Saturday, May 23, 2009

Is there a story, why the National Under 16 tour to Germany was cancelled?

For the last few months, the Under 16 boys were training as a preparation for the Hanover tournament in Germany. "All systems were go" and not a single person in the team had a clue that the trip would not materialise. On the 11th hour, the "bomb" was dropped i.e the tour was cancelled and the reason was put to the potential swine flu pandemic. All the days and months of work seem to have gone down the drain. To be fair, there is talk of having the team to tour Singapore or play a hastily arranged tournament in Malaysia.

If swine flu is the true reason then the sporting fraternity has to act consistently. Therefore it means that MHF must cancel or postpone the Junior World Cup in June 2009. This is being consistent, as FAM has done it in football. I believe that aspect is completely out of the "reach" of MHF, as was the completed Asia Cup in Kuantan. Equally, all sports gathering should be totally minimised in the best interest of our sportsmen and fans. Literally bring our sporting events to a halt.


So, what could be the reason for cancelling the Under 16 trip to Germany? I believe this is outside the ambit of MHF as they are totally dependent on NSC i.e the "sugar daddy" of MHF.
I believe that NSC is trimming or reallocating their budget and are using any prevailing reasons to justify the cancellation. So happens, the swine flu is the "flavoured" topic and most concerned issue, that it provides the right camouflage to NSC's intent. There is no doubt with the new Minister, there would be different priorities and probably this tour may not be part of the priority. I do not dispute it but it is essential that the truth be made known.

The difficulty is that MHF has become a "parasite" to NSC i.e totally depending on their funding. If that is pulled out, MHF literally becomes bankrupt. It is fundamental that MHF must work towards some form of financial independence and thereby having control on decision making. Unfortunately, this sort of thinking is far lacking in MHF, as most officials are there to work provided their expenses are reimbursed. Again i do not dispute that too but how many of them endeavour to solicit funds for MHF. Many want to be in the receiving end, not at the giving end.

This is the reflection of what MHF is and many revolutionary ideas have been floated but TM seem to lack the "will" to ensure they are implemented. He may have his rationale but i must warn the TM that time is running out , as Malaysian hockey may have suffered so badly that revitalising it maybe an impossible task. Despite being 4th in Asia Cup, we have slipped to our "worst" position i.e ranked 16th in the world.

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