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"3 Corner fight?" or "Convergence of interest for hockey".

For a few days I was a bit lost because my regular reader had not penned me a mail. The smile was restored on my face a few minutes ago as his mail appeared.

He has titled his latest posting as " A three Corner fight?". Is it? Some may think it that way but I believe the people who may make the difference would see it as a "convergence of interest". The parties who feel threatened would construe it as a fight. This is obviously manifested in the actions of the 2 or 3 MHF officials who have been soliciting some of the signatories to withdraw their signatures. It is rumoured that offers of positions such as coaches, managers and in other areas seem to indicate the desperate acts these people go to to undermine the work that is being done by the former internationals.

As for the President of the so called Former Players Association, I think he is more an opportunist who wants to get into the act. He is probably pulling his hair why he did not come up with the idea or was a signatory to the open letter. That could have given him the publicity. Instead, now eyeing to be Vice President of MHF in the next election, he is working with these MHF personalities to paint a scenario that some did not know what they were signing. Honestly! what sort of rubbish, as they underestimate the intelligence of these people. It is sad and even more sad as in 1 year he could only manage 15 members for his Association.

As for the 102 former internationals, I have come to understand that they have set-up a blogspot: to continue their work. They seem focused and the various allegations have left them unperturbed.

As for me what is important is whether the parties that make the difference see this as a 3 cornered fight. My belief is, the more the participants the better it is for hockey, provide it is not "all talk" only.

Below is the text of the article:

A three Corner fight?”

"The meeting between the representative of the102 ex-international players and the Sport Minister, Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaacob on the 4th of August 2008, was received with great enthusiasm from hockey fraternity in Malaysia.

Time frame of one month was given to the 102 ex-international to present a working paper to convince the minister of what is required to lift Malaysian hockey back to the prime level.

With that out of the way, pressure is now building on the two other parties i.e NPHA and MHF. Both needs come up with a blue print should they also wish to contribute like the ex-international. For MHF, the need do not seem necessary but the decline would make it mandatory for them to also present their case to the Minister.

With NPHA President’s sudden appearance to challenge the 102 ex-international’s credibility has actually prompt many enthusiasts to question his agenda. His appearance was in fact even more shocking since the association’s status was dormant for nearly one year since their official launching. Of recent, financial gain would have spurred their “contribution to hockey” whereby funds and donations was sought after to host a dinner to honour some individuals which NPHA has recognised. NPHA, an association which was formed to represent the ex-players, did not received due recognition from MHF the parent body of hockey. Thus NPHA failed to gain affiliation with MHF. The strength of NPHA was also lacking due to the poor support and no interest by the ex-international join the association. This is in view of the unclear reasons and mediocre agendas for forming the association in the first place.

The sudden action by the President of NPHA to voiced his concern on the deteriorating state of Malaysian hockey, has in fact undermined his credibility and until today his intentions remains a mystery. This is very evident since he has done nothing until the 102 ex-international was about to submit the petition to the Sports Minister. He has expressed his willingness to join in the wagon of the ex-internationals but his claims to have ideas as to how hockey in this country can be elevated shall remain a mystery like his “magical appearances”. Would it be better if he is to present a paper own his accord? This is so that in future Mohamad Abdul shall not have the chance to accuse others that he was left out by intention, or judge others credibility. However this will only take place if and when the Minister thinks that he has the substance with regards to this context.

It will not happen if the authorities know the reasoning behind the inspiration in the launching of NPHA, rumours is that on his campaign to gain support, he actually expressed his wishes to also duplicate the success of “Koperasi Guru-Guru Parit Buntar” whereby he has information that the “Koperasi Guru-Guru Parit Buntar” was successfully making profits and believed to be having a fat bank balance.

As such, Mr President please put on your thinking cap for the next few weeks since you are claiming to be having ideas to improve the game!

As for the 2nd party, judging from the normal trend, MHF would have a short cut plan in placed. I strongly believe the “Wawasan Hoki Negara” (WHN) blue print would be used in this pressing situation.

However, MHF must not forget that they have strayed too far from the timeline and this makes the WHN not applicable anymore. I am sure the targets cannot be achieved taking into account that we are now lagging too far behind because of the current sub-standard coaching method and approach. Why didn’t MHF thought about executing the WHN in the first place? Probably all effort and time was focused on their bidding missions to host more tournaments to gain direct entry as per the Coaching Chairman’s statement, whereby there was never a need to go through a qualify process. Maybe the cut and phase technique will be the very most important technique used to tailor for a new WHN now.

Whoever comes up with the best blue print may still not see Malaysian hockey back on track. Malaysian hockey will continue to be at their mercy unless the whole set up is changed from top to bottom, then only the slide can be turn around. Again the “Lembu punya Susu, Sapi punya Nama” will be applied if MHF can’t give us a concrete solution.

With the 2009 Asia Cup already given to Dubai (World Cup Qualifier), 2010 World Cup staying put in India and the 2011 and 2012 edition Champions Trophy also given to India, the next 2 Asian Games host already been appointed, the existing MHF set-up will be obsolete, since the team’s chances to qualify by merit in as good as nil and lost out on all hosting job for the next 4 years will confirm our fate in non-participation for at least 2 Olympic cycle.
Frightening isn't it?

If they would have diligently and prudently managed the association, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

As such our Minister and SAP Chairman, who are fully aware of the situation will sure to be on the look out the right people, people with integrity and trustworthy to get us out of this debacle. People who are commitment and having the sincerity to do the hard work will be critical to get us back on track again. People who practice sports like a religion and forego financial gain will be the right people to carry on the Malaysian quest.

We do not need these "MHF mortician or coroner" doing the daily fire fighting ways to create more devastation to Malaysian Hockey. Adhoc programs to suite the coaches will surely kill hockey.. We must remember the principle that "No individual is bigger that the game"!

So far all these people have failed not only because they lack the knowledge and commitment. But they also do not have the ethics and principle in discharging their duty entrusted to them with sincerity.

On your return from the Olympics, you will surely find that Malaysia FIH ranking would have slumped further. We must not be surprise if our ranking hits the 20th mark, an all time low for Malaysian hockey. We may need to participate in a pre-qualifier to take part in the actual Qualifier in the future.

The authorities have the power and the fate of Malaysian hockey is in our hands!

Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara dan Malaysia Boleh!"

What is happening is an interesting development so long as it is confined to the betterment of hockey. There would be people who see it through different "eyes" and that could create misunderstandings. This must be avoided if the interest is for hockey and the country.

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