Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MHF - Part 2: "The takeover plot".

Yesterday I posted Part 1 of the article I received from someone who visits this blog regularly. The article is provoking and it is important that one reads it with care. If what is stated is happening or had happened, then hockey is the ultimate loser.

Below is Part 2 and it too reveals some interesting "stories". Facts or fiction is for one to analyse based on logical thinking taking account of the prevailing scenario in Malaysian hockey.

Part 2

"If they know the term “prudent management” why MHF did incurred the heavy debt hosting the Champions Trophy? When in most sporting events the host seem to be pocketing millions in revenue.

Obviously when the final contract was drawn, the representative from MHF did not understand the terms and clauses in the contract. They could be illiterate in the vetting of the contents in the contract. The “Bodoh Sombong attitude” may be the cause for not engaging a lawyer to act on MHF behalf hence the “Laywer Buruk” was in action. Even the construction of the cameraman platform, MHF has to fork out what is believed to be around RM 30K. Additional speakers were installed, does it make any sense when the NHS 1 which already have the existing speakers from Commonwealth games cannot cater for the Champions Trophy. Why when the speakers are good enough for Commonwealth games why are they not good enough for Champions Trophy?

To add on, some close with the current group who are now loosing faith said that MHF representatives did not understand the contract contents because of their low English proficiency and IQ level. The regular used vocabulary like no problem lah, brother, what time tea?, besok cuti, letih kah, bodoh, why cannot? Sure can lah...etc did not find its way to the contract. One was said not having the knowledge to even start-up the computer. So these are the hard facts from the Champions Trophy MHF contract negotiators who are responsible for the RM1.7 million debts the Government/tax payers has to bear eventually. Some have also questioned why a Bangsar restaurant since the official hotel was Palace of the Golden Horses. Who was the restaurant owner? Who actually dinned there since the bill from the Restaurant was also eye popping matter but covered-up?

Well the deterioration of Malaysian hockey did not matter to them as the second class businessman continues to milk MHF. It was rumoured that a 10% commission was paid to this group since some money transaction was under one of their names. The MHF Constitution was probably amended otherwise they have abused their powers. State affiliates please do the right thing! Ambition by this group to make more money continue to be their fantasy with rumours brewing that they have formed an Event Management company to bring in finds in return for 30% commission. Why an event management company, when all along NSC is funding everything from A to Z.

The money lending and gambling allegations remains unsolved. Can these characters stand for elections in the first place? With these allegations lingering over their heads, the issue of credibility shall be the question the authorities would like see the change in the candidates contesting. Is this the actual reason why the investigation cannot be closed? And regularly the reason that police is still investigating the case is used as an excuse when these issues are brought up for discussion. Are they buying time until after the election is over to announce the findings? Are facts from the police investigation so damaging to these characters that they need to mitigate by the late announcement of the truth?

Never mind those allegations that are still being investigated. What about those offences which these characters were guilty of in the past. One was suspended for hitting an umpire with a stick but got his sentence reduced by pulling cables in MHF. One character settled out of court his assault case on a hockey player after the match in the changing room.

These are the notorious characters going to run the association and represent Malaysia at internationally platform. As we approach October the full take over plot is high in their agenda. To get out of the RM1.7M financial crisis, rumours are that anyone who brings in RM3 million sponsorship will be guaranteed of the Deputy Presidents post.

With the above facts and view, in no circumstance can this group of unethical individuals continue to manage MHF. The need to have a complete “overhaul” is very timely and necessary. The existing Council members must make way for others to redeem Malaysian pride and restore the standard of Malaysian hockey back to its prime. With issues of Integrity and Credibility in MHF current set-up the authorities and public will not back them to carry on managing MHF.

Note: - Please do not be surprised if you are the state association and find 500 hockey sticks delivered to your office doorsteps in the next few days. This could be the result of their excellent fire fighting technique since this article have exposed the empty promises syndrome which is at the moment rated with a score of 10.

Hockey enthusiasts let’s take the bull by the horns to stop the rot!

Malaysia Boleh!"

Is there truth in what was outlined above? This information in a way has frozen my brains. I always thought that people were seeking positions in National Sports Associations (NSAs) to serve the sport, the nation and of course for a bit of glamour too. Surely only a minority must be engaged in such activities, and hockey may be an exception. Whichever way, it is still bad and something must be done so as it does not spread like a "cancer" and ultimately it become "terminal".

The Affiliates of MHF must ensure that MHF is "clean" of such things as it is their responsibility. Anything otherwise would mean that the Affiliates are blameworthy for permitting it.


Anonymous said...

There were talk that MHF and the FIH VP of SIN have made an agreement that if Malaysia n Singapore co-host, SINGAPORE will cover some of the cost of the recent concluded Champion's Trophy.

If this is true, then due course of actions should be taken to make SHF keep their committments. We should not be taken for a ride by the 'bitchy' traits of SIN.

There must be some sort of ill- arrangement that caused Malaysia to be trapped in this RM1.7mil debt.

How can MHF send a brainless person and an uneducated coach to seal the deal for the Junior World Cup. Whereas, SIN is represented by a lawyer.

We must get into the bottom of this unholy alliance and recover as much as we can from SIN.

Anonymous said...


It seems what happening in MHF and the results of Malaysian Hockey team at all age group are going in one line.

Its tough to bring back hockey to his glory days.


Anonymous said...

Hello bro, hockey is just a waste time. It was a delight to watch hockey matches a few decades ago but now it's like a pinball game. Europeans have dominated not because they are that good. They win matches via penalty corners unlike the Asian, who still believe that skill would win them honours. FIH should look into changing the rules on penalty corners or reintroduce long corners instead.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys

We are losing the hidden agenda here. MHF is in heavy debt. The Singapore tournament is going be a profitable event. There will be cash surplus due to influx from Singapore and sponsors. We shouldnt discount the fact leakages from the operational expenses. If MHF is in control they need to channel the excess cash towards settlement of the "hutang". Prudent measure? Excuse me, that is not going be the case. JHA will be the co-host instead of MHF. Rest is abacus story.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys

We are losing the hidden agenda here. MHF is in heavy debt. The Singapore tournament is going be a profitable event. There will be cash surplus due to influx from Singapore and sponsors. We shouldnt discount the fact leakages from the operational expenses. If MHF is in control they need to channel the excess cash towards settlement of the "hutang". Prudent measure? Excuse me, that is not going be the case. JHA will be the co-host instead of MHF. Rest is abacus story.

Anonymous said...

Dear fellow internationals, its time to rise and protect the wonderful game of hockey. We cant be just sitting back and see the game going down...oops we are already there. Probably we are waiting to see Iceland to the forefront??? please....

Let me take you straight to the point. We read the bias papers and everything is blamed to either the development programme or our players are not good enough for international hockey. Trust me its Bullshit!!! Basically, the coaches are not qualified. Look at the Juniors coach he is the coach who has been with the boys since they were in Bkt Jalil sports school. He nurtured them since then. Five years is a long time for a coach to know where the boys stand. But all we hear is we dont have the players to play in big games. The training programme for the last 5 years merely simple contact game, transfer, pc and goal shooting. Big games are not as simple as that. Tactical approach is the order of the day and our trainings must be skewed to that. We are no where to that and there is no planned set moves or any of that sort. No individual hockey specifics are embedded in the training programme. That is the reason we don't develop a champion or in the olden term "Hockey Wizards.
Why he is not doing it? We cant blame him. The answer is simple. He need to know it himself to teach those advanced skills. He must be able to pick up and correct it during trainings. He need to analyze and find the right match. Guys you and I know that. The juniors coach don't even know how to scoop or flick. Its not a story...you can check yourselves. The coach must be savy enough to be creative or design what best suit his players instead of using some German's training template day in and day out. Boredom eventually sets in and the thinking diminishes. That's the reason the players jam during tight situations. Next we go to U-16 squad. The coach was a waterboy for a Razak Cup and National League team. Never was he involved directly in a game proper. Cheerleader perhaps. Next we have this bald headed coach. For me he is no coach.

We entrust our future of hockey to all these clowns?? No way mate!!! Well one skil they are really excelled in....pussy footing. Sorry to use that phrase on men but similiarities appears here. They adore the chief coach of the National Team. Chief coach became a chief after dropping the senior players and manintained the younger players. This even became easier having the clown coaches around him . This makes him clever. The joke is none of them has a FIH accredition. LOGIC, tells to be top 10 hockey nation, our coach must be top 10. Do we have one? None of the coaches in the line up will qualify for FIH accredition. Next question is what happen to our FIH coaches? Well those with such qualifications were move out tactically to pave the way through for the clowns and the politician. We have two coaches whom were in the same batch with Hendriks in the FIH coaching course . Till date they exchange notes on coaching aspects. None of our clowns has that ability to exchange ideas with the best. Why? Infact, lately one of our up and coming coach attended a FIH coourse conducted by Hendriks and few others. He was also given a opportunity to present a paper for a group. Where is he know?
Mind you all these FIH coaches are olympians and intelectually sound. And MHF rather have an illiterate or a waterboy as the coach instead. Where do you think we are heading to then? MHF least bothered on the quality of coaches. They are more interested in organising tournaments instead. Perhaps they have more important agenda?

Anonymous said...


I have just been notified by my buddies about your Blog n me find it interesting that what me hear from the good old days when we were frequenting Kanan, Azmer,Portugal n Mee Rasa when now points of contention.

About the joint hosting of the JWC, me have privilege to know personality from all over that have inside info on Hockey and its sleaze.

Pls give me time and me will go n come out will a comprehensive report about all that is happening and why we Malysians are lump with a debt of RM1.7.