Sunday, May 17, 2009

High hopes for Malaysian hockey - " 1Malaysia, 1Heart".

An anonymous person has left a comment on my article, "Asia Cup - Good game Malaysia, pity we lost.". The text is as follows:


Malaysian team have proved they have the capabilities to be among the top 5 team in the world.
We draw with South Korea(1-1)ranked no 5 in the world,beat Japan (4-1)ranked No 11 in the world and from their performance against Pakistan although we lost 4-2 showed the game could have gone either way.

We have it to be among the best team in the World,what we need is continuity of the plan put in place and keeping abreast with the latest in the world of scientific and hockey.

1 MALAYSIAN 1 HEART must be emphasis everywhere from school to universities.

This can only happen when we don't judge a person from their race,religion,color,culture and believes,we judge by their characteristic.

The multi ethnic crowd that came to support our Malaysian hockey team shows we are moving on the right part to achieve 1 MALAYSIAN 1HEART.

The great Confucius once said "A journey of a thousand miles start with a single step".

TM of Pahang have taken the step to mould the Malaysian hockey team into a great team.

We must make this 1 MALAYSIAN 1 HEART a reality and from sports to economic,Malaysia will be a reckoned nation in the world.


As the eminent poet Richard Lovelace in prison wrote to Althea

Stone walls do not a prison make"
"Nor iron bars a cage"
Minds innocent and quite take
"Thats for an hermitage"




Anonymous said...

wow, it seems that everybody is jumping up and down with joy because malaysia finished 4th in Asia Cup. Everybody seems to be full of praise for the new coaches. Did we forget something?? in the 2007 asia cup, on foreign soil, with pretty much the same players and same (or stronger) opponents...Malaysia finished 3rd!! we just went down one rung, even while playing at home, and everybody is delighted?? And please dont bother to say things like "...but we played well, were just unlucky" or "...the players are still young"; these were the same lines from the previous management! We are never "lucky" and these bacth of players are definately not young! So MHF and the mainline media should sit up and look at the real picture, we are very much still moving backwards, so keep the praises for later, please...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ghandhi,
I very proud to hear that with your current vision as one heart for one malaysia. Its is a very sincere oponion from a malaysian which is genuinely want to see a strong unite malaysian. Its also a dream for the malaysian but must come from all of us. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Looks like someone want's something from big mama lol.