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True Story - "Happenings in MHF Level 3 Coaching course"

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" Frustrated Participant Writes-A True Incident in the Level 3 MHF Coaching Course.I was one of the participant in the recent MHF Level 3 Coaching Course.I did not believe what was happening in the Hockey Scenario until I witnessed with my own eyes and I couldn't wait to reach home to write in the blog. The other participant gave me 2 blogs that is Rizal and Gandhi. This is the first time I am coming into a blog because I heard the local Newspapers own carry out anything about bad about MHF.The course was runned by 5 appointed officials from MHF. One was acting like a coordinator and another old one was passing time there. The GK Coach from Pakistan with his old Methodology was a survivor.The other two was the National Chief Coach and the ex Junior Coach who resigned recently. They both were very shallow in their presentation and experience in conducting a Level 3 course. We got a shock when the National Coach was picking on officials from MSN whom were conducting the course. He was not sure of the subject. He did not know terminologies. The ex junior coach was only a theory man and he did not even held a hockey stick do show any demonstration. Now I know why the Malaysian Hockey standard is going down the drains.The personnel whom saved the course was from MSN. Thanks to coach Vivek from MSN who made the course lively. He executed and demonstrated skills and new hockey strategies which some of the ex internationals who attended the course gave credit to him. He gave about 10 VCD that was latest in hockey that MHF do not have. He was condemned by the National Chief Coach. It was against Ethics of a coach.Instructors from MSN were well prepared and contributed lot to the course. A special thanks to Dr Joseph Raju the Biomechanics whose video session was so lively because of his teaching ability. I don't know why people like him is not used by MHF. Credit should be given to officers from MSN whom were there throughout the course not likje the MHF officials who were there for the opening and closing ceremony only. Special thanks to Cik Mastura from MSN who was the Coordinator.
We participants also got the information that MHF did not even had time table and a syllabus. It was all done by Coach Vivek from MSN. His hard work made the course a successful one because I had the opportunity to do my level 1 and 2 with him.Such a lively and dynamic man. He is the correct man to do coach development for hockey in MSN and MSN as chosen the right person. The same goes to all the MSN officials.MSN as to put some afford to do something to stop the rotting of hockey in MHF.This is all the truth. We had 31 participants , if at all they are sincere they will become witness for my statements above. About 70% will do so."

"Frustrated Participant "

Yet again a Government institution has saved hockey. What is really happening in MHF? You really want to know? They are pre-occupied trying to undermine others who are endeavouring to save hockey. Therefore, they do not have the time to do their normal work. These are the very people who day in and day out are planning to remain in power in MHF. They have already started their campaign. That's all their interest.


Anonymous said...

I was also a participant of the Level 3 MHF course. I am not taking sides and deny the above allegations is also not true but just for the good of hockey what MHF should had done. The 5 MHF Instructors were not ready for the course compared to 1 from MSN and 3 from ISN ( correction)
What MHF should had done is that they should had sat down with the MSN and ISN Instructors in preparing and presenting the topics.It was sad to say that there was no proper notes given like the previous courses done by in Level 1 and 2.
The so called MHF Instructors were not aware of the terms used. They were very confused because the person who taught the skills and demonstrated was from MSN and he had all the evidence in VCD given to the participants . How can he go wrong. So goes to the ISN Instructors.
Now the problem is that we participants were taught by MSN Instructor but the assesement of the practical teaching was done by MHF Instructors whom were not sure of the topics . So in giving marks we are going to become victims.
I blame MSN in allowing MHF to do a level 3 course when MHF is not ready to do the course and the participants become victims.
I hope that it doesn't happen again.

Victim of Circumstances

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is that having the Level 3 for the sake of organising and producing more Level 3 coaches is not the only solution to our hockey problems.

It is the highest local qualification and those with level 3 must have the qualifications, experience/commitment/hockey intelligence/ sports sciences to be able to handle National teams / MHL top teams. We shouldn't devalue it otherwise we will be a laughing stock with other coaches worldwide when our coaches attend FIH courses and cannot hold their own. if we do not have the material then we should not organise it just to show we have conducted it or to please the affliates.

If the standard is not maintain and the quality of coaches getting the Level 3 is compromised then it become just another certificate required to earn more allowances. In no time every other coach is a level 3 coach so whats so great about being a level 3 coach.

The instructors for LEVEL 3 coaching course must be able to assess the participant objectively but if they themselves are not able to transfer the knowledge( if they have it) then we are in trouble.

Looks like there was lack of plannning, content,quality where even the instructors dont even understand simple terminology -it exposes their shortcoming and knowledge and if the authorities MHF and MSN cannot see this then what is there more to say.

MSN officials probably save the course but then what about the technical / tactical areas / latest hockey development /game analysis that I am sure should have been covered by the MHF representatives. Did it meet the required standard? Thats the question - otherwise it is just an activity to fill up the calendar of activities.

Water finds it own level and if you do not have it then one day you will be exposed and lets be honest the participants will not keep quiet and they will talk about what went on and word gets around.

rizal hashim said...

Victim of circumstances,

I agree with you. NSC or ISN as the coordinating bodies must co-ordinate! They have LOs and administrative staff to do the necessary.

They are paid to do their job!

Anonymous said...

Brother the Level 3 Results For your Information:
Only 5 will get through. The Senior team attachement coach ( who did not know what the practical teaching about),yhe under 16 coach who went to Germany( who couldn't demonstrate the skill) and 3 other the relation(lost during the coach-blank) of the national coach. All Cronism.
Those who signed and support the 102 sure to fail.

Malaysia Hockey Semua Boleh!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous August 13,

The ISN and MSN Instructors were superp. All the evidence given on VCD. The latest tactics even the current National players won't know. This is nor carrying any one!They showed in practical session all the latest tactics wherby the Instructors from MHF were no where.Credit should go to tne ISN and MSN instructors. Sorry brother this is the truth.