Sunday, September 28, 2008

MHF - "Seated comfortably in their positions".

The question I am constantly asking is: Why do the incumbents want to hold on or stand for re-election for a position in MHF? The incumbents have failed miserably as Malaysia's international performance from Senior and Junior to the various other Age groups has suffered all round setbacks. The incumbents decision to hand over Age Group tournaments to Ministry of Education and cancel Champions School tournament after 20 years, is literally putting the last nail on the coffin of development in hockey. The fact that Sukan Teras and Tunas Cemerlang is outside MHF's ambit shows that MHF is completely without a feeder system under their control. Further with NSC funding well over 90% of hockey expenditure, there is really nothing much for the incumbents to do.

Probably, that may be the reason the incumbents want to stay on. There is not much work in MHF as all have been outsourced to NSC including financing. The incumbents feel all they need to do is to "shake legs" and make decision on spending other peoples monies. Honestly, this is quite a comfortable way of undertaking the task which they have been elected to undertake. Now I can understand the incumbents "appetite" as they fulfill their"greed" for positions in MHF.

The sad thing is the incumbents are not bothered about the game. It is all about positions and positioning themselves to be re-elected. It would seem over the 2 years in holding office, not only has Malaysia failed to qualify for a World Cup and an Olympics but they were also struggling with teams that are regarded minnows in hockey. While all this is going on in the field, the incumbents seemly also have been abusing their position and power. Unilateral decision making, hiding salient details from various parties, fortifying ones own team without due consideration for regulations, providing inaccurate statements so as to muzzle any form of actions, continuously creating excuses and passing the "bug" to others and many others which are undertaken to give an impression all is well in MHF. It is essentially a "Machiavellian" approach, thereby creating a "make believe" scenario.

Once or twice people may buy it. In MHF's case it has been going on since the incumbents were elected to their position 2 years ago. Even if they do the right thing people would not believe them anymore.This is the problem like the "cry wolf" nursery story.

In a way we are lucky that the NSC is a good "sugar daddy" for hockey. Whatever it may be or however disastrous the national teams can play, yet NSC is there to support hockey. Take for example, the current Hamburg 4 Nation tournament, where our National Team is participating. Really in the overall targets of the National Team how does this tournament help? More so it is after the month of Ramadan and it would not be fair for our boys. Further it is expected that the other 3 teams i.e Germany, Belgium and Pakistan would be sending a younger team for rebuilding purposes. If that is the case Malaysia too should have sent a mix team of Juniors and Seniors to give better exposure for our younger boys who have the Junior World Cup in June 2009.

This is where our incumbents seem unable to think and plan carefully. The comfortable position in their chairs in MHF would make it difficult for them to exercise their minds. Here again NSC also seem to fail as they are also very comfortable in permitting MHF to spend the funds without knowing what is MHF's overall game plan including the purpose of participating at the Hamburg tournament.

Of course the main culprits in MHF are the Affiliates. They have permitted MHF to decay to the core because the Affiliates just allowed the people in power to do what they like. Although there are some who do stand up yet they seem to be bullied by certain official. Not that it frightens them but the silence of the other Affiliates shows how people are just worried of themselves and their "turf" only. The relationship created by the trips or positions they are offered has instilled an obligated outlook in their minds that they do not want to "shake the tree".

Until the Affiliates have the guts to do the right thing than there is no way anything better can happen to overcome the dismal state of Malaysian hockey. After all the President and Deputy President can still dictate their own terms to decide who could become the future President, while the Affiliates just sit and watch. So Affiliates, what are you all going to do about all this in MHF?

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