Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Junior World Cup 2009 - Its Johor and Singapore co-hosts. Why not Malaysia and Singapore?

Today's daily reported that FIH inspected Johor's 2009 Junior World Cup venue and that Johor and Singapore are the co-hosts of the Junior World Cup (JWC) 2009. Not wanting to split hairs, is Johor an affiliate of FIH or is it MHF? Yet, MHF does nothing to correct that wrong perception the reporter is trying to create. But why?

Note that the whole country was misled on the way MHF went about to bid for the co-hosting including stating Johor Baru as the venue. It also meant that the Government i.e NSC was also misled when MHF requested for government's support. Complicating the matter further means FIH was also misled as NSC wanted it to be held in Kuala Lumpur. How the people behind the bidding got away with all this is very surprising. A lot of stories have been told implicating certain personality from Singapore hockey, who sits in FIH and has the ears of the FIH President. Is there truth to these stories?

Maybet because the Deputy President is from Johor and since he had been acknowledged by MHF as the mastermind behind the successful bidding of the JWC 2009, Johor is given the distinguish honour of being officially named as the co-hosts. Still does it have the endorsement of MHF or is it a unilateral decision of a certain person? Amazing! Extraordinary! it can only happen in MHF.

Funnily enough the Deputy President wants to be a contender for President of MHF and yet Johor seem to be his priority. A strange world.

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