Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"What is your agenda NPHA".

This regular reader of the blog is a "gem" of a character. Obviously he can "smell a rat" when he reads the comments of an ex-international, who claims to be President of a particular National Players Hockey Association.

Feeling disgusted with such a personality I have to ask the following:

1stly, does this Association represent ex-internationals or all former players in hockey, irrespective of estate, kampong, state or international status.Please note the distinct difference. The former Sports Commissioner who gave the approval would vouch for it.

2ndly, his own Committee members had signed the petition and they know the true story. I challenge this ex-international to list the numbers to his allegations.

3rdly, he must confess how he is involved with the 2 or 3 people in MHF to undermine the good work done by the 102 former internationals.

4thly, the signatories whom they claim did not know the content of the letter were former internationals from Johore and there is reason why they are trying to instill fear in them.

5thly, the President of the so called Players Association must be thinking that the players who signed must be "dumbbells" i.e so stupid they did not know what they are signing.

6thly, the so called President of the former Players Association has only got 20 to 25 members and is envious that he could not get the publicity while his batch mates who had toiled hard were shaking hands with the right people.

7thly, he tried to join the team that went to meet the Sports Minister and he was told that it was not possible. Ask him why? Then we will know the truth.

8thly, it is important that the truth be made known of the large sum of monies collected for a dinner in Ipoh during Sultan Azlan Shah Tournament and the various promises that were made.

The list is longer but i am limiting it for the moment. It is sad how such a person who seems to be a "sour grape", should be helping to improve the status of Malaysian hockey but rather is trying to find fault on a worthy cause. Man ! I suggest you look into the mirror and ask yourself whether you are doing the right thing or is it out of spite.

God shall be the witness of your actions.

Below is the text of the e-mail:

"Excerpts from 2 local papers.

“WHEN there is an issue to be chewed on many will jump on the bandwagon. Today, ex-national player Mohamad Abdul Hadi, president of the National Players Hockey Association (NPHA) is expected to question the credibility of the 102 ex-internationals who….”

“The Ex-International Hockey Players Association is questioning the eligibility of the petition signed by 102 former players which was submitted to several parties including the Sports Ministry and the National Sports Council.According to the association, some of its members penned their signatures without reading the full content of the 'open letter'.Its association president Mohd Abdul Hadi, a former Asian All-Star player, will clarify the matter today.”

If 102 ex-international consisting 37 Olympians, 29 World Cuppers, nine former national coaches, two former national team managers, 10 former captains, one former World XI player and 10 former Asian All-Stars cannot voice their concern about the game, than what right do you have as President of NPHA over the 102 ex-players.

A person being categorised as ex-national players does not give NPHA the right over them. NPHA may have some right over those ex-national players who are in the association, but then again why is NPHA trying accuse and judge others of their credibility and the eligibility of the petition signed.

Credibility is a big word. If you look up in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, it is described as the objective and subjective components of the believability of a source or message. Hence if the source is coming from a person who has gone through legal proceedings, for example a Bankruptcy Act 1967 Section 104 proceedings then his credibility or trustworthiness would have been questioned. I don’t think all the 102 have gone through that.

I am sure that all the NHPA members are aware of what they are signing. Since they are all adults NPHA does not need to speak on their behalf.

I am also not sure if NPHA has any constitution to fall back on, if NPHA has then please deal with your internal matters in house and not create more bullshit to kill the game.

Organising dinners and giving awards to selected individuals do not contribute much to the game. NPHA has also questioned some ex-international who conducted hockey courses and clinics in their capacity in their effort to improve the game.
However on NPHA part, Mohamad Abdul Hadi the president has announced on 28th July 2007:

"The idea is not to challenge, or compete with the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF), but to work together and produce players at the grassroots."

"We will hold tournaments, popularise the sport in remote areas by organising clinics and courses, help cheer the national team during tournaments, and work with the Education Ministry to promote hockey in schools," said Hadi.

I guess after 1 year it in still in the pipeline!

As such why must individuals go through NPHA before they can do anything with regards with hockey?

Are these individuals another group of power crazy and self-centred individuals?

I hope the rumour behind the forming of NPHA is not true. Some claim that this is a vehicle to start a consortium to get into business i.e contract to build turfs, monopoly to sell and distribute hockey equipments in schools and sukan teras etc.

If all this rumours are true about NPHA? Which I sincerely hope not, the members that are misled should resign in my opinion.

How does NPHA plan to help hockey since all NPHA members have gained from representing Malaysia? We shall wait and see!

Malaysia Boleh! "

I must express my gratitude to the reader for expressing his views. He has asked the right questions and lets see if the President of the so called Players Association has the guts to reply. Maybe, his friends in MHF may be able to assist. It is strange how 3 or 4 people in MHF can spoil the name of MHF and ultimately kill Malaysian hockey. Now at least we know where the President of the former Players Association stands.


dev said...

dei one reads the shit you write la..i just wasted my time.

Anonymous said...

Dev - the mere fact you check out the blog I assume that you have an interest and if what is written doesnt make you happy then learn how to deal and live with it.
It could be shit to you but not for the hockey lovers who cant get the true picture from the mainstream media.

The fans want the truth and to find out the reason why the so called concerned President of NPHA suddenly come out of the woodwork -it shows us his true colours and character.Sorry for the assumption but thats how the president chooses to potray.

Here he smells "opportunity" to meet the higher authorities and get some recognition - he wants to jump on the bandwagon and spearhead the call for change with the assumption that NPHA represent all hockey players.

He has come forward "to defend the cause and curry favour" with the power brokers for want of mutual benefit.Itlooks like because he felt slighted or by passed he wants some cheap publicity to play the "good guy"with MHF and the public to show his and NPHA concern.

It is easy for him to throw figures and percentages wildly to the NST / MM reporters who bought it wholesale but I wonder if the figures quoted has been verified by the "independent reporters". If he is not happy with the letter and therefore presumably not a signatory who provided him the name and numbers - conspiracy?

If NPHA was formed purely for business reasons as stated and then chose to keep it exclusive to a few "buddies" to control at their will so be it their freedom.

Since 2006 what have NPHA done - list them down so we can see and appreciate the good work done.

Organising dinners for profit is not development of the game but profit making opportunity for a few.But I am not sure he understands

In my view I think the ex-Internationals are no fools as most if not all of them do not need this kind of publicity but came forward to voice concern with the state of the game in Malaysia. Definitely not interested in this mud slinging created by the press.

No one signs blindly not knowing the consequences especially with the present regime.Now to do damage control and fire fighting numbers are thrown around - why dont the NPHA president name the players involved so the public can see the integrity of the players who have been forced to withdraw or coerce to withdraw by those concerned with threats or rewards.

I admire the cheek and gall to ask to sit together to put a joint proposal after hitting out - why so. Maybe he doesnt have any ideas / solution - not surprising?

Anonymous said...

What is this NPHA all about? i am being ex-international myself not aware of the existance. Having played 2 olmpics and a world cup I should be made known. Called my olympian friends and they too not a member. Maybe Hadi should have the courtesy to inform us. Unless this is a case of self elected president. Please do not tarnish our reputation being an ex-international.

Anonymous said...

Yes it was verified.. But voice-in-sports must get his facts right. NPHA has only 14 or 15 members and not 25. I know,because, I was there at the press conference.
See yaaa