Thursday, September 18, 2008

Did MHF "exhume" the Wawasan Hoki Negara for their meeting with the Sports Minister?

Another article i received by e-mail. This writer is a regular participant at my blog. This time he must have written his article in a hurry. Unusual as there are a few grammatical errors which i feel is improper for me to amend.

Nevertheless, he made his point and it is important that we give it a thought.

As for the 102 former hockey internationals submission, it would be good to know what they have proposed. Some would think 102 brains would give you better ideas while others may say "too many cooks spoil the broth". Until we know what is in the submission it would be wrong to prejudge their submission.

The text of the e-mail is as follows:

"Firstly I must congratulate the 102 for successfully submitting to the Sports Minister their proposal to improve Malaysian hockey. I am sure the contents will be very useful since “102 heads” contributed to this..

The NST article on Monday revealed that there will not be a “3 corner fight” which was earlier predicted to happen after the 102 meet the Sports Minister which prompted other parties to jump on the wagon to share the limelight.

The other parties that showed interest are the President of NPHA on his own capacity and the parent body, MHF who can’t wait to prove their innocents in the debacle. The President of NHPA has since gone “missing” after making much fuss about the integrity of 102’s role.

As predicted also, MHF will be using the “Wawasan Hoki Negara” as reported in the press to fight their case to continue claiming capable of running hockey to turn things around. Can WHN be the answer since it was left to collect dust after so long? It will be interesting to see how MHF is going to put forward to the Minister the WHN when it is considered obsolete with the derailed timeline and failure to achieve most of the targets. Amendments to the WHN will most likely be MHF answer to the problem. However can the shortcut style of cut and phase technique work when Malaysian hockey is in this pathetic state.

The issue now is not about setting targets and give empty promises but the basics principle of running the MHF administration and core principle aspects of coaching. Commitment, accountability, planning and transparency are the main causes to the the problems in hand. We shall see the response from the authorities since the original version of WHN is known to them and a copy is probably also in their possession.

Malaysia Boleh!"

It is surprising to see the "Wawasan" document resurface. My understanding is the current Management in MHF had buried it with a RIP note. I wonder why they have exhumed it? There must be a reason.

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