Monday, September 29, 2008

An illusion promise to deliver again?

"Malaysia Boleh" the author of a number of articles in this blog has appeared again. I thought with the Ramadan month he decided to take a break and refrain from making any comments. I was wrong and i must state that it is good to have him back.

The author seem to give an insight into what is happening. It seem that no one is bothered with all the empty promises. The Affiliates are being wooed while NSC continues its role as a "sugar daddy." Therefore MHF has no one to account too. Absolutely a free ride and they can continue their empty promises. Strange but that is the reality.

"Malaysia Boleh" has taken the time to give us his view and has appropriately titled it as an "illusion promise".

Below is the text of his article:

"Two articles posted recently have cleared the air on MHF’s perspective in running age group development programmes.

As for the elite level, the team management is singing a different song all together having again promised to deliver, this time around a direct entry to the 2010 World Cup (without going through the qualifying process) and a result oriented target, the finals at Hamburg Masters. This are surely illusion pledges in the opinion of most people. Direct entry is also their latest motto and propaganda to stay in power to protect their jobs. Looking at the on going preparation, the direct entry to the 2010 World Cup may not happen at all. To start with, the decision to send a team to the Hamburg Masters is questionable since the players’ are not motivated as it clashes with Hari Raya. As usual players’ showing poor commitment and the team is also undergoing substandard training programme. The Holly Ramadan Month which is to bring good things was used as an excuse to train once a day in the pre-competition phase leading to the Hamburg Masters. If preparation was good, positive result may not be impossible since the German Hockey Federation is likely to field their Under 21 to gain exposure while resting their Olympic team. With Pakistan going through another restructuring exercise let us see how prepared are we against them. If we can not beat Pakistan in their chaotic state now, we may just forget about 2010 since there are still Korea, Japan and China that is in our way to make the 2010 direct entry a reality.

In the Sports Minister’s enthusiasm to see hockey back in the 2012 London Olympic as how he has describes it, “the road to London” will probably be just a dream. This target is an unachievable feat asked upon the current National Team (NT) management. It is not that the target is unrealistic but areas of management and coaching non-conformance that will fail us again. Failure in 2010 will further see the spiral effect beyond that thus making the winding road to London an illusion considering MHF’s level of accountability in their development role and the volatile back scene in the Junior Team (JT). The possible injection of the better junior players to the senior team before 2012 Olympic is probably zero. Just like the NT, JT will not be ready physical and mentally due to the same typical mindset of coaches a single training session daily without the strength program.

With that said and done can we just depend on the senior players to deliver in the future? The regular propaganda for not doing well because the national coach inherited “YOUNG PLAYERS/TEAM” cannot be acceptable anymore. Three years has since gone by after the 2005 Rotterdam Junior World Cup. Junior players in NT are now 25 years old. The NT players’ average age and number of international caps at the Olympic qualifier was 25 and 85 respectively. Can age and experience continue to be one of their many lame excuses? With allegations of gambling and illegal money lending activities within the team still not addressed by MHF and lingering over their heads, what are the team’s chances in delivering the 2012 Olympic qualification target?

In the authorities’ last straw to see MHF tows the line, a decision has been made so that a working committee is there to see us back in 2012 Olympics. However, MHF has bluntly rejected this arrangement. WILL the AUTHORITIES let them OFF THE HOOK AGAIN? SHALL or CAN the MHF be allowed to run independently without supervision and monitoring having spend millions with getting any positive ROI?

Finally, if we were to put the highlights of the last 6 months together can we seriously achieve our 2010 World Cup direct entry and qualify of 2012 London Olympic?

  1. Failure to qualify for the Beijing Olympic; thus not playing at any major competition for the last 2 years.
  2. Refuse to accept expert help; MHF is adamant in wanting to maintain the existing flopped coaching structure and refusing a foreign coach. Existing foreign coach/consultant is being kicked around like a football and MHF has re-designated him as an advisor instead of consultant. Cry foul when the "advisor" was not assigned for the Hamburg Masters.
  3. Backlash for Sultan Azlan Shah Tournament short term illusion performance; entered the SAS finals by inviting weaker teams to participate in the 2007 SAS which indirectly improved the invited teams since it was a training ground just before the Olympic qualifier.. For instance we see Canada now rank 14 who was previously behind us rank 16 and after qualified for Beijing Olympics thanks to us, Malaysia are behind them rank 15.
  4. The objective of roping in an Australian “Forward Coach”; is it the skill or mindset or the coaching area that needs to be addressed? Is there simulation to train the forwards to score? Is there desire to score in matches with the allegations?
  5. National players are encouraged to play in foreign leagues; no control on the benchmark /standard of foreign club. Some players are playing in division 2. Probably it would be nice to get paid monthly and abandon national centralised training when the group get smaller..
  6. Training reduced in quality and frequency; training frequency once a day and dropped in training quality during Ramadan but the Hamburg Masters are days away. Actual fact team leaving tonight!
  7. Ad hoc decision to participate in Hamburg Masters; what is the objective since the players are not physically and mentally ready? At what timeline and is there an urgent need to play a tournament? Is the National pride/image not considered if we fail?
  8. Weight training; the team has currently resumed weight training on once a week frequency. Strength training program was never implemented at all for the Olympic qualifier tournament but the team did some gym sessions 2 weeks before leaving for Japan.
  9. Rational behind Thursday morning break; Thursday is declared a rest day thus making Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights the only training days during Ramadan (4 session week for this month). Sports Science Theory 2 days training equals to 1 micro cycle! Before Ramadan the same cycle.
  10. MHF abandon age group development; washing their hands of development and force MSSM to take over the organisation of age group tournaments.
  11. False claim to develop the game; insisting on organising tournaments for Under 21 and other senior tournament to develop the game.
  12. IOU still not settled; Empty promises to reward the players, RM1,000 reward for winning the Asia Cup is still not paid. Yet a new promise to reward ... 2 or 3K if team qualifies for the finals at Hamburg Masters. Where is the money coming from? RMK3 X 18 players X 8 officials = RM78K
  13. Other failed promises; failed to deliver of 500 hockey sticks and a new turf to all affiliates as promised before the last election.

The 2010 World Cup direct entry will remain an illusion unless MHF change their ways. To get to the bottom of things and ensure that there is law and order in MHF, the working committee must conduct thorough investigate into the individual(s) or committee(s) that has been responsible for making regularly poor decisions to kill the game? Is there other agendas in making the decisions?

With the self-destructive mode engaged it is matter of time for hockey to be categorised as one of the underachievers and dropped from the core sports before 2012. Unless MHF is cash rich, their arrogance will lead them where! It will be too late to salvage anything when the Sports Commissioner steps in, it will be the suspension I believe coming.

Malaysia Boleh!"

I wish "Malaysia Boleh's" prediction would come right. I honestly think that MHF is beyond redemption unless someone can give some way of solving the current predicament in Malaysian hockey.


Anonymous said...


Like many of us hockey in Malaysia is gone by the wind.Now our children just play the game to sweat and keep fit.

Its like going for our monthly fishing trip.

Thanks to the current people in MHF.

Gandhi, said...

I received the comment below and i had to decide whether to permit it to be published.

The comment makes certain allegations which are general against certain employees of NSC and MHF. I do not know whether it is on full time staff or those on contract.

There were certain words that i had to delete so as to keep it to certain acceptable standards.

On the balance i allowed the comment to be published as people turn to blogs so as to be heard. At the sametime i had to ensure that the blog is not a place foe people to vent their frustrations because they have an axe to grind.

This comment also permits NSC and MHF to take note of the matter.

I have published the comment below and other than deleting certain words i have kept the text the same including spelling errors.

The text of the comment:

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "An illusion promise to deliver again?":


we are political animals and when we are employed by any organization,we think that we must always be careful not to bring our employer into ill repute and not be involved in 'worksite' politics eg: like AGM or any matters involving the organization's managements reorgaisation excercise.

Why then is NSC and MHF turning a blind eye to all this ongoing:

1) illegal money-lending activities

2) Canvassing and buying of votes in broad daylight

Since NSC is the 'sugar-daddy' NSC must put a stop to all this by terminating or suspension of employment of its employee's so that NSC is a responsible employer and level the playing field for the upcoming election.

If NSC does not take any actions it is seen as NSC is condonning the (deleted) practice of $$ laundering.

And as for NSC employees getting involved with Management politics it is seen that the NSC's officials are seen to be beholden to their employees(maybe NSC's staff is benefitting from their staff operations)and afraid to the powers that be, so that NSC officials will be safe in their jobs.

NSC must realised that they are answerable to the TAXPAYERS and (deleted) Malaysians at large.