Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Malaysian Hockey Performs" - In Asia Cup Semi Finals

Tai Beng Hai and Saiful, National Coach and his Assistant were respectively given the task to qualify as semi-finalist in the Asia Cup and they have done Malaysia proud by getting their boys to achieve it. Their journey started with a draw with 5th world ranked South Korea and then trashed Bangladesh and finally defeated the 11th ranked Japan. An excellent outing for a 15th ranked Malaysia.

On points we share the the top spot with South Korea but on goal difference they take the first place on the table. As such they play China in the semi-final and Malaysia has Pakistan. The Malaysian national team has performed well and they should be able to give Pakistan a good fight. There is nothing to stop them from winning the match, as they have proven it with the other teams. No doubt Pakistan has Sohail Abbas for their short corners but i am sure Beng Hai and Saiful would have done enough work to find the right tactics to "stop" him.

Malaysia is in an ideal position to perform beyond the expectation of the "prophets of dooms". There were many who felt the boys were not up to the mark. There were others who felt that Beng Hai and Saiful lack the depth to handle the national team. It would seem all these can be "chucked" down the drain as the national team has performed. The question is, can they stretch it that bit further to the finals and god willing win the Asia Cup. I see no reason why that is not possible. The key aspect is whether our boys have sufficient mental strength to handle the "big games".

Lets first congratulate the Malaysian team, the coaches and team management. Lets hope that they continue their good outing with wins and ensure our national anthem is played as winners of the Asia Cup and the national flag is hoisted simultaneously. Good Luck Malaysia.

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