Sunday, May 24, 2009

TM needs to be "well informed" of what is happening in MHF.

There are many things taking place in MHF and some are kept away from the TM while others are made known at appropriate times only. Such things are being done for the benefit of a select group of people, who want to be the only source of information to the TM. A "sieving" process takes place and a "canopy" is created to provide the "darkness" and prevent the TM seeing deep down. This means that the truth of what is happening on the ground would never be known to the TM. Above the "canopy" there seem to be "bright" light, thereby giving a distinct impression that all is well. The question: Is all well in MHF?

There are gossips that issues such as discipline among players, interference of officials with the National teams, no development on " National Development" programme, Affiliates in the main have failed to develop local leagues and their own development programme, administration in shambles, lack of funds to pay creditors and claims, lack of information on progress of organisation of Junior World Cup and the list can continue, portraying that MHF is in a diabolical state.

Even simple matters like organising the Malaysian Hockey League (MHL) is also being messed up. Only now does the Competition Committee realise that in November 2009 is the World Cup Qualifiers and want to change the dates of MHL. Strange as FIH had given sufficient notice of the World Cup Qualifiers and yet when the Competition Committee got down to work, they conveniently overlooked it. This is a reflection of the highest level of incompetence. To cover their blatant mistake, they make it look as though the changes are done to accommodate the national team's preparation for the qualifiers. What a way to mislead the hockey fraternity.

All this possible because the TM is an extremely busy person and he trusts his "lieutenants" in MHF to do their basic jobs properly. You cannot expect the TM to get involved on every issue and bog his time with trivial matters. The irony of it is the trivial matters have "clouded" the bigger issues and as such due attention is also not given to them. It is a "compounded" effect that over time has "ballooned" into the level of incompetency and "politics of manipulation of information".

What has happened with the past regime in MHF is repeating itself now. This time the "players" are much smarter in style and carefully coordinate their action, giving the view that it comes from the top. At the same time, they give the "top" the impression all is well at the working level, thereby appeasing the "top". In the meantime they make their move subtly and get the things as they want it. The process is further "aided and abetted" by name dropping, signifying the level of influence they carry.

The TM wants to do a good job in hockey but I believe he is caught with "time warp"officials, who have their own personal agenda to fulfill. Whatever the senior coaches are endeavouring to achieve in the field is being continuously destroyed or undermined. It is not surprising why we ranked 16th and there is no reason why the slide would not continue. I think the TM must find other avenues to know the truth of what is going on in MHF and addressing it. Failing which we might as well bade "sayonara" to Malaysian hockey.


exinternational said...

Now you know when i say why a person like M.Mahendran is never welcome because at the end of the day someone is going to miss his soru.
To another point do you all know that during the previous azlan trophy there was a certain coach that organinsed betting on the internet but yet was never exposed.
please say that i tell you lies.

darthvadai said...

I cannot disagree with you in the points you have highlighted.

Management of organization and especially information should work both ways.

Thats one of the reason following up discussion, distribution of meeting minutes are critical of the flow of information.

The President cant be everywhere reading every line of discussion but should be hands on especially on issues concerning the MHF Calendar.

That is the pulse of national hockey, tournaments to be organized, hosted by whom both locally and internationally.

While FIH already have a calendar of major events, we should be drawing various options of calendar to shape hockey for the year.

Heck we should be planning the 2010 Calender by Q3 this year, with Sukma (May/June), 12th World Cup (Mac), Youth Olympics Games (Aug), Local Tournaments for Age groups, Leagues ...

If we do not start positioning our self on dates for 2010.. we be having the same old discussion again and again