Thursday, October 9, 2008

MHF incumbents jostling for positions and Affiliates maybe made fools again.

The election fever has caught up with MHF. At the September MHF Council meeting the President and Deputy President had mutually agreed between themselves that whoever has the highest nomination shall become the President. Something that does not confirm to the MHF Constitution and it would seem that both of them are attempting to "fool" the Affiliates.

Something the Affiliates had not protested, thereby providing an indication that they have no objection. Other than 1 or 2 members of the Council the other Affiliates are "tight-lip" to voice their opinions. This is because of fear or a sense of obligation having earned an overseas trip or certain positions in the set-up. The sense of right or wrong is not part of the Affiliates agenda.

Yet the Affiliates have now become part of the "politicking" as the nomination process has began on 1st.October. The Deputy President's Director of Elections is just back from the so called successful Hamburg Masters. Apparently they are swinging into full action to woo the Affiliates. The Deputy President has the resources and influence but will the Affiliates trust him this time. Many Affiliates felt short changed following the 2006 elections where the promises had not been fulfilled. Grant of RM$5000 and 500 hockey sticks were to be delivered to the Affiliates. It has yet to arrive and some of the Affiliates are wondering whether it is still stuck in the delivery system after 2 years.

Insofar as the President, the silence is deafening. Everyone is wondering who is promoting him as he seem to have gone on complete silence. Incidentally, i am told that in MHF nobody wants to be referred as the President's men. Having served 2 terms in MHF, of which one term as Deputy President and recently as President, it seem that the President is struggling to secure any form of support.

The issue of seeking positions is not only with the current President or Deputy President. The others in the Exco are also jostling for power. Apparently the General Secretary and a Vice President has been making their rounds to seek affiliation with various parties to remain in power. Then there are the other Vice Presidents barring the ones who constitutionally shall be there, are also using their influence to be in power. Meantime, Chairman of the Coaching Committee and the National Coach may make into one of the line-up for Vice President.

This is the Exco that has been responsible for the slide and deteriorating standard in Malaysian hockey. Yet! they are jostling for power. Maybe they feel they have not done enough damage to Malaysian hockey. Another 2 years would be about the time for these people to finally make hockey an "endangered" species in Malaysian sports.

All this is only possible because of the Affiliates. It is their votes that will allow the incumbents to be re-elected. Therefore the people who are going to ensure the demise of hockey in Malaysia is no other than the Affiliates. Strange but eventually the Affiliates themselves would have to fold up as hockey loses its glamour status in Malaysian sports.

Jostling for position and power is essentially fulfilling once own greed especially when the personalities concern lack the passion and commitment. They want to be there for the glamour, power, monies, travel and whatever goodies that come along. Doing the hard work like having a proper Master Plan and regularly resetting it, a good Development Programme, developing Coaches and Officials with IT knowledge and above all promoting a "value" system that inculcates good governance is not part of their DNA. Seriously the incumbents do not have the slightest knowledge of how to undertake them. They tag along and permit by default outsourcing their role to NSC, who have undertaken most of the things. If it was not for NSC, hockey is all about history in Malaysian sports.

So Affiliates of MHF, for the sake of hockey and the nation, please do the right thing. Put "service above self" and ensure that deserving people are put into MHF. Do not be caught up with the rhetoric of the incumbents unless you all want to go down in history as the people who ensured of the "death"of Malaysian hockey.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Gandhi,

A very good article, you hit the nail on the head, surely.
With the exception of Secretary from Penang who has the balls to ask questions and has integrity and principle even though bribed with a trip to Hyderabad as the Jrs team manager, the others are just ball-less creatures, yes men, a$$ licking & salivating for more trips. Malaysia must be the only country where team managers are being roll sub like the players. Where is the pride and accountability?
Every 2 years the affiliates suddenly become very powerful and important. It is time of the season when they are courted, coerced and offered many promises and for what....Hockey in most of the states are dead & inactive as far as their development program and local league are concerned and many do not even participate in National Jr League, National League & Razak Cup, yet they come around and strut their stuff around this time to decide the future of Malaysian hockey. Scary thought!
Perhaps it's time to review the Constitution and change it to reflect more accountability & current scenario.
The only hope is for someone new to come in and clear all the dick heads & S###, otherwise hockey will be extinct in 2 years time like what Mr. Gandhi said.
Good luck & Malaysia Boleh ke?