Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Has MCA left its affiliate NSCA in the lurch?

When I read the interview of Tunku Imran, after he was bestowed the Lifetime Achievement Award by International Cricket Council (ICC), where he stated the autonomous relationship of Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA) and its affiliates. He likened it to a similar relationship of the States that constitute to form the Federation of Malaysia. Essentially outlining the aspects self management without interference from parent body.

With this as the backdrop, I would want to revisit the Negri Sembilan Cricket Association (NSCA), relating to the "2 committees" that were disputing for the control of Association. The issue in the main was resolved by the Sports Commissioner's office but it took sometime for MCA to give their recognition. Notwithstanding this, the bank account of NSCA was frozen based on a complaint by the party that was not recognised. Apparently well over RM20.000 is still in the bank account

It is rumoured that initially MCA assisted NSCA with a small advance to get their act together.This was done after some painstaking moments of endeavouring to get their recognition. The complaint party had implicated Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) by stating to various parties that OCM was going to arbitrate on the matter, notwithstanding Sports Commissioner's verdict and finally MCA's recognition. Although in reality that was not an issue, strangely that aspect assisted in freezing the bank account.

The matter takes a further twist when Negri Sembilan's Majlis Sukan Negeri (MSN) refuses to recognise the already recognised NSCA office bearers. A very strange act by the State MSN and according to sources, there was an official communication on the matter with MCA. This literally "dropped the clanger" on NSCA, as the position the State MSN had taken, severely affected their participation in the MCA National League. Unable to access to funds forced NSCA to withdraw from the league at the 11th hour.

To NSCA's luck, after they withdrew from the national league, their Bank account was reinstated. The reason this was done, was because of the legal action that NSCA had pursued. Prior to the matter developing into a bigger issue, the bank seem to have relented. Still it is a bit too late as numerous parties had contributed to the killing of competitive cricket in the State.

Most of these matters were known to MCA and yet they seem to have taken a non interference position other than recognising NSCA. They could have assisted with the Bank and with the State MSN but by the time their sluggish nature gets going, other events would have surpassed the issues. Maybe it is the President's view on autonomy of Affiliates that is paramount on the NSCA issues. It is not about what is good for cricket, rather the intricacies relating to the relationship of parent body and affiliates that governs what should be done for cricket. Should it be the way?

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