Sunday, September 14, 2008

Junior Hockey World Cup - MHF can help to erase any doubts. Would they?

On the 30th August 2008 I wrote the article: "MHF's peculiarities in organising Junior Hockey World Cup". In that article I raised about 12 questions, and to-date the questions remains a "thorn" in my thinking process. Again I was reminded of some of the issues following a comment in my recent post, entitled: "Junior Hockey World Cup - Do we know the truth".

What is puzzling in the episode of the Junior Hockey World Cup (JHWC) is whether MHF had properly undertaken their act. I raise this as there are gaps in the chronology that creates certain doubts. These doubts can be easily erased if there are answers for the following questions:
  1. Did the MHF Management Committee and the MHF Council formally agree for the joint bidding as co-hosts with the Singapore Hockey Federation (SHF) for the 2009 JHWC? If so, when?
  2. Did the MHF provide the reasons why they wanted to bid on a co-hosting basis, and whether there was a formal understanding between the MHF and the SHF?
  3. Did the MHF and the MHF Council agree that the venue for co-hosting the JHWC shall be Johor Baru? If so, what was the rationale?
  4. Did the MHF provide an undertaking to the International Hockey Federation (FIH) that they shall build 2 new stadiums in Johor Baru if Malaysia was selected as a co-host for the JHWC? If so, what was the basis for providing such an undertaking?
  5. Did the MHF Management Committee and the MHF Council approve the bidding document to co-host, with such an undertaking?
  6. Did the MHF formally inform the Government i.e NSC that they were bidding with the SHF to co-host the JHWC and Johor Baru shall be the venue, with an undertaking that 2 new stadiums shall be built? If so did the NSC provide their consent?
Most of these questions would put the MHF in a difficult position unless they have undertaken matters in the proper way. Then, the whole issue of the JHWC becomes a non-issue. It may not sound that simple because the NSC's support was given 4 to 5 months after the award to Malaysia to co-hosts. The other 2 important aspect is that the NSC's letter did not state that the MHF's bid was on a co-hosting basis and further they did specify that Kuala Lumpur shall be the venue.

The MHF has much to answer. They have decided to provide the bare minimum of information and hope that all goes well. This is fair provided that everything is properly done. If the MHF feels so, then the the JHWC can be easily put to rest by clearing any lingering doubts. It is as simple as that.

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