Therefore there is no pressure on them other than spending other peoples' funds. This is where NSC should get tougher and start denying them funds unless they can proof by performance of the teams. The pressure they put on MHF can get the "comfy" positions "hot" as MHF has to go out and find the funds. This would ensure that those who are prepared to work and have the passion for the game would find the place in MHF. So long as NSC continues its blind support, nothing will change in MHF.


Anonymous said...


The national coach was heavily involved in calling all state affiliates for support & canvassing for votes on behalf of his Boss for the coming election before he left for Germany. We should ask whether this is part of his job description in his contract signed with the NSC and if not, what is NSC doing about it. Are they condoning his action just like they are turning a blind eye on his $ lending activities. Many in the hockey circle are already questioning the integrity of NSC officials who are directly involved in the supervision of these coaches.
Would also like to know if the foreign consultant has recoup his investment and his current role in Malaysian hockey. Can anyone share?

Anonymous said...

And to think hockey was mismanaged those days these guys are worse than our politicans.God bless hockey and Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Dera Gandhi,

Its not blind support by NSC.They are doing within the constitution.

Laws are not for good people(They follow god's law).Man made laws or constitution have their weakness and being taken advantage.

A Sports Accountability Commitee(SAP) should be form to check on NSC.

How much NSC spend the last five years on all sports?

RM300-RM700 million?

Whats the result?(One silver medal in Beijing Olympics)

We must go to the root of the problem in Malaysia sports.

The great Greek "Plato" said take care of the roots then the fruits will be beautiful.

So Gandhi,the problem is not only the affiliates or MHF.the main culprit it our sports governing body(NSC).

MHF is not taking it for granted and NSC is not giving blind support.

We need to put a check and balance between NSC and all NSA(National Sports Associations) on monentry issue.


Gandhi, said...

I received the comment below and i have deleted the name.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Blind support by NSC for MHF and they are taking i...":

Well Done (name deleted) - Hamburg Masters
After sometime we are receiving some good news in Hockey.
We cannot deny that the Germans had most of the Junior players ( ultimate champions in the Masters), the Pakistans exposing new players and the Belgians a new raw team,we Malaysians had all the palyers whom played the Olympic Qualifier had a good outing.
Just to add on I think (name deleted) should had taken only 11 Senior players and the rest our Juniors whom are going to play the next Junior world cup. It could had been a good exposure for them. Who checks on this ? MHF or the pay masters NSC. We fail because we fail to plan.

1975 ardent fan.

Anonymous said...


MHF friendly Press have 'gone to the market' with our fruitless and inconsequential friendly tournament.

MHF must now erect a new cabinet and display all our Team's achievements. We win everything except the title.
'Tulang tak dapat, soup pun jadi'

All these do not change anything.

Throw them out.