Sunday, September 21, 2008

MCA must clarify the rumours.

Within the cricketing fraternity, there are groups; and each is waiting for the other to make "boo-boos". The umpires, players, officials, "arm chair critics" and others are some of them. Obviously, people will be wondering where to place me.

It is nice to hear them gossip except when some are so serious to the stage that it is tantamount to vengeance. Some of these arguments have manifested in the "comments" column of this blog under the cricketing articles.

In a way it is healthy, so long as it does not deteriorate to personal attacks and ultimately destroy the game of cricket. People, where ever they are, holding positions in cricketing associations, officials, players or spectators, they must understand the first principle in cricket. Cricket is a gentleman's game. As such the decorum must be followed. Many may not realise it, but it is a sacrosanct rule.

Lately, through the blog, some unknowingly have made it known of certain activities at MCA. If it is held to be truthful, it would not do good for MCA and cricket. Still, as it remains a rumour, it means "tails are being wagged" and it sounds like a "whisper" campaign is on. Time has come that I draw attention to MCA and let them formally lay to rest the issues whether right or wrong.

Some of the issues are:
  • Payments for the 7 Sri Lankan expats, who were here for 3 months - The issue is these players were paid by MCA through an allocation from National Sports Council (NSC). The question is: Were they required? Apparently they were paid around US$1500 per month and people are of the view it did not serve the purpose. Their presences accelerated and increased the tension levels. Part of the reason is that these foreign players felt obliged to the MCA Vice President and the former Captain of the National team, who had interviewed and selected them in Sri Lanka. There is a view that these funds were wasted as the foreign players were not of any cricketing stature and the funds could have been better use.
  • Payment for the National Coach from Sri Lanka - Asian Cricket Council (ACC) allocates funds for the non-Tests Asian countries for the appointment of Coach. Apparently the allocation is sufficient to cover the appointment of a qualified foreign coach. Yet, it is told that MCA had applied to NSC for the salary of the National Coach from Sri Lanka for a period of 4 months for US$3500 per month. There is a belief that NSC did approve a payment of US$2500 per month for 3 months. The question is where did ACC's money for the Coach go to? MCA cannot say that they paid the Assistant National Coach because he receives a pathetic RM50 per day for nearly 12 hours a day. Many cannot understand why the Assistant continues especially as his petrol bill itself would eat into 50% of his daily payment. Those who are close to MCA indicate the probability of "juggling" the funds to meet immediate expenses irrespective what it was meant for. Still at the end of the day the "balancing" act has to take place.
  • ACC Tournament in Kuala Lumpur - MCA went out to help ACC as the schedule tournament was to be held somewhere else and the host nation could not proceed. ACC was prepared to pay for the entire expense except they badly needed a host. Again there is talk that MCA formally applied for some sort of grant from NSC to organise the ACC tournament in Malaysia. If that is a fact, then such an application to NSC would be misleading the Authorities.
  • Foreign Players and National Coach on social visit pass - Is this just a speculation? Maybe there are people who just want to create a "stir" for MCA. The point i raise this, is for MCA to do something and put the issue to rest. The talk is not good for MCA, as it gives the impression that all these appointments do not follow the Immigration rules.
I must say some of these rumours have been going around for sometime. I thought they would find a natural death but instead they are persistently resurfacing. I believe MCA can help to finally put it to rest in which ever way.


Anonymous said...

Ooo, some feathers must be ruffled now. Good thing is that the MCA, ACC and NSC are within the Klang Valley vicinity so we should have no problems getting info from the 'horses' mouths'. The readers of this site would appreciate if the the main players kindly clear the air once and for all. No political agenda are involved here, just transparency and good governance needed.

Anonymous said...

The finance reports of the MCA and ACC should be available for public scruntiny. Maybe some kind gentlemen should provide Gandhi the detailed expenditures to clear the issues?

Anonymous said...

Some comments in this blog are very unfair to MCA, umpires and all other officials. Please try to understand one thing this is an cricket association and dont gossip. If who ever feel its not right whats going on in MCA, please come in as an Exco member as the elections are in Feb 2009. Please correct them and dont tarnish the names of officials. I am not an official, not a player, not an umpire but I have known everyone for about 14 years. MCA is trying to do good. I admit politics are there you can correct it please please i beg you come forward as one of the Exco member. Thank you.