Friday, May 15, 2009

Asia Cup - Good game Malaysia, pity we lost.

At the Asia Cup hockey semi-finals yesterday, Malaysia went down 4-2 to Pakistan. The score does not do justice to Malaysia's performance but our players, coaches and team management can put their heads up in pride. The players gave their hearts out but the Pakistanis skills in dribbling and crosses caught some of our players a bit flat footed. This was the edge they had and they capitalised it well.

Our players played well except that they must avoid making mistakes in our 25yd. This is where we paid the price. Our boys held on to the waves of attacks and yet on break away we tend to give the ball away easily, thereby putting our defence on constant pressure. The other is that our players without the ball are not always on the move, creating and opening chances for the player with the ball. This would mean that the opposition can easily anticipate our moves. Further, while our strikers have the speed but they lack the skills in stick work to take on the opposing defence. Again the opposing defence can easily predict what our forwards would do with the ball. In that sense, the lack of high level skills took a toll on our performance.

Notwithstanding all these our boys still played a good game.Despite being a goal down in the 2nd half they were still looking for the equaliser and therefore opened up their own defence, which became vulnerable with pockets of "holes". This gave the Pakistanis the impetus to puncture our defence and sadly they were successful. The "never die" spirit still continued with our boys and we got our 2nd goal at the "death" of full time. Time was not on our side by then.

We must commend the players, the coaches and team management for their performance to date. A 3rd place in the Asia Cup would be a good finish for our boys. This means we must beat China and there is no reason why that is not possible. So long as we play the way we have done, i am sure victory is within our grasp.

Let it be "Malaysia Boleh" and "1Malaysia."

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Anonymous said...


Malaysian team have proved they have the capabilities to be among the top 5 team in the world.

We draw with South Korea(1-1)ranked no 5 in the world,beat Japan (4-1)ranked No 11 in the world and from their performance against Pakistan although we lost 4-2 showed the game could have gone either way.

We have it to be among the best team in the World,what we need is continuity of the plan put in place and keeping abreast with the latest in the world of scientific and hockey.

1 MALAYSIAN 1 HEART must be emphasis everywhere from school to universities.

This can only happen when we don't judge a person from their race,religion,color,culture and believes,we judge by their characteristic.

The multi ethnic crowd that came to support our Malaysian hockey team shows we are moving on the right part to achieve 1 MALAYSIAN

The great confucious once said "A journey of a thousand miles start with a single step".

TM of Pahang have taken the step to mould the Malaysian hockey team into a great team.

We must make this 1 MALAYSIAN 1 HEART a reality and from sports to economic,Malaysia will be a reakoned nation in the world.


As the eminent poet Richard Lovelace in prison wrote to Althea

Stone walls do not a prison make"
"Nor iron bars a cage"
Minds innocent and quite take
"Thats for an hermitage"