Monday, August 18, 2008

All round dismal performance in MHF including at its Council Meeting.

The MHF Council Meeting on Saturday 17th August should have been well represented by the Affiliates, especially based on the dismal performance of national teams at all levels. One would have thought that everyone would make time to attend this meeting and ascertain the problems, so as solutions could be found.

Maybe the hopes we have for Malaysian hockey are not shared by certain parties who cannot even attend such Council meetings when hockey is at crossroads. The MHF Deputy President, 5 Vice Presidents and 10 Affiliates were missing. I am told that some of the Office Bearers have missed more than 3 to 4 Council Meetings, yet they want to hold on to the positions.Indeed it is rumoured that some of these personalities are busy putting together a team for the next MHF elections.

This probably explains why the performance of the national teams had been deteriorating. Being elected Office Bearers they seem to have mislaid the trust that was bestowed on them to carry out their jobs properly. This being the case, it would seem the lack of interest and commitment in them has permitted the slump in Malaysian hockey.

On and off the fields our performance had brought a bad image and now at the decision-making Meetings there is a sign of the lack of commitment. Every aspect of Malaysian hockey is caught in a state of rot and the continuous decay could see the very end of Malaysia's involvement in World hockey. That is the price we have to pay for this unhealthy state of affairs in Malaysian hockey.

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