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MHF - "Public interest over Personal interest".

My usual visitor to the blog "Malaysia Boleh" has reappeared with another story. This time it is about the MHF's election.

Titled "Public interest over Personal interest," he has something which i feel is interesting and must be in the category of mandatory reading for sports lovers. This person always finds the time to give his piece of advice to hockey. Mind you, his advice is usually sensible and what is interesting is his authoritative approach in analysing the Malaysian hockey dilemma.

The title of Public versus Personal itself allows our mind to get into imaginary mode of thinking. Now i think it is important we look at the text of the article:

"With the campaigning fever at a high we see the probable candidates claiming to have delivered their responsibility after the last election. The current state of MHF in terms of administration and the team’s performance speaks for itself. What we have witnessed would appear to be the culture of individuals putting themselves above the game.

Why should the authorities and states affiliates continue to believe that the same personalities should be given a second term to administer the game and pledge more promises to get us out of this rotting pile of S*** as like before they took office 2 years ago? Can the present line-up adapt to the changes needed to push for progress with fresh ideas? It will not happen considering their lack of ideas and stereo type thinking which continues to remain “within the box”. Fire fighting could also have pushed them to the limit, leaving them with no time for “quality planning”. When MHF is needed to make the right decision in crucial areas we have often witnessed them fumbling, whereby their initial decisions has to be reversed to redeem their intellectual pride. The list of poor decisions and calibre contributed to the Malaysian 1.3 million debts which we have to bear after hosting the Champions Trophy. Other MAJOR disaster is probably expected with the coming Junior World Cup next year. Profit sharing ideas has mushroomed and attracted previous enemies to be reunited as ally to ensure their intentions are protected. Failure by MHF to adhere to the bidding policy for the hosting job is another revelation of their thinking power and “practices”. Can the “2 genuine” Junior World Cup stadiums be constructed as promised to FIH? Or Malaysia’s image to the world as an “undeveloped sporting country” due the unprofessional practices is already cemented.

Going into the coming elections the “characters” should be considered seriously as the saying goes, “Leopards can’t loose their spots”. In every decision there is a complication in hand…well this is probably the side effect of putting one ahead of the game! The authorities would appear to have realised that they have been taken for a ride but the affiliates may not share the same opinion. If the kickback arrangement of “tour guide assignments” continues with the states affiliates, they would be more than happy to support this line-up. Never mind the development at their states. It is not an issue with the undelivered promises to help their states to develop hockey considering that this arrangement is good in the “I scratch your back, you scratch my back” strategy.

The affiliates hold the key and they are happy enjoying the situation. So what is going to happen if the same set-up wins the elections and remains in power? What are our options to save Malaysian hockey?

On a personal note it is better for the association to be deregistered looking at the provision provided by the relevant acts. NSC must stop funding and only essential funding for development purposes should be supported. Anyway it is the NSC that is doing the development for MHF all along and MHF have shirked their responsibility pushing MSSM to undertake it officially now. So be it if Malaysian hockey is omitted from the Olympic movement events! Rather than we accept their illusion promises and condoning to the malpractices. The PUBLIC’s INTEREST must the considered looking at the association’s accountability and credibility for the last 2 years.

Act 576




11. (1) The Commissioner shall have the following powers:

(c) to revoke or suspend the registration of a sports body.

Sports Development 15

(e) is hindering the development of the particular sport and it is in the public interest to revoke or suspend its registration;

(f) has failed or neglected to remedy any malpractice, misconduct or irregularity on the part of its office bearers or its members within the period specified in the written notice given by the Commissioner; or

(g) is inactive, unco-operative or obstructive in the implementation of the regulations, policies or guidelines made under or pursuant to powers under this Act.

The time is right for all authorities to join hands to redeem Malaysian’s pride and combat the issue to protect the game and public interest. Others like OCM can and should contribute by playing their part to help us see the light. The true perspectives of things must be understood before we jump the gun should MHF be suspended.

It would be rational that we put a stop to it rather than condoning to the association’s malpractice and spend millions of public funds knowing that we have already reached the dead-end.

Restructure and rebuild for the future would be the right thing to pursue as Malaysian hockey is already dead for the next 4 years!

All parties must support the TM interest to lead MHF should we choose not to let the 1st option taking place. The “TM option” would appear to the best hope and probably the only hope looking at the calibre of the current set-up.

A new line-up shall be inevitable!

Malaysia Boleh!"

With MHF going through the "Dark Ages", why should someone be interested in coming into MHF? It obviously takes a person with guts, passion and above all the ideals to ensure Malaysian hockey can be saved. Therefore can TM be the person?

On his own it is near impossible. TM needs a team but that is where he may be caught out. Vested interest parties are already marketing their candidates. All are doing it in the name of "Saving Malaysian hockey". This also includes the Affiliates, most of whom have done nothing over the last 2 years and then as the election draws nearer they become "power brokers". Similarly too are some of the incumbents who have switched allegiance in the hope to remain in power.

If there is an advice i can give TM as he ponders whether he can be the "saviour" of Malaysian hockey. is to get into the "Hockey Agenda" and see for himself what he is getting into. Then he must see the line-up and determine whether most of the incumbents and affiliates also want to remain. By this time TM would be able to determine the truth of Malaysian hockey personalities i.e Public or Personal interest.

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Anonymous said...


we are in full concurrent with your article and we pray that TM of Pahang will be kind enough to accept the MHF's Presidency.

And as current MHF's VP have stated that he will not go for the President post if TM accepts, then it is assure that TM will be the CHIEF of MHF.

we, sincerely pray that the TM on ascending to this important role will do for His rahyat the following:

1) Let the Junior World Cup be held in KL as is officially stated by the Government to the FIH dated 11 March 2008 and void all other sham inducement/agreement meted by 'bogus' meetings between FIH/MHF/SHF.

2) Have transparent process to the organising for the tournament bidding process so that there is no conflict issues.

3) Stop all development payments for all JWC project. The money can be made to better use for our people especially now.

4)Revamp the whole MHF hieracy so that all the dead wood are burnt at a 'PATHE BHOG' ceremony.

TM,you are the only that can bring change.

Erase all those imposters that come to Hockey for their own gain.