Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MHF Election - Congrats TM while the incumbent Deputy President wants to retain his post, a challenge to Affiliates.

MHF nominations 0n the 25th October contained only real one real surprise. BeforeI get into it, let me congratulate TM for being elected uncontested as President of MHF for a 2 year term. It shows that the Affiliates of MHF want to see a change of leadership. TM must be aware that his journey in Malaysian hockey has just started; and I wish him the best of luck. I sincerely hope TM realises what he is getting into based on the current scenario of Malaysian hockey.

The outgoing President of MHF must be thanked for having the guts and the willingness to make way by not contesting. He had his fair share of problems during his term, for he had to accommodate a certain personality who had the influence on the direction of MHF. It is never easy particularly with such a personality, who has the name and certain key "henchmen" to do his various work.

The surprise on Nomination day was the incumbent Deputy President's name in the list of contestants for Deputy President. This was shocking, for being the main person responsible for the current dismal state of affairs of Malaysian hockey, he seems to have the guts to face the Affiliates again to retain the position. Credit must be given for such an act of bravery but I hope it is not a way to intimidate the Affiliates to support him. Apparently his presence itself has such an aura, and above all he has the resources to canvas for support. Just looking at the nomination list, 5 Affiliates have already thrown their support behind the incumbent Deputy President

The incumbent Deputy President has to take the greater share of blame in the current dismal state of Malaysian hockey. At least that is the story emerging from the Affiliates. So, if they really want a change, the incumbent Deputy President has put the Affiliates on notice i.e he is defending his position. Now, lets see if the majority of the Affiliates have the "spine" to make the difference on whether the incumbent Deputy President retains the post. It is going to be an interesting "battle" for Deputy President.

If the incumbent wins, then it shows he has the support, and the criticisms leveled against him is purely a "vendetta" campaign. So, all the critics including myself have to put our "tails between our legs" and quietly walk away. Maybe an apology may be also an order of the day.

If the incumbent loses, it proves that the Affiliates wanted the change and they are prepared to see it through. It also means that the various "henchmen" who are a catalyst the downfall of Malaysian hockey must also move out with the change. These are the very people who would be going around canvasing and cajoling the various Affiliates to give the incumbent Deputy President another chance.

One of the cards that would be played is the Junior World Cup 2009 (JWC) where Malaysia's venue is Johor Baru. The controversial manner of bidding for the tournament, including co-hosting with Singapore, and having the whole organisational matters controlled by Johor Hockey Association(JHA) offers the "henchmen" something to entice the Affiliates for support. If the Affiliates fall for such "cheap stances" then Malaysian hockey deserves what it gets.

An interesting story that seems to be going around is that the incumbent Deputy President is contesting purely to safeguard JHA's control over JWC 2009. Is there truth to the matter? It is difficult to answer except the manner in which the whole episode of bidding for co-hosting JWC 2009 including the unwritten condition precedent of organising the debt ridden tournament of Champions Trophy, seems to reflect a high degree of truth.

The question to ask: Is all of this done for MHF's benefit or for other reasons? If the Affiliates have the answer they know exactly what to do. It is in the hands of the Affiliates.

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Gandhi, said...

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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "MHF Election - Congrats TM while the incumbent Dep...":

Thank you for your enlightened posting which really hit the nail on the head.
we will like to add further to your observation and hope that with our further comments, we hope to sway those who think of putting their ballot to the incumbent DP will think twice.

Admiration should be accorded to the 102 people because without them and YOU to start the ball rolling to bring all the baggages of MHF to light this will not materialised.
And we must give you all our highest admiration because not one of you are standing in any position in the election and you all are doing it for our Malaysians'Hockey and nothing more.

But unlike (deleted), who refuses to sign up for the 'cause' but have the audacity to put his name on the ballot. This type of fence-seaters should be exposed and pray that he will not be allowed to serve in any capacity in Malaysian Hockey in future. He can take his history and title and admire it in the confine of his abode. His lack of courage of conviction(deleted) sickens all decent people.
we hope that the voters will not give him a single vote and shame him.

Now that we have cleared our chest, we hope that TM's MHF can consider our input for the betterment of our Malaysian Hockey.

Coaching Co: All the rodents involved in this Co. presently should be fumigated and cremated.

People with passion,knowledge and reputation should be rope in to undo all the wrongs that have been done.

All the Malaysians Coaches that have to go overseas because of the gutter politics of the outgoing Co.must be enticed to return to help our hockey turn around. we are getting good reports about them, so we think that they can do their part to make our hockey better.

All International and ex. must get Level 1 coaching certificate automatically and Level 2 and higher level courses should be conducted regularly so that we can keep all these 'greats' interest in the game ongoing. ( No spastics,pls)

NSC/MHF must have a Director of Youth Development to overseer the development of the game from young till adult.

Media: MHF must meet the owners of our Media Companies and tell them that we must have creditable journalist reporting and accompanying our National Teams overseas as the present set from NST and STAR have jornalists that are tainted:

Stealing butter at the ParkRoyal when we met the TM on the 18 OCT.

And making fake hotel claim with the concurrance of Team's official.

'(Deleted) is KING' latest blockbuster but they are only King on barren land where not even a single shoot of grass dared to grow as they do not trust them.

Affiliates, the future of our Hockey is in your hands, so please your votes are secret, so kick out the incumbent DP and vote for Azmi. He is a simple hands-on person and we are perfectly sure that he wil bring good people to assist him and Hockey will be great again.

You all are not (deleted) and you all do not go for peanuts(Where are all the promises).

With the TM and AZMI we are in for greater things but we have a cavaet'Vote No '(Deleted)' even though they are the same ILMU with us. The are bad news everywhere.(except hopefully 102)

Tolong, vote wisely and for change.


P/S: we cannot waste $ at this time to hold the JWC in JB.
TM, just go to the FIH and take the official bid letter dated 11 March 08 and follow the vertim as no JB/SIN were mentioned.

All this scams and ill deals must be put to rest. Everyone involved in trying to bring the JWC to JB/SIN have vested interest. Taxpayers should not bear the greed.