Friday, May 22, 2009

MHF, are your choices of Advisers to the National Coaches sound?

The Deputy President of MHF announced that 4 former Malaysian hockey internationals, who have been coaches or team manager with various of the national teams have been appointed as Advisers to the Senior National coaches. The idea of having advisers are good provided there are clear cut terms of reference, covering defined areas. While I am not privy to those details, the personalities named are known people and their achievements are public knowledge.

Without having to "beat around the bush", with the exception of Stephen Van Huizen, Malaysia's most successful local coach in modern times , the other candidates do not portray a success profile to occupy the seats. They may talk a lot or become columnists in the dailies or so forth but what can they offer? When they had the responsibility they could not perform as coaches or managers. I have no doubt as players they were a class but then they are not judged by that status.

MHF in its usual self defeating maneuvers tends to screw matters up. There are a number of good people who could undertake the responsibility and without doubt Datuk R Yogeswaran would fit the position well. His wealth of experience and knowledge including a success profile cannot be matched by anyone in Malaysia now. Yet! MHF ignores such a person, thereby displaying utter petty and silly outlook in their decision making process. It is the lack of depth in MHF of not wanting the best that is what kills Malaysian hockey. A bunch of clueless people managing MHF is the "virus" that is causing the disease that is stifling the success of hockey.

While i am not a great advocate of Paul Lissek, he too carries with him sound knowledge and a worthy track record. Since he is already on the payroll, why not he also be brought into the exercise. Thinking outside the box, I believe Amarajit Singh, our world class international umpire must also be called up. His interaction with various teams while umpiring and the finer aspects of the rules could give a wider dimension of thinking to our national coaches.

There are many others but it essentially depends on the scope of what they should undertake and this must be decided first. Do you want the team to cover the training and tactical methodology or just the game analysis or have to separate teams for each of it? They must be the "sounding board" for the national coaches and thereby the coaches are able to refine their own outlook on various pressing issues troubling the national team's performance.

I sincerely hope that the TM tightens the reins of MHF and gets effective and knowledgeable people with good track records to be in the various positions or not Malaysian hockey will continue its slide. We are already ranked number 16 and could it get worse? I would think so if we get the wrong people in the various positions.


Anonymous said...

Why is a person like M.Mahendran not given a chance,is it because he does not carry balls.This guys you mention can fail a hundred times but will still survive as i believe unlike M.Mahendran this guys can carry balls.

Anonymous said...

With due respect to anonymous and also ex international in another for putting forward the name of M Mahendran please note that the game have progress significantly and is so much different from when Mahendran was playing and coaching in the 80s

When he was given the opportunity to work the National team he didnt last long for reasons other then what's mentioned. Lets leave it at that.

He has and is still doing good developement work and hats off to him for still giving back to the game in his own way.

I feel the author of the comments should not pass judgement if they dont know the facts.