Saturday, October 18, 2008

MHL - National Juniors were disapponting but it helps for the future.

When the National Junior Coach wanted his boys to play in the National League, he was a very brave man. After the disaster at Hyderabad, the then National Junior Coach was not keen for the Juniors to play in the League. He obviously knew the Juniors may not live up to the expectation and he would have a barrage of criticism. His replacement, the current Coach thought otherwise, as the League becomes part of a build up for the Juniors.

If they do well then it is a question of consolidating the team. If they do not then at least the Coach can work on them and look at other build-up matches to "stock take" on the performance of the team. What would be good is for the Junior Coach to become aggressive in his approach and get as many of the Juniors to play. This would give him a better understanding of all the players in a game situation.

The Juniors have another 8 months before the Junior World Cup (JWC) and it is important they work their way steadily to peak around the beginning of the JWC. People must give the Junior Coach some room to breathe so as he can experiment to find the right team. Results are not paramount except the team cannot play silly to be trashed or beaten by some scrappy team. This is the time they can try their set-pieces or combination of players and movement. The Coach would not get another environment like his before JWC.

I hope the National Junior Coach uses this opportunity properly and work all that is required to get the right mix of players for the JWC. Thereafter it is question of working on the "finishing touches" and tactical moves to ensure the team is sharp with the different opponents. I am sure where there is a "will" there must be a "way". Good Luck Juniors.

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Anonymous said...

The present coaches are better than the former one( SSBJ Teacher). Give him time , I think he will prove something. He is doing a good job.

1975 fan