Monday, May 4, 2009

MHF - TM keeps to his promise.

In December 2008, the newly elected President of MHF made a number of commitments at the 1st Hockey Seminar, to transform Malaysian hockey and MHF itself. As the months passed by, the TM as President seem to slowly get things moving.

He is reorganising the coffers of MHF with sponsorships and slowly they would get out of their inherited debts. He has got new jersey sponsorship for the national teams. For the Asia Cup he has roped in Air Asia. There is no doubts he is making waves.

One area he was concerned, was the absences of a MHF website and at the Seminar he proudly stated that something would be done soon. Indeed being a hockey nation, we seem over the years to have lost out on information technology in this area. It is very disturbing to see how our neighbouring country have got themselves organised with a good informative website. They may not perform well in the hockey pitch but at least administratively and on information flow, they seem to be well advanced.

So, last week when TM had reached an agreement with a party to get the domain of going, i think he did the most honourable act of putting Malaysian hockey into the age of informationl technology. The website is yet to be operational but i believe from the relevant parties the domain issues and other pertinent matters are being sorted. The TM has taken the step and it is a question of time when the website would be on stream. We must congratulate the TM in keeping to his promise.

Meantime i have to warn hockey fans that there are 2 other websites that carry some form of Malaysian hockey information. They may not be totally accurate or may not have been updated for sometime. They are and

MHF also entered into an MOU with with regards to internet rights to broadcast and provide live coverage to matches under MHF. These services are available as "paid services" to hockey fans and MHF shall benefit from it on a profit sharing basis. Obviously this is something new and rightfully as stated by the TM: "With time we shall iron out any issues".

All in all things seem to be moving well with the TM. Question is whether the others can keep pace and work as hard. This is where the TM has to look inwards and see how best to transform the internal organs of MHF. The 102 former hockey internationals had provided the "road map" and the TM was very excited of it at the Seminar. Would the the road map now be implemented?

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