Friday, August 15, 2008

Malaysia within striking distance of its 1st Olympic Gold

Lee Chong Wei, the Malaysian ranked No 2 in the World Badminton, has booked himself a place in the Olympics Men Badminton Singles finals. In the semi-finals he took on South Korea's Lee Hyun Il and defeated him 21-18, 13-21, 21-13.

Chong Wei's persistent fighting spirit held him together in the 3rd set as the Korean tried to narrow his lead. His jumping cross court smashes, his delicate net play and his stubborn defence was a delight to watch. The South Korean just found it difficult to match Chong Wei's skills as he raced away to win the 3rd set.

Syabas! Chong Wei as you have made Malaysians proud by ensuring that the Jalur Gemilang would be hoisted at the Olympics for the prize award ceremony. All Malaysians would be praying for the glittering colour of gold to be hanging down you neck.

All Malaysians shall be with you as you go to secure the gold in the Olympic Badminton Singles Final.

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