Friday, August 15, 2008

Malaysian Hockey - "The Power of Money".

Yes! another article that was e-mailed to me from the regular visitor to the blog. The title of the article is appropriately fitting, as money seem to be a determining factor to many things. It has become such an essential ingredient in everything that it can dictate exactly what happens.

Today's hockey seems to be heavily flavoured with money, but still the performance of the national teams do not reciprocate the level of investment that has been put into it. Maybe that is what the writer may mean when he states, "money failed to fix". How can it be? Especially when money seems to dictate matters. Surely something must be wrong somewhere?

Read the article below and judge for yourself if what is written represents the prevailing predicament in Malaysian hockey.

“The Power of Money failed to “fix”?”

Barter, is defined as "a trade or exchange of goods or services without using money." Its origins are traced back to the dawn of mankind.

With civilisation, Barter is often regarded as an old-fashioned means of exchange that was superseded because money is far more efficient.

The power of money is so devastating that we often see how some teams influence various players to hop around from one state to another or from club to club in the Malaysian hockey scene just because the irresponsible characters uses money to entice the players.

The hot questions are; Can money buy shortcut to success? Can shortcut to success be sustained? Is the current debacle as a result of “shortcut” and “money abuse”?

I strongly believe in context of Malaysian hockey, how money spins the game is clearly “an abuse”! In fact it is contributing negatively and retarding the game. To some it is a noble contribution. Taking into consideration the current complication, Malaysian hockey is surely paying for it. Those practicing it without realising their ambitions, couple with the wrong advice by a key “hockey expert” is creating catastrophes to Malaysian hockey. The expert who also has his own agenda in fact is tarnishing these nobleman’s credential and credibility.

With the conclusion of the 17th edition of the Razak Cup, it is very glaring that the defending champion is clearly at the receiving end when “import players” are not at their dispense. What happen to the other players and coaches groomed by this state? Maybe there is no development program and the recent age group highs are also contributed by others for example, Sports Schools Program (KPM).

At the pre-tournament managers’ meeting, all states refused to allow “unethical request” for the release of players born in their states. In the response to this, the effected team manager made a call to his association and the 6 national junior players from that state was not released to play in the tournament. Whoever the team manager was speaking with on the other end of line, must be mentally insane because the decision to put the state above national interest proved that all allegations are not baseless. The question is why only now that we are standing up to put things into right perspective? Are the states aware of the group’s modus operandi now? Does this refusal to budge mean that the power dominance by certain MHF officials is on the decline?

This year, players who refused to attend trial at their home state were the eventual looses. The Kali brothers were in this case a good example whereby they were released to play for their “adopted” state but did not show up but wanted to play for Johor. Born in Malacca and now residing and playing in the KLHA league should give KL the rights over them. Other players whose home state did not participated also refused to be the vehicle for the power crazy and irresponsible group’s ambition.

In the interest of the game, states should start a good development program to help themselves, the journey is long and difficult but very satisfying and rewarding at the end. States that have taken the trouble to groom and create opportunity for players to learn and mature in terms of hockey and career should not be punished. The 14 days residential and employment ruling in the past has been accepted well by all states. This rule will surely not allow crony states to “gang up” and take advantage to monopoly the players amongst themselves.

In the case of Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association for example, over the years KLHA have done a lot good for hockey with the vast league system organised yearly. When the ruling of “place of birth” was enforced, KLHA was caught without the players to represent them in the senior level for the last 3 years. Since then we have seen KLHA taking steps and are more prepared as seen in their ground work with the age group tournaments bearing fruit as they prepare for their future senior level tournaments.

In conclusion, even with the boost of national players, the recent Razak Cup failed to attract the crowd. There was hardly any big turnout for the whole duration of the tournament as though the public is joining and giving the approval to the 102 ex-national players’ petition to the current Malaysian hockey debacle. The Malaysian hockey team’s poor performance and the many unsolved allegations must also have direct influence to it. It is obvious that the credibility of MHF will create a negative response and without a doubt the long term reaction by the public will further kill the game.

I hope the Malaysian players will think outside the box and start changing their mindset in managing their lives. They need to have core principle and ethics as a national hockey player. They must display showing values to the system instead of money can buy their soul.. This is even more essential with the current situation as the few black sheep has tarnished you reputation as a public figure. If you are innocent, please redeem your dignity by stand-up and fight for your rights to change things. You need to play in the top 12 and Olympic, or else you better call it a day. You will be branded “Jagoh Kampung” for the rest of your life! Are you part of the group or just a bystander? Do the right thing to save your soul and Malaysian hockey!

I strongly believe steps should be taken to improve the quality of the premier Razak Cup tournament if we want to move forward:

Ø Revert back to the old ruling format; 14 days residential and employer criteria.

Ø Only states which organise leagues can participate in the Razak Cup.

Ø Set earlier dateline for states to release their “unwanted” players.

Ø Limit the number of national players in each state.

Ø States that do not participate in the age group tournaments shall not be allowed to take part in the Razak Cup Tournament.

Ø Mandatory minimum number of age group players in the team and mandatory number of age group players on the field playing.

Going forward states and club must have their own continuous development program to support national interest and not use money to buy success. Shortcut to success is dangerous!

Malaysia Boleh!

Folks! Is he right? Is his recommendation practical and can it be implemented for the betterment of hockey? Lets hear your views, especially from the States and Clubs.


Anonymous said...

Only K.L can do this. Other States all just to come for all the MHF meetings because can claim money. Come by bus claim for car. MHF secretary will give because when he gives it is not his money as usual he will say and he will utter few words that is "sokong kita". That' all. For your information how many meetings held for competition ,council, development, coaching and umpiring from 2007 till 2008 now. Do you know what development they have done that is only selling the programe to Education Ministry, how many coaching courses held , only one that is level 3 and got from the blog that the MHF instructors screwed it up with no time table /syllabus.How many umpires course held . The previous committee had only one meeting but everything went on fine. The present one meets just to finish the publics money.
Talking about development MHF don't know anything. Now they want to limit national players in every team. K.L will never agree to this. They have already produce results. For your information they have already won the Razak Cup, Sukma,Under 18 MSSM and under 16. What else you want. No talk. Other states are just like MHF. Finish the money only.
Ardent supporter of K.L

Anonymous said...

I like to share this with the True Loving Sports Fans of Malaysia.
Lewis:Dope cheats Should not Coach.
Nine-time Olympic Champion Carl Lewis has called on atheletics government bodies to stop any atheletes have failed doping tests from coaching. American Lewis also said atheletes should not be allowed to coach without proper training and certification. "There are atheletes who have tested positive for drugs,retired and are coaching right now." " Coaching is not just about giving workouts". The reason coaches are good coaches because they went to school. There is no other sport in the world that would allow someone to compete one year and coach a professionla athelete the next year. ."Football,basketball,baseball,soccer, none of them would. " This sport just says.'Oh, they are great coach.' Oh, no they are not".
I'm not qualified to be a coach and I know more than many ( atheletes) because I listened to coach Tellez( his former coach Tom Tellez)Lewis said. "But if I wanted to coach, I would go back to school College. I went to to massage theraphy school and so I understand the body systems. But if I wanted to coach I would need to go back to college and get mor background. " We don't need atheletes being coached by people who are inexperienced. Otherwise we are going to have atheletes hurt because their coach doesn'y understand the Physiology of The body." THE STAR 16/08/08

In Malaysia its different:
1. You can coach if you are an ex International. No need to have coached grassroot level or have proper certificates.
2. If you are foreighner you can sell out right yourself in coaching. Squash- Pakistan's day are gone in squash but in Malaysia there are about 10 coaches and surviving.
3. If you are white you can buy the market in coaching. Back home he would have been working in a club house and got a certificate of attendance for any sports ( coaching, fitness any others)but when he comes to Malaysia he sells the Malaysian beacause he is white. What he talks is Gospel to the Malaysian. But not all whites.
4. There are some Malyasian Coaches who are having Certificates but no experience also can sell themselves because of cronoism.
5. The die hard coaches and unsung heroes in the schools - The Teachers always get the blame for failure in Malaysian Sports whom don't get paid for coaching but they do it for the love of the game.Teachers core subject is Teaching and educating.
So who are the True Coaches in Malaysian Sports-ExInternationals with no experience just going for the pay,the whites or the Malaysian teachers and some unpaid coaches whom are doing to the love and passion of the game

Ex P.E and Sports Teacher

Anonymous said...

Ex.PE & Sports Teacher,
Good One.
Malaysian Hockey Coach.Assighnments done by someone ,he gets through in level 3. Goes to FIH becomes a laughing stock because illeterate in writing and PC. Now any Malaysians go for FIH coaching course the FIH Instructors will ask wether Malaysians no how to write or know about P.C. He did badly and still becomes the Malaysian Coach. Cannot write report and cannot prepare tarining programme.

Hockey Boleh.