Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ministry of Youth & Sports must check the "charade" that is going on in MHF.

There iare rumours in town that various key people in MHF are my sources of information . I would like to deny it outright; but it would raise a question: How do I have access to such news? I really do not know why people are sensitive as to how such news ends up in my blog. The point is that it is not Official Secrets of the State nor price sensitive information. It is only hockey!

Maybe MHF is sensitive because their actions are coming under scrutiny and they find it difficult to cope with good governance and transparency. Their argument would be that the system within MHF itself acts as a check and balance, so why allow others outside MHF to poke in their noses? A good question, except MHF is heavily funded by Government funds through NSC therefore it becomes a peoples' matter. Until MHF is financially independent without State funds then they can choose to ignore the nosiness of the public.

Lets look at some of their actions where MHF's system of check anf balance completely failed to detect the abuse that has taken place.
  1. Organising Champions Trophy and incurring RM 1.3m in debts - MHF did not spell out why they were so keen to replace Lahore as the chosen venue by FIH for the Tournament. Driven by the principle of "doing a favour to derive a favour", MHF through its friends in SHF were hoping to co-host the 2009 Junior Hockey World Cup. Of course for Singapore on their own they would not have been given the privilege as they are not a highly ranked nation in hockey. Therefore "piggy riding" on Malaysia's good track record in organising international hockey tournaments was surely a conditional precedent for Singapore. Maybe the debt of RM 1.3m is MHF's way of displaying their commitment for the 2009 Tournament.
  2. Co-hosting 2009 Junior Hockey World Cup - MHF undertook the bidding for co-hosting without Government's support. In their bidding they had given an "undertaking" for 2 new stadiums to be built and that the venue shall be Johor Baru. FIH awarded the co-hosting in November 2007 to Malaysia with the condition of the "undertaking" to be fulfilled. NSC was only requested for the Government support letter 5 months after the FIH award. Even then MHF did not inform NSC of the "undertaking" to build the 2 stadiums and that Johor Baru shall be the venue. Instead NSC gave support for bidding in March 2008, as though Malaysia is bidding on its own and Kuala Lumpur shall be the venue.
  3. Johor Hockey Association (JHA) the main Organiser of 2009 Junior Hockey World Cup - JHA became a principal player and as to how they got there is subject to a guessing game. Apparently, JHA held a number of meetings with SHF and moved key aspects along the way. This was done in a strange manner without MHF's full authority. Solely the decision of the Deputy President of MHF. The power he has derived seems to give him the right to make unilateral decisions. All this had a purpose.
  4. Johor State Government allocates RM 40.0m with request for additional funding of RM 10.0m - The maneuvering and manipulation of the bidding documentation and the NSC Government support letter were done in order to give the impression to Johor State Government that there has been an endorsement from Federal Government and that the "undertaking" of building the 2 stadiums as stated in the FIH Letter of Award had to be fulfilled. Creating the perception that JHA is the main party enhanced the case to the Johor Government.
  5. Why all this charade? - It was required to undertake the charade to obtain the clearance to start construction of the 2 stadiums. Awaiting for Ministry of Youth & Sports would have created an issue because the matter is not consistent with NSC's letter. Therefore utilising FIH Letter of Award gave evidence as though the Ministry must have endorsed the undertaking of building the 2 stadiums. Further it is rumoured that Johor Baru has been earmarked as the future head office of MHF. The story that is being told is that the Deputy President is putting a line-up for the MHF election scheduled on 1st November. The believe is that he will win and move MHF to Johor Baru as a matter of necessity.
It would be interesting to see whether Ministry of Youth & Sports, NSC, Johor State Government and MHF Council were aware of some of these intricate details. To spend nearly RM 50m for hockey stadiums in these difficult times is a waste of good money. More so, as our standard of hockey has drastically deteriorated and the amount could have been used to rebuild Malaysian hockey to world standard. What is the point of increasing the number of our facilities that are world standard, when we have 3rd class players (and management!). It seems the administrators of hockey have lost all focus and priority.

I hope the Ministry of Youth & Sports can do something which could get rid of this "play acting" by certain personalities who are the main cause of our nation's dismal performance in hockey.


Anonymous said...


We, Malaysians are being bushwhack again.

Read the report by the SIN 'TODAY' paper on 16 SEP, the SHF/FIH official have laid out in detail about the organization of the JWC and it was made known that SIN will have the 'lion' share of lime light by having the opening ceremony done in SIN.

How can they come to this arrangement 'f--' any Hockey fans mind. A country who is a beating boy in the international arena can have the priviledge to have the lion share of the limelight of the tounament.

My read on this, is that the FIH election is approaching and the SIN/FIH official needs to have a platform for publicity to made herself known as SIN cannot have any opportunity to host any tounament due to their low standard. And with the concurrance of FIH whom also need the occasion as there is rumoured of a'fight' this time, they cunningly roped in Malaysia to 'piggy back' their intentions.

And our naive representatives took their offer of higher office in their future set-up hook,line and sinker and we fall prey to SHF scam and inducement.

God willing, all our affiliates during the coming MHF election will bring in the right calibre people to stand up to the SIN influence and bring MHF credibilty back and not to be seen to be pushover by the power that be.

Can any one come up with a single benefit that we co-host with SIN?

NSC and MHF please do not let our taxpayers down.

Really upset, bro.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gandhi,

In respond to "Anonymous" comment, I wish to highlight the following:
1) This particular "Anonymous" person seem to have huge interest & knowledge of hockey in this region. By his admission in his opening line and to have read a Singapore paper, I can assume then that he must be a Malaysian residing in Singapore, perhaps working and earning a living there. This case be, he should refrain from writing unkind and degading remarks about the standard of hockey in the very country he is deriving his income to feed his family lest he be construed as a nameless sour grape who is out to get even in his personal vendetta.
2) To maintain good relation between neighbours, I sincerely hope that Gandhi Jee will discontinue to publish comments made by "Anonymous" and others alike that will create animosity and ill feelings unless they can substantiate with facts and sincere enough to identify themselves. Otherwise they should be ignored totally.


Former Singapore International

Anonymous said...


you must have a reality check if anyone like 'Former SIN International' thinks that SIN is not sub-standard in Hockey performance on the pitch and we are running SIN down.

But we will not dispute their flair in the area of technical performance in the FIH arena by their 'bartering'.

Like he is for his SIN, we are for our 'negri' as we are being shortchanged by SIN/FIH inducement or else why must we go down this road.

Anyone can derive a living from any where, but one cannot prevent the truth from being highlighted and open for public discussion or consumption. It does not mean that one tell the truth,one is ungrateful or sour grapes but credit must be given if one's take is sensible.

It is better to be labeled anything then being out of touch with reality and prick your conscience.

We are perfectly sure that our Host,Ghandi have the intelligence to see facts from friction and he did not need promting about his biz.

Uninternational but imaginative