Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Magnificient Olympics Opening Ceremony

Peoples Republic of China (PRC) must be congratulated for such a grand and meaningful opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics. All the years and months of hard work have shown results in the perfection and timely manner the pageantry, and shows, including the lighting of the Olympic flame, were undertaken.

The Bird's Nest Stadium was crowded with multinational representatives from 204 nations; and the spectators, with the numerous VVIPs from various nations, i.e friends and foes, showed at least during such hours the World could put aside their difference and enjoy what Beijing had to offer. Simply spectacular as the skies were lit by the very product the Chinese had introduced to the world i.e gunpowder that is used in making fireworks.

It was wonderful to see the Malaysian contingent in their national dress and with the Jalur Gemilang being carried by one of our athletes. What a proud moment it would be for our athletes, and more so for the parents and the loved ones. I am sure we shall all be praying for the Malaysia's first gold and also other medals too.

The Chef De Mission, Datuk Ho Koh Chye must be busy motivating the athletes to bring honour and pride to the nation and also themselves. Lets wish the Malaysian athletes the very best and
hope they enjoy every moment of their time at the Olympics.

Again, congratulations to the people of China for putting up such a show despite the natural disasters and gruelling problems that the country has had to face. Well done.

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