Thursday, September 25, 2008

MCA 3 man Inquiry Panel

The 3 man Inquiry Panel constituted by MCA had made its findings and recommendations to MCA about 8 weeks ago. Just as a refresher, this Panel was to investigate the incident relating to the National Coach from Sri Lanka, the National Captain and a National Umpire. This incident took place at a friendly match between the National Team and the Sri Lankan Expats. It was part of the warm up matches to prepare the National Team for the ACC Tournament.

I had written a number of articles on this incident particularly on the 3 man Panel. As previously indicated the Panel constituted of 2 lawyers and a former General Manager of MCA. Indeed 2 of the 3 were former Malaysian Cricketers and the other is an Organiser of the cricket section in a renowned club. I have maintained that their credentials are impeccable and they would do a good job. My reservation was on ethical grounds on closeness of one of the parties and also of a certain official in MCA.

While I am not privy to the report, I believe that the 3 man Panel had conducted themselves
properly without giving room for any innuendos. Their conduct is exemplary and I hope that it sets a benchmark for others particularly in MCA . As to my earlier reservation, I am unable to withdraw on the grounds that the principles in which it had evolved is still valid and continues to be part of most progressive society. At this stage all I can further add is that the Panel has done a good job.

I understand that the Panel found both the National Coach and the National Captain wrong in intruding into the cricket ground while the game was still being played. As for the Coach, I believe his subsequent action of communicating in writing to various other parties beyond MCA is not proper.I believe that the MCA Exco had reprimanded all 3 and further referred the National Umpire to the Disciplinary Committee.

The punishment for the National Captain may seem to be fair, although I am not fully informed of his past "brushes" with discipline. What seems a bit lop-sided is referring the National Umpire to a Disciplinary Committee and not the National Coach. The National Coach was a former Test player and now in the status of a Coach. He carries with him certain ostensible powers, very similar to that of the National Umpire. Since the National Umpire had abused that power, the same must be seen of the National Coach. Accordingly, the National Coach must also be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.

This is where MCA has messed the good work done by the 3 man Panel. It really shows the lack of wisdom in the decision making process of MCA Exco. Anyway, this whole matter with the MCA Exco does not come out well because too many persons have an interest on the matter. This, in a way, jeopardises the ultimate decision.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Gandhi please try to know standard of some umpires in this country. I think you really dont know thats why. All this problems because of some umpires. They want be grade A umpires, but no basic qualification. Please dont blindly support this kind of umpires. iam not telling all umpires but some really bad. Mistakes will happen from umpires side but there are some umpires they keep on doing same mistakes in all matches. They never learn from mistakes. some umpires changing the law of cricket. Some they never ever give LBW because they dont know. Tell them to go thru Law of Cricket before go for matches. Just because of this kind of umpires other umpires also getting bad name. Tell me Mr.Gandhi how long you tolerate all this. If you a sportman you can understand. If this kind of umpires still in the panel you cannot see players improving their cricket in this country. If you have any hidden agenda to blame blindly carry on Mr. Gandhi. Good Luck.

Gandhi, said...

The article is about the 3 man Panel and MCA Exco in relation to the decision making process.

I had held certain views on the 3 man Panel and not withstanding that they had undertaken their duties without any fear or favour. As such it is only proper i readily acknowledge that fact.

I had to raise the issue of MCA Exco because of the inconsistency in their decision making process by failing to look into the depth of each party especially their position and experience.

As to the quality of the Umpires, that is something i had not addressed and if what you say has any truth i think the appropriate
Committees within MCA must be notified so as they can do the right things.

srimm said...

The inquiry was held on 21st July. The report of the inquiry was not given to the umpire concerned.

The umpire was
1. severely reprimanded
2. suspended from umpiring
3. removed as the secretary of the umpires & scorers board
4. referred to the disciplinary board.

How can the inquiry panel be so cruel to one person and not take action against the other two?

What actions were taken against the actual culprits - the National Coach and the National Captain? Are they reprimanded? I don't believe that!!

All those punishments above were effective from 20th August. When are they going to have the disciplinary board?

Anonymous said...

The National Captain seems to have put his resignation. That was good and his resignation has been accepted all the better. He has got another case pending for his unruly behaviour. Now he has refused to play for FT. I think he should completely stop playing cricket. He is actually a bad product. He is in the national team because of his fatherly and motherly influence.

Anonymous said...

The National Capt has resigned and moved on......why are we still talking about him.

All I can say is best of luck to the next National Capt.......It will be interesting who gets it.

I beg to differ, I saw the National Capt's (ex I mean) name apper in the papers where by he took a few wickets in the last weekend's game.

What are you talking about??

Move on la.......get the national team running and choose a suitable captain and have a permenant coach and work from there on.

Anonymous said...

I think its about time the that he resigned as national captain!The national team needs someone young and driven to run the show on the field. Our ex-captain use to run the show off the field.There are certain parts in the game that doesn't need the captain to get involved in it.

It is about time someone stood up and end this father-son domination on MCA!This is not some 2 bit association,its an association that runs cricket in the country and we need hard-workers and dedicated people not power crazy and selfish people like the father and son.

Anonymous said...

Power crazy, that term sounds very familiar. Just to correct you there , this does not only apply to certain people in MCA. I think many people here can relate to that term. Sometimes i don't know if people contributing to this blog are actually interested in cricket. If you have so much of personal hatred, then deal with it on your own. Dont use the game to get to people. That is just ludicrous. Well, thats just a thought. But go ahead if it entertains you so much.

Anonymous said...

Srimm said " how can the enquiry panel be so cruel to just one person ". That was the function of the MCA EXCO and not the enquiry panel.

srimm said...

To, Comment no. 8,
I assume that it was the inquiry panel's recommendations to MCA and MCA has acted accordingly.

The suspension letter that the umpire received clearly states that, "Based on the findings by the inquiry panel the EXCO has come to the conclusion that your deliberate act of dissemination of your report is a serious breach of the ICC Code of Conduct for Umpires."

Basing on Inquiry panel’s finding the umpire was
1. severely reprimanded
2. suspended from umpiring
3. removed as the secretary of the umpires & scorers board
4. not to participate in all MCA organised and sanctioned events.
5. referred to the disciplinary board

srimm would like to tell the inquiry panel that it was wrong of them to find the umpire guilty of dissemination of the report according to ICC Code of Conduct for Umpires. srimm would like the inquiry panel to refer back to the ICC Code of Conduct for Umpires. It is only meant for umpires ‘CONTRACTED’ to ICC Panel of Umpires. The umpire is not contracted to ICC Panel of Umpires. As such the umpire is not subjected to any ICC Code of Conduct.

Secondly it was practise match and not sanctioned by ICC.

Thirdly, MCA does not have a code of conduct for umpires.

Fourthly, Malaysian Association of Cricket Umpires is no more in existence.

As such, dissemination of the report by the umpire should not be a point to be considered for suspension or reprimand.

What punishments have the inquiry panel suggested to the real culprits? Why is there no action taken against them?

Anonymous said...


You dug your own grave by mentioning that it was a practice match. Then why did you write to various other parties and to the media. It was such hype when actually it was a practice match and not even a friendly match.

Now I get the clearer picture.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous 5:26PM,
Wow, there's a difference between practice and friendly match. I presume in a practice match, player(s)/ team officials are given a free hand to dictate what they want for the match.
The bowlers can bowl 10 balls per over and the batsmen can choose to stay in the crease even if they are out. After all, the players need to PRACTICE their skills.Why then need umpires for a practice match? You mean in a practice match, an umpire can be abused because it was sanctioned by any governing body?
The moment the umpires are engaged, the spirit of the game must be upheld by all parties regardless of the status of the match.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with ppl who don't know the difference between practice match & friendly match. A practice match can be scenario based. Coaches can give instruction to the players and make it a game based scenario.

Whatever said and done, it was wrong or right for the coach / captain to go in.....I am not sure (bcos it was a practice match) but if the umpire could write to the whole world and media, why can’t he be found guilty according to the ICC code.

Pls go and read the ICC code of conduct for umpires before you jump.

Yes, you are right coaches can dictate or give instruction in a practice match......go get u facts correct. Practice match is different from friendly match.

Anonymous said...

Inquiry found all 3 guilty.

All 3 got reprimanded, umpire had extra because he wrote to various parties and not only to the governing body.

Writing to media and various parties is another different punishment altogether. Don't get it mixed with the incident.

So, what’s the big fuss here?

Anonymous said...

Dear smart anonymous who has enlightened readers on the difference between a practice and a friendly match. Sadly you have have missed the wood for the trees. Practice match is different from friendly match, therefor umpires can be abused in a practice match, eh?
The captain and coach were playing out a game scenario on how to confront an umpire in the midst of a match ala Malaysian style? Way to go!
The umpire chose to write to the whole world and media because of the feet-dragging attitute in dealing similar past cases and basically the big headedness and gangster-like manners of the guilty parties.

Anonymous said...


The man behind this is the great Hon. Secretary of MCA. Politics will carry on till he is there. I am so puzzeled what are the affiliates stupid???? Gentlement (Affiliates) please come to the MCA office and see whats going on.

Anonymous said...

What is the Hon. Sec doing?

Pls tell us.......u must eitheir be the exe.sec or the event manager or the media manager or the admin staff, for you to invite us to MCA office.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous who knows about the incident,

If all 3 are found guilty, the umpire must have done something wrong. So don't only point finger to one party.

You sound like you were at the scene when the incident took us through

Anonymous said...

Dear commentators,
Stop going on a witch hunt. Its unethical to single out individuals who have no chance of defending themselves. Bring it out in the proper forum (i.e. Council meeting). If the individual has abused his position, then the council members can request for an inquiry before taking any actions should the allegations are true.
There seems to be more comments on this article rather than the rumours on MCA posted by Gandhi on 21st Sept. The individual must have incurred a lot of wrath among the cricket circle. Funny, he was a popular figure prior to holding the post in the national association.

Anonymous said...

The MCA 3 man inquiry panel are members of a particular club and drinking partners of the former National Captain’s father who is also the great Hon. Secretary of MCA. They are protecting their friend’s son and digging the grave for the other guy. Don’t you think prejudice plays a part here? Can they be fair in their judgement?

The umpire cannot be reprimanded using the ICC Code of Conduct. ICC is not an association but a company. It is registered as an offshore company for tax purposes in Monaco. You must be working for that company to be penalised by their laws. The 3 man panel had 2 lawyers, they don’t even know that!

In the first place the 3 of them should not be called to sit in the panel because of their closeness with the former National Captain’s father. Weren’t they ashamed that their first inquiry was not legitimate and boldly coming again for the second inquiry? It is bloody shame on them just trying to show their power around. “Once Beaten Twice Shy!!!!”

Anonymous said...

Put your name up and I am sure MCA will get you in as one of their panel members.

Since srimm is one of the commentators, pls enlighten us with the incident. What did the national captain & national coach do specificly?

How does international players get reprimanded or fined using ICC code of conduct.....pls explain.

srimm said...

Dear Anonymous,

For distributing my report I was
1. severely reprimanded
2. suspended from umpiring
3. removed as the secretary of the umpires & scorers board
4. not allowed to participate in all MCA organised and sanctioned events
5. referred to the disciplinary board.

If I post my report in this blog I might be exiled.

Anonymous said...

Dear srimm,
Maybe you could let the readers know what made you sent the report to all and sundries. You dont trust the very own board where you were the secretary? Do you have a hidden agenda or an axe to grind or some hidden hand has prompted you? Unless the disciplinary or inquiry panel have threaten legal actions, there's nothing to lose since you have been banished from all MCA's sanctioned matches. Let the readers judge whether the punishments meted were merited. It's puzzling to read that you might be exiled if you post your report on this blog. The readers and commentators only want the truth, nothing but the truth.