Sunday, August 3, 2008

MHF in "Wayang Kulit" mode

Wayang Kulit, otherwise known as "shadow play", is a term used to refer to kinds of puppet theater. It is shadows cast on a cotton screen by utilising a source of light. These shadows are created by the puppets who are controlled by puppet masters. UNESCO has designated Wayang Kulit as a "Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity"- Nov.2003.

You may be wondering where MHF fits into the aspects of Wayang Kulit. No, it is not the "masterpiece" nor the "heritage" but rather the aspects of puppet and puppet masters. MHF is in crisis yet the Secretary has become the spokesman, taking the role of the puppet. The puppet masters who seem to be directing the "play" are personalities who have "de facto" control of MHF.

This view surfaces by just reviewing the press statement of the Secretary with regard to the brave 102 former hockey internationals who had the guts to put a petition on the state of hockey. The MHF Secretary seems disappointed as to why the former internationals did not meet MHF first. If the Secretary had a copy of the letter, which I hope the President of MHF would have made available to him, then he would have understood it. Just in case the President had not forwarded it to him, I do recommend he reads the "Sun" article which was printed last week and he would find the full open letter in it. It literally states that all parties involved in hockey must get together to find ways of sorting out the slump in hockey. In short MHF is not the only party, as there is the Cabinet Committee on Sports, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and NSC. If it was not for the Government, Malaysian hockey would have been "bankrupt". So Mr Secretary before you follow the puppet masters' directives I suggest you let them know the truth of the open letter.

On the question of the 3 man Panel, a matter that had been overdue for nearly 2 months since the original announcement, if it was not for the open letter, this matter would have been kept in a freeze. Since the "hornets nest" had been stirred the puppet masters wanted to let the world know what is happening. The Secretary dutifully informed the Press that 2 personalities have been appointed and the 3rd shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Panel. In the same breath he indicated that the Panel shall be forwarding their Report to the Council meeting scheduled in mid-August. The Beijing Olympics is going to preoccupy the Chairman of the Panel and the reality of getting a report by mid-August seems to be a "fairy tale" i.e bedtime story for kids. Yet another shadow play by the puppet and puppet masters.

As for the match fixing, gambling and issues pertaining to funds, it is a police investigation. There is no doubts everyone is waiting to see what shall be the finding. Interesting to note what the Secretary had told the Press and that the investigation is being handled from Bukit Aman. My question is why such a matter is being brought to the Press, especially as it is with the Police? Is the Secretary trying to tell something?

What I am unable to comprehend is that H M Sultan of Perak, the Minister of Youth and Sports and the SAP Chairman have met, or are meeting, the former internationals. Yet MHF is still labouring on the issue of not coming to them first. Where is MHF's sense of thinking? This is the problem of puppets and puppet masters; they become so "stiff" and can only think of themselves. This is why Malaysian hockey has deteriorated so badly and the only "cure" is to have the right people in the right position who have passion for hockey with a strategic mind.

Malaysian hockey needs to be saved.

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