Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gangsterism in MCA

Reading the number of comments in the blog on cricket, it may give the impression that cricket has very large amount of followers. Maybe this was true 20 or 30 years ago, but now even for the Affiliates to have their own league is a struggle. One thing is for sure and that is the people involved are quite vociferous, which may have created the impression.

Being "loud" is not an issue, except when one prolongs the matter by just trying to be "one up on the other". A lot of this have arisen because of the inconsistencies that prevail in the MCA. The people that hold positions take the view that they have certain "rights" which are unquestionable. They believe they can do what they want, because they have the power to do so. Most of the time it is arbitrarily undertaken without considering the merits of the issue. Friendship, family connections, revenge or the need for votes, tend to sway the decisions.

Sad but that is the reality. The President of the MCA does not have time with his other commitments, while the Deputy President relies on the power of the votes or having the right connections, which in a way has not given MCA the firm leadership. This leaves the others to undertake what they want on a "cliquish" basis. Therefore in the words of one of the "commentators", it is a policy of scratching one anothers backs to achieve the desired decision. Can you imagine that the Financial Committee had indulged in a discussion involving Umpires, players and an MCA senior official. Mind you, this has nothing to do with finance!!!!

That is what happens in MCA today.

Therefore it is not surprising that i received a e-mai titled "Gangsterism in MCA" describing some of the antics that prevail in MCA. The text is as follows:

"MCA is at it again.

Yesterday they awarded the match to FT. How did they come to that decision? No competition committee meeting was held. Members of the competition committee were not called. There was no inquiry held. The affected umpires were not called the Selangor team rep. was not called.

Four persons met at the MCA office who was the Vice President, Competitions Chairman, The Acting Competitions Chairman and the FT team manager. What do you call this gathering?

The most surprising and unethical part is that two persons decided the verdict. It is the competitions chairman and the acting competitions chairman. If the acting competitions chairman is present why is the competitions chairman there? If the competitions chairman is present why is the acting competitions chairman there?

The acting competitions chairman has overruled the Competition Chairman and compelled the MCA staff to send email to the Selangor team undersigned by the Acting Competitions Chairman. Why is the Competitions Chairman allowing this? If his is not capable of doing his job then he should resign and let the acting chairman take over his duty. Tell him not to make a mockery of himself and become a laughing-stock. Again we see here that the acting competitions chairman seem to take an upper-hand of things.

It was known that the Acting Competitions Chairman was consulting Hon. Sect. most of the time before the decision was made.

The decision made has made many people upset including team managers of certain teams in the Premier League. An SMS had been send quoting;


MCA Development Committee Chairman and MCA Domestic Competitions Chairman.

The decision to award the Premier League match between FT and Selangor to FT by two MCA EXCO members is not agreed upon by the ____Cricket Association. The process in which this decision came about was wrong and unacceptable. ____ Team Manager. cc EXCO."


Anonymous said...

I am sure MCA employees or EXCO members are feeding you with all this news.

MCA has 'dedicated' employees. I wish they could update their website as frequent as they send you letters.

Anonymous said...

Referring to previous article, the last few comments were hitting on the umpires and the writer who send you the original letter, so he/she has come out with a different topic now.

This will never end.

What do the writer or perhaps you get from this??

Cricket is so small in this country but the politics / agenda in it is so amazing!!!

Over my dead body Malaysia will be a test nation come 2020!!!

Anonymous said...

This blog site provides an avenue for discussion / comments / ego trips for some about Malaysian cricket never before available. The cricket issues seem to be getting more comments than the hockey ones posted by the moderator. To one who is not from Malaysia will wonder either cricket has a bigger following than hockey (just like what Gandhi mentioned) or the administration of the former is so corrupted and inefficient that warrant an alternative avenue for those involve in the game directly or indirectly to air their grievances. If the allegations are baseless and malicious, then the administrators could either rebut or ignore and continue their business as usual BUT if there is evidence that substantiate the numerous allegations, then they (whoever is responsible) better be ready to face the music because judging from the comments, the commentators are not going to let the issues subside.
Keep it up Gandhi.

Doosra said...

Dear Gandhi,

Few of my friends (social cricketers) commented on the acting Competition chairman

Please see below on the comment

If any body talks to him about cricket, he is more interested in talking about the indonesian cricket league and Malacca league, according to him. he says indonesian team and Malacca teams will trash Malaysian team in all the level, Its a joke, sitting in MCA and praising the neighboring countries cricket development and the standard of the league except his own state league and development ( Because he is the president of Malacca State Association and founder of Indonesian Cricket which he thinks).

So personally my friends feel Malaysian Cricket has no development except Malacca and no high standard league except Malacca league.(the way he spoke them )

Cricketers in Malaysia, If you want to improve your cricket, please play Malacca league where you can play against Ricky Ponting (acting Comp Chairman)

He speaks more about the Indonesian Cricket Leagues standard so
How the Malaysian cricket will improve with this kind of person sitting in the exco.

Power Crazy Guy
Useless acting competition chairman.
Only Action
Talks Big
No Cricket Knowledge
'0' '0'
waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Hello Doosra,

You are absolutely right about the acting competition chairman. He is '0' '0'. You must see their cricket shirt with their association logo. They have spelled wrongly the word Malacca in the logo. It is spelled Melacca Cricket Association. A big disgrace to the people of Malacca and the President should take the blame, if he is aware of it?

How can he do cricket development in Malacca while during the league he was using players basically from KL, Negeri and Selangor. Why wasn't he using the Under 21 boys who played in the recent super 8? Malacca Cricket will not develop with him as the chairman!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How can Malacca trash Malaysian teams in all the level, Its a joke. Yes its a joke!!! In the Devision 1 league Malacca lost to Johor, narrowly won Sabah.

Anonymous said...

Let the match remain as a draw. The 1 point to Selangor might prevent them from being demoted.......

Anonymous said...

Comment no 6,

You forgot to include that Malacca beat the under 17 school boys side. They should been given credit for that.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong, I just surfed the MCA website and saw the Premier League teams standing who showed 1 point was awarded to both FT and Selangor (last updated on 19th Sept).
Are we getting false and malicious information from individuals out to vindicate the office bearers there or rather the matter has not been publicised yet?